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Evans v Greene

Episode 5.03
Sunday, September 02, 2018
522,000 viewers (9th)
Written by Peter Duncan
Directed by Jennifer Leacey

After mislaying his suit at a fancy-dress party Cleaver is not only forced to do the walk of shame, but to speak to the House about banking… dressed as a zebra; and he becomes the prime suspect in an assassination attempt.

After attending a fancy-dress party, Cleaver wakes in reporter Caitlin Farquhar’s (Sara Wiseman) bed to discover that, not only has he mislaid his suit, he has lost his head. Forced to do the walk of shame through the streets of Canberra, Cleaver now has to speak in the House about banking… dressed as a zebra.

With his Chief of Staff Nicole (Kate Box) frantically trying to find a correlation between banks and the national symbol of Botswana, in the Senate Cleaver names and shames a large investment bank and calls for a boycott. High on his perceived success, it’s not until his account is closed and all banking facilities refused that Cleaver realises the ramifications of his speech and starts a line of credit with his COMCAR driver Jakub (Jacek Koman) to make ends meet — whilst also availing himself of all the free meals on offer to Parliamentarians.

Meanwhile, Wendy (Caroline Brazier) is invited to Canberra to join a new mental health initiative at the personal behest of the Health Minister — something she is delighted to do to distance herself from the ‘joys’ of living with Missy (Adrienne Pickering) and her overzealous mothering of Winsome.

When an assassination attempt is made on Senator Penny Evans (Jane Turner) as she’s staging a protest against Cleaver, he becomes the prime suspect and is forced to do a deal with Gareth Morrow (William McInnes) to save his political career. And with the citizenship debacle claiming another resignation, Cleaver and Penny are pitted against each other to replace the Senate President. However, Cleaver falls for her masterful spin and then fails dismally in outing her as a bald-faced liar.


  • Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene
  • Matt Day as David Potter
  • Adrienne Pickering as Missy
  • Caroline Brazer as Wendy
  • Kate Box as Nicole
  • Damien Garvey as Cal McGregor
  • Jacek Koman as Jakub
  • William McInnes as Gareth Morrow
  • Jane Turner as Penny Evans
  • Mark Mitchinson as Joe McGregor
  • Helen Thomson as PM Angela Way
  • Jim Daly as Frank O'Brien
  • Tony Briggs as Greg Peters
  • Sara Wiseman as Caitlin
  • Sonia Todd as Jane Greene
  • Tasma Walton as Jack
  • Roy Billing as Senate President [James Jordan]
  • Lucy Bell as Senator Fiona Boyd
  • Kelly Butler as Minister Virginia Drake
  • Julian Pulvermacher as Psychologist
  • Dominic Stone as Homeless Man
  • Lacklan Ruffy as Media 1
  • Joanna Richards as Media 2
  • Sam Lavery as Media 3
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Mr Ahmad
  • Briony Williams as Amy
  • Troy Harrison as Fed 1
  • Dean Kyrwood as Fed 2
  • Zoran Jevtic as Leon
  • Scarlett Price as Memorial Girl
  • Atlas Adams as Da Vinci Asst
  • Tahnee Stroet as Docs Woman
  • Jill Deason as Uniformed Cop
  • Jillian O'Dowd as Teller