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Episode 5.06

Sunday, September 23, 2018
432,000 viewers (9th)
Written by Peter Duncan
Directed by Shannon Murphy

After a 21-week term Peters is out as PM and Morrow is in; Cleaver’s own plumbing issues shed light on the true cause of the explosion at Parliament House; and an intended hit gone wrong results in a Senate resignation.

After a short 21-week term Greg Peters (Tony Briggs) is out and Minister for Homeland Security, Gareth Morrow (William McInnes) is the new Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) has more than he bargained for with his new BuzzStay guest — an octogenarian with the feminine wiles and sexual appetite of a twenty-year-old. When she makes an extraordinarily large deposit, there is a drainage Armageddon causing both an ambulance and a plumber to be called — ultimately leading to Cleaver discovering the true cause of the explosion at Parliament House.

Immersing himself financially further with his cat-loving politically astute driver Jakub (Jacek Koman), roles are reversed with Cleaver now in the driver’s seat. A Polish dinner takes on a life of its own, and Cleaver finds himself in bed with Nicole’s (Kate Box) sister Nadia (Celia Pacquola) — and discovers a lot about Jakub and his various prowesses; and Nicole to her horror, discovers she is not her father’s daughter.

In her new job Wendy (Caroline Brazier) is inadvertently uncovering more than she ever wanted to know about those in government; whilst Cal (Damien Garvey) is told a few home truths about the painting he and his brother are fighting over, and then steals it.

Despite an attempt to settle the Evans vs Greene defamation, it goes to court with Penny Evans (Jane Turner) up to her old tricks, so Roy (Michael Denkha) is employed to arrange a hit on Cleaver… When the shooting goes wrong, it’s revealed that the hitman Col (Steve Le Marquand) can attest to the fact that Penny hired her own hit… forcing her to both drop the suit and resign from the Senate.

When the Prime Minister realises he has crossed paths with Missy (Adrienne Pickering) in her former guise, he tries to buy her silence, but she deftly turns the tables and demands his…


  • Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene
  • Matt Day as David Potter
  • Adrienne Pickering as Missy
  • Caroline Brazer as Wendy
  • Kate Box as Nicole
  • Damien Garvey as Cal McGregor
  • Jacek Koman as Jakub
  • William McInnes as Gareth Morrow
  • Mark Mitchinson as Joe McGregor
  • Jane Turner as Penny Evans
  • Sara Wiseman as Caitlin
  • Marta Kaczmarek as Maria Vargas
  • Roy Billing as Senate President
  • Celia Pacquola as Nadia
  • Jennifer Hagan as Glenda
  • Kelly Ann Butler as Minister Vanessa Drake
  • Anni Finsterer as Judge
  • Steve Le Marquand as Col
  • Michael Denkha as Roy
  • Brian Meegan as Francis Dwyer
  • Brendan Donoghue as Jake
  • Ben Bordeau as Gordy