Raw FM: characters

Granger Alister Hutton

Dominic Purcell

RAW-FM President, Station Manager and Presenter

At 25, Granger Hutton is enjoying a successful career as a DJ at ROK FM. He's got the voice, the ratings, a gorgeous girlfriend and a generous boss. What more could a party boy around town want?—except perhaps a sense of purpose? After Robert reminds him of his university ideals and his mother dies, Granger grows up. He starts to consider his life and finds it wanting. He's looking for some serious meaning and A creative direction and he finds it at RAW-FM.

The station allows him to take up a challenge that he never would before. Leadership versus a successful parasite on the establishment. RAW-FM raises him up and leaves him a long way to fall. He loves radio—the power of the unseen persuader and the liberty of the imagination. He maintains he won't commercialise the station, yet as his drive to succeed gathers speed, he'll do anything to win more ratings. He becomes a dictator, a control freak, a man drowning in his own ego.

Robert Lewis Anderson

Matthew Dyktynski

Musical Director and Presenter

Robert, 25, works at the Braille Library as a paneller for Talking Books and for RPH. He also composes cutting edge dance music. He's managed to get a few of his tracks played in clubs and he's also trying his hand at club DJing—but the opportunities are few and far between. He's not the most dazzling of DJs, but he knows his way around a couple of decks. He also does some mixing for live bands.

He's a keen football fan and used to play cricket with Granger at Uni. He comes from a family of five kids. His parents are divorced. His businessman father is egomaniacal and powerful, so Robert avoids conflict. His mother runs an art gallery.

Robert's the practical one who organises everything. Robert's also the one with the mull bowl and the bong.

Robert instils RAW-FM with the lust for innovation. He maintains RAW-FM must look after the individual and the artistic. RAW-FM gives him the courage to be an artist and love.

Zelda Jade Lee

Nadine Garner

Programming Director and Presenter

Zelda,19, is passionate about music. She loves to be smashed by the power of grunge, slammed by the force of rock and whirled by the complexity of classical. Not to complete abandon—she's always in control. She can play the piano and in lighter moments the piano accordian, but gets frustrated with her lack of practice. She's much more fluent with words, able to fly across the keyboard of her computer journal with ease and poetry. She's passionate about community radio.

Perhaps she creates a force field around herself because she's blind… no one touches Zelda. She has to recognise freedom exists within a relationship. Zelda gives RAW-FM the community ideal. It's not just blind people who need to be heard—it's youth.

Mark (Marco) William Lennox Mulholland

Dan Spielman

Presenter and Musical Director

17-year-old Marco is a sophisticated lean dancing machine—a man who has tasted the good life and swallowed it whole, Marco is suave, sinuous and totally in control. He brings club people to the station and he brings RAW-FM people to his favourite nightclubs. He wallows in music—lives, breathes and embraces dance—the erotic and the sensual. When Mark first auditions for RAW-FM he's known as the quiet boy at school. He's studying for his VCE. He's a fan of Granger Hutton and his audition is a pale imitation of his hero. His mother still packs his lunches for him and his father, always understanding, provides him with cab charges and his own credit card.

Mark Mulholland doesn't like to draw attention to himself. This well-behaved boy is confused about his sexuality and scared of mediocrity. The fact that he's a homosexual only complicates matters slightly. He yearns to embrace the excitement of fame, glamour and glitterati. And many men. It doesn't take Mark long to reinvent himself to become Marco. It doesn't take him long to discover power and use it. His fear of insignificance pushes him to experiment with his dark side.

Sarah Maria Tomic

Elena Mandalis


Sarah stutters. She dreams to be a commercial DJ and she practices to get over her stutter. She's creative, energetic and rebellious. At 17 years of age, she's the most outrageous and exciting DJ at RAW-FM. She dresses to attract men, she likes the power it gives her. She likes sex and she doesn't hesitate to grab an encounter if she feels like it.

Her parents run a pub and made an agreement years ago to stay together for the sake of the children. There's no love lost between them and the family survives on appearances. The sisters compete for their mother's love. She loves music and she loves being out of control. She loves trance dance raves. She loves action and shock values and stealing and smashing things. She's easily bored , having a short concentration span, so she's quickly looking for the next kick. She's fond of burning money—literally. It gets a good reaction.

She discovers when she exposes herself, she loves herself. RAW-FM helps her gain dignity.

Cara Tomic

Joelene Crnogorac

Granger's Personal Assistant and later, Presenter

Cara,19, is Granger's right hand woman in the office. She burrows into mundane paper work with determination. She believes if you look after the little things the big things look after themselves. She thinks her mother treats her like an idiot and her sister hates her. Cara is afraid of her sexuality. She's scared that if she makes herself attractive to men they'll be interested in her. If men are interested, they'll find out she's boring.

She has a beautiful voice and sings well. She's very self conscious about singing because Sarah will ridicule her. She loves soppy ballads and will play the one song over and over and sing along with heartfelt emotion. She keeps a diary, but has to keep changing the hiding place because Sarah knows about it.

She has to learn to live her life for herself. She gives the station a shoulder to cry on.

Gerry Sano

Amanda Douge

News Director and Computer Whiz

Gerry, 21, is at one with technology. She's in demand as a techie for rave parties, being able to program spectacular lighting effects and slide show happenings. She has a selection of computers and synthesisers, and can create all sounds imaginable.

She spends hours surfing the internet. She is particularly fond of places on the net where the user helps create the space and communicates to like minds their ideas and inspirations for the world. She lives for immediate conversations with similar dreamers while sitting in her own self-sufficient warehouse.

She's addicted to this feeling of being connected to the extent the cyber world is more real to her than her other life. Gerry keeps a tight rein on her emotions. She doesn't like feeling out of control. She's never liked other people confining her, or being in a closed environment. Gerry has never had a satisfactory encounter with a man. She's more interested in ideas than her body.

Gerry connects RAW-FM to the world and gives them net/street cred. RAW-FM gives her a re-acquaintance and trust in people as opposed to technology.

Curtis Finch

Sudi De Winter

Listener, and later, Weather Presenter

A couple of years ago, Curtis's family, removed from their farm by a mortgagee's sale, moved to the city so his parents could find work. The move didn't suit Curtis. He's been displaced. They live in a tiny flat near Chadstone. He's suffers claustrophobia—longing for the wide open spaces of their previous acreage. He has chosen to play computer games and listen to the radio as a way of coping.

Curtis, 14, learned about weather on the farm—he respects the power and unpredictability of nature.

He is studying for his VCE when he becomes side tracked by RAW-FM. He's the first listener to phone in. Curtis brings honesty to the station. RAW-FM gives Curtis a way to join in.

Sam Kosurco

Sophie Heathcote

Dancer and singer

Sam, 20, loves driving, as a focus for her creativity. It's her only therapy, next to sex. She pumps weights at the grooviest gym to keep strong. She's muscular and taut, a dancing machine. She was too beautiful too early, and got things too easily.

She doesn't hang around long enough to feel hurt, preferring to hit and run. She takes whatever she can get, and then some. She's not into altruism. She thinks the word `love' is over-used and meaningless. But there's no doubting her sexuality and she uses the full force of it to control her position in the lesbian community.

She's fascinated by the seamy side of life—the darkness, snakes, rats and sharks. She thinks humility is thew most overrated virtue and fear is the lowest depth of human misery. She lives for the here and now. Sam learns to recognise she can be herself and still be loved. Sam encourages the station to think big.