A Hanna Barbera Australia, McElroy & McElroy Production
for Network Ten Australia

Devised and written by: Michael Laurence
Music composed and conducted by: Brian May
Co-Producer: Michael Laurence
Producer: Hal McElroy
Director: Karen Arthur

Aired: 1983, 1986

Meet plain but privileged multi-millionairess Stephanie Harper, whose sole mistake is to fall for handsome young sporting hero Greg Marsden. Stephanie's dreams of bliss end before her honeymoon at the hands of her new husband, her traitorous best friend Jilly and the jaws of a convenient reptile. But wait! Undead, unhappy and hideously scarred, Stephanie crawls back to settle the score with the aid of gentle plastic surgeon, Doctor Dan Marshall. He watches her re-emerge as superstar model Tara Welles — but can true love and bitter vengeance coexist in the heady world of fashion? Return to Eden is a breathless trip from the mansions of Sydney Harbour to the deadly rivers of the Australian tropics, from the swaying palms of the Great Barrier Reef to the catwalks of the glitterati and a bloody climax in the ghostly outback estate of Eden. (3 x 120min)

The series picks up from the miniseries seven years later. Stephanie Harper, Australia's richest woman, is happily married to her plastic surgeon husband. Her two children are now young adults, involved in the Harper 'empire' and in their own problems. The release of Jilly Stewart from prison starts a dramatic chain of events. (22 x 60min)
Miniseries starsas
Rebecca GillingStephanie Harper & Tara Welles
James ReyneGreg Marsden
Wendy HughesJilly Stewart
James SmilieDan Marshall
Olivia HamnettJoanna Randall
Patricia KennedyKaty Basklain
Bill KerrDave Welles
Peter GwynneBill McMaster
Patricia KennedyKaty Basklain
Chris HaywoodJason Peebles
John LeePhillip Stewart
Nicole PynerSarah Harper
Jayson DuncanDennis Harper
Series starsas
Rebecca GillingStephanie Harper
James SmilieDr. Dan Marshall
Peta ToppanoJilly Stewart
Daniel AbineriJake Sanders
Peter CousensDennis Harper
Megan WilliamsCassie Jones
Warren BlondellTom McMaster
Nicki PaullSarah Harper
Angelo D'AngeloAngelo Vitale
Peter GwynneBill McMaster

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