An Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Generation Films production

Created by: Edward Tamir and Susan MacGillicuddy
Executive Producer: Sue Masters

Produced: 1997 (13 x 60 min)

Created by 3 young people, an Australian radio station, RAW FM, provides a voice for a large and incredibly diverse group of teenagers often ignored by mainstream media. RAW FM not only offers them something totally different from anything they've ever heard on the airwaves before, but also the chance to participate. And RAW FM lives up to its name. It's loud, anarchic, energetic, spontaneous. It's totally raw. Or it is in the beginning. RAW takes off so much that it starts to take over. It gets BIG. And with this success comes the price. Can RAW be the hottest thing on the radio dial while still being the coolest?
Dominic PurcellGranger Hutton
Matthew DyktynskiRobert Anderson
Nadine GarnerZelda Lee
Dan SpielmanMark Mulholland
Elena MandalisSarah Tomic
Joelene CrnogoracCara Tomic
Sophie HeathcoteSam Kosurco
Amanda DougeGerry Sano
Sudi De WinterCurtis Finch
Amiel DaemonEmma
Kelly SulikowskiAnnamarie
Juanita TimpanaroJamelle
Mark CasamentoCon
Arthur WongTran
Tobi WensterGreg
Maria PapastamatopolousMaddi Craven
Sophie LeePatty
Gina GaigalasJeanie Tomic
Petru GheorghiuJohn Tomic
Nicholas BellNeil Mulholland
Natalie BateJill Mulholland
Jane HaberSusan Mulholland

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