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Episode 2.01


Thu, July 16, 2009 (8.30)
1.167 million viewers (5th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

When a shipment of illegal weapons is broken into at a container terminal, Tactical Response finds an injured security guard taped to an explosive device. As Josh and Dom race to free her, Tactical Response searches for the criminals responsible. On her first day, Shannon shows her skill by helping Lawson deal with a disgruntled salesman who has stolen a forklift with his boss trapped in a car mounted on its forks.

Guest Starring: Ryan Jones as Daniel Kranz, Patrick Harvey as Andrew Tibbs, James Vegter as Ryan Murdoch, Melissa Anderson as Tina; George Vidalis as Gershon Wilder, Fiona Harris as Corinne, Hunter Perske as Grant Maloney, Jade Amantea as Pedestrian, Marky-Lee Campbell as Pedestrian, Chelsea Bruland as Pedestrian, Jacquie Geelen as Pedestrian, Glenn Stocchelli as Guard, Nick Dutt as Storeman, Graham Jahne as Stunt Performer, Lance Anderson as Stunt Performer

Episode 2.02


Thu, July 23, 2009
1.145 million viewers (8th)
Written by Alice Bell
Directed by Kim Farrant

When a group of students is lured by a drug syndicate to act as mules, Tactical Response races to stop them departing before the heroin balloons inside their stomachs explode. But as Lawson's determination to save them intensifies, Kerry warns he risks blowing a Federal investigation. Meanwhile, Leon and his girlfriend re-negotiate their relationship, as Shannon's less than subtle approach to Josh doesn't go as expected.

Guest Starring: Kate Jenkinson as Nina Wise, Reef Ireland as Caleb Dean, Madeleine Jay as Chelsea, Audrey Yong as Pearl, Teck Yeo as David, Mark Crees as Thomas, Alethea Jones as Camilla, Tim Mitchell as Floating Body, Jamie McDowell as Pedestrian, Marta Jingqi Wang as Student, Trent Dann as Uniform Cop, Davin Taylor as Offender, Jade Amantea as Offender; Stunt Performers: Morgan Evans, Robbie Clissold, Collette Hardcastle, Brett Anderson

Episode 2.03


Thu, July 30, 2009
1.147 million viewers (6th)
Written by Christophe Lee
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

When Tactical Response is called to a domestic dispute, Lawson connects with a young boy struggling to care for his drunken father. After saving a drowning woman, Michael discovers being a hero isn't all it seems; while Shannon's faith is tested by an encounter with a local prostitute.

Guest Starring: Rob Wardrop as Tolly Kennard, Natasha Cunningham as Carrie, Kaarin Fairfax as Janey Merryn, Trevor Major as Colin Kennard; Lincoln Hasler as TJ, Amber Clayton as Melanie Crawford, Jenny Seedsman as Senior Sister, Laine Lamont as Old Lady, Michael Pastore as Uniform Cop, Peter Zienkiewicz as Uniform Cop, Stunt Performers: David Taylor and Jacquie Geelen

Episode 2.04


Thu, August 06, 2009
1.218 million viewers (4th)
Written by Adam Todd and Andrew Prowse
Directed by Michael Pattinson

When a family court judge is taken hostage by a disgruntled father, Tactical Response tries desperately for a peaceful resolution. As the situation escalates, Shannon is in a race to talk him down before Josh is forced to shoot him. Lawson's attempts to catch a killer are hampered by a journalist.

Special Guest: Asher Keddie as Jacinta Burns
Guest Starring: Ian Bliss as Ollie Godard, Fiona Corke as Kate Hawker, Alexandra Cashmere as Princess, Matt Boesenberg as Lee Coleman, Tom Coltraine as Ranger, Jacqui Roderick as Anastasia Wilson, Nicole Gulasekharam as Lauren, Angeline Thompson as Liz Turner; Stunt Performers: Nicole Moro, Chris Weir, Jacquie Geelen, Chris Kemp, Kane Gebert, Joss Gower, Graham Jahne

Episode 2.05


Thu, August 13, 2009
1.206 million viewers (5th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Grant Brown

During a routine cell extraction Dom and Stella are caught in a prison siege. As Shannon negotiates with the ringleader, she slips up admitting Dom and Stella are inside. When the situation escalates, Lawson sends in Josh and the riot police. Meanwhile an accident throws Kerry a massive curve ball.

Guest Starring: Lachy Hulme as Jacob White, Adam Zwar as Martin Gero, Paul Ireland as Boyd Kemper, Rohan Nichol as Napthorn, Mike Frencham as Mr Wilkins, Scott Shaw as Inmate Alby, David Annand as Guard, Stephen Hannah as Guard, Robbie Clissold as Cyclist, Greg Pascoe as Liaison Officer, Targan as Inmate, Neil Solomano as Inmate, Allan Keely as Governor, Emma Brown as Nurse, Greg Hoskins as Henchman, Geoffrey Graham as Henchman; Stunt Performers: Russell Frost, Nathan James, Morgan Evans, Amanda Graver

Note: Adam Zwar reprises his role from episode 1.04

Episode 2.06


Thu, August 20, 2009
1.114 million viewers (5th)
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Grant Brown

Have you ever had one of those nights when you've gone out on a bender with a colleague, got a tattoo and ended up in bed with that said colleague? Well, welcome to the world of Kerry Vincent. When an ex-newspaper editor causes a disturbance at Federation Square, Tactical Response tries to talk him down before he tragically falls to his death. A series of TAB robberies lead Tactical Response to link the incidents to a man attempting to settle a score. Meanwhile, struggling to deal with repercussions of the cyclist's death, Kerry leads Leon on a wild night out.

