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The Vortex

Episode 2.01
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 (Seven, 9:15)
378,000 viewers (13th)
Writer: Ian Meadows
Director: Jeremy Sims

Staff shortages and an unreachable Leonie have the team working at their limits amidst the chaos of the White Cliffs rodeo, leaving Pete and new mental health nurse Chaya alone to deal with a horror multi-casualty car accident that forces him to act well outside of his scope of practice.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Ash Ricardo as Mira Ortez
  • Sofia Nolan as Taylor Emerson
  • Stephen Peacocke as Pete Emerson
  • Emma Harvie as Chaya Batra
  • Justine Clarke as Leonie Smith
  • Rob Collins as Wayne Yates
  • Jack Scott as Matty Harris
  • Rodney Afif as Graham Morley
  • Alan Norley as Harry
  • Alex Champion De Crespigny as Johnny
  • Tim Dennis [Lee Willis-Ardler] as Timmy Michaels
  • Jack Kenny as Cameron Archer
  • Laurence Coy as Prawnie
  • Miranda Anwar as Dr Salah
  • Deb Hunt as Nurse at Dubbo Hospital
  • Thomas Weatherall as Darren Yates
  • Grace Norley as Bystander #1
  • Charize Mihan as Bystander #2
  • Dave Hunt as RES Worker
  • Caitlin Pascoe as Adelaide Ambo
  • Adam Blackmore as Adam
  • Tim Duncan as Locum Doctor [Dr Turner]
  • Emma Hamilton as Eliza Harrod
  • James Fels as Cameron Archer Riding Double