Guest Starring: Asher Keddie as Jacinta Burns, Tamblyn Lord as Ari Woolcott, Shane Nagle as Gaz Walton, Luke Elliot as Symon Parker, Judith Chaplin as Mrs Walton, Anita Clements as Gabby, Therese Mavros as Tab Woman, Patrick Constantinou as Uniform Cop, Riley Hamilton as Billy Parker, Martin Chellew as Tattoo Artist, Josh Saks as Double Parked Driver, Cody Rawson-Harris as Mounted Policeman; Stunt Performers: Szumai Anderson, Marky-Lee Campbell, Jade Amantea, Beau Hurren

Episode 2.07


Thu, August 27, 2009
1.320 million viewers (3rd)
Written by Kris Mrksa
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Two teenagers hoping for internet notoriety blow up a series of parking pay stations. Josh leads the effort to prevent them killing themselves and innocent bystanders. When Tactical Response is brought in to control a group of protesters, Michael makes things worse when he is unable to control his temper.

Guest Starring: Paul Ireland as Boyd Kemper, Frank Sweet as Jay, Dylan Young as Vic, Emma Leonard as Harriet, Mick Alford as Barry, Ben Schumann as Adam, Paul Glen as Security Guard, Anthony Ahern as Jarred, Kevin Harvie as Repo Man, Stuart Schulze as CEO, Marnie Statkus as Kennel Worker, Peter Flanigan as Trainer, Lalitha Selvendra as Hotel Maid; Stunt Performers: Marky-Lee Campbell, Morgan Evans, Jade Amantea, Rick Tonna, Nicole Moro, Chris Weir

Episode 2.08


Thu, September 03, 2009
1.036 million viewers (9th)
Written by Michelle Offen
Directed by Stuart McDonald

Called to a siege in a town on the outskirts of Melbourne, Tactical Response find a man has been shot and a child abducted. They journey into dense bushland to rescue the boy only to discover he doesn't want to be rescued, and is prepared to shoot anyone who tries.
When Josh is shot, Lawson faces a dilemma in how to neutralise the boy. Meanwhile, Kerry receives the brief for the coronial inquest and must prepare to face the consequences of causing a cyclist's death.

Guest Starring: Kate Jenkinson as Nina Wise, Wilhelmina Stracke as Snr Sgt Bridges, Sean Rees-Wemyss as Robbie, Alison Bell as Anna, Robbie Clissold as Troy, Glenn Van Oosterom as Constable Holt, John Klotz as Damien; Stunt Performer: Jacqueline Geelen

Episode 2.09


Thu, September 10, 2009 (8.30)
1.136 million viewers (6th)
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Grant Brown

Stella's future in Tactical Response is threatened when she becomes involved in an illegal car race. Kerry faces the coronial inquest into the cyclist's death. Later, Boyd visits Kerry at home with a peace offering and Dom finds a creative solution to an unusual situation at a strip club where an out of control father demands to see his daughter.

Guest Starring: Paul Ireland as Boyd Kemper, Meredith Penman as Alana, Paul Cousins as Matt Green, Lucy Mack-Hancock as Amy, Rodney Afif as Peter Mayfair QC, Melissa Howard as Chanel, Ryan Gibson as Barista, Blair Venn as Paul Duffy, Andrew Bongiorno as Constable Hammond, Silas James as Manager, Estelle Brown as Estelle; Stunt Performers: Mark Wickham, Szumai Anderson, Marky-Lee Campbell, Deidre Naughton, Morgan Evans, Jade Amantea, Davin Taylor, Chris Anderson, Warwick Sadler, Chris Weir, Rick Tonna, Nicole Moro

Episode 2.10


Thu, September 10, 2009 (9.30)
1.107 million viewers (8th)
Written by David Caesar and Adam Todd
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Tactical Response responds to a suspicious car tailing an armoured van. Michael goes against standard operating procedure taking on the robbers single-handedly. When the robbers discover their operation compromised, Michael finds his life in danger. Unable to hold back, Michael confesses his true feelings to Stella.

Guest Starring: Patrick Brammall as Milos Fink, Nathaniel Dean as Kronin, Declan Mcgovern as Davo, Simon Mallory as Lucas, Rick Tonna as Armoured Car Driver, Jason Buckley as Armoured Car Driver

Episode 2.11


Thu, September 17, 2009 (9.30)
1.055 million viewers (8th)
Written by Todd Winston and Andrew Prowse
Directed by Kate Dennis

An incident at a petrol station leads Tactical Response to an ex-SAS soldier with links to a terrorist group. When he tries to steal a pharmaceutical truck, Tactical Response joins forces with Major Crime to bring him down. Lawson tries to protect Jacinta when a story she's investigating puts her life in danger.

Guest Starring: Asher Keddie as Jacinta Burns, Simon Maiden as Detective O'Neil, Ian Dixon as John Welsh, Sachin Joab as Kaushal, Rachael Maza as Detective Carroll, David Gillard as Rory, Collette Hardcastle as Woman Driver, Chris Chalmers as Truck Driver; Stunt Performers: Davin Taylor, Graham Jahne

Episodes 2.12 - 2.22