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R v Langhorn

Episode 1.06
Thu, December 09, 2010
Ratings: 0.707 million viewers (14th)
Written by Andrew Knight
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Radio shock jock Eddie Langhorn is charged with inciting racial hatred, and turns to old flame Cleaver Greene to defend her.

Meanwhile, Cleaver needs some defending himself when his tax case goes off the rails and he's placed on remand.

Feeling lost without good mate and colleague Barney by his side, a visit from Missy, in prison brings him to the realisation that he has hit rock bottom. As he tries recover his position with Missy, she is experiencing the 'joys' of political life with David as they sit through a session of Ukrainian folk dancing at a local council hall.

Cleaver arrives at work to find Eddie Langhorn waiting for him, and knows immediately that he's in for trouble as he's never been able to resist her charms. As they share a caustic but predictably sexually charged lunch, Cleaver discovers he has a willing participant in his revisited coke habit.

Cleaver then learns his father has had a stroke, and hoping to repair their relationship, takes Fuzz to the country to visit his ailing father. It doesn't go well. There is a family fight, Fuzz will not forgive him, and the car he borrowed from ex-wife Wendy is side-swiped.

As prosecutor on the Langhorn case, Scarlet is relishing the thought of seeing Eddie — a woman she dislikes intensely — locked up, but her confidence is shattered when she is surrounded by a gang of hoods in a park. As Scarlet flounders in court, Barney gives her some information that could change the nature of the case, and he also confesses that the woman Scarlet saw at their home was a nanny.

While David, enjoying his embryonic political career and ever more intimate relationship with Missy, proposes.

Cleaver manages to win the case but is disheartened to learn that Eddie Langhorn has conned him once again. And then Missy arrives to tell him that she and David are getting married. Alone, and flicking though an old photo album, Cleaver ponders whether his fractious relationship with his family is probably all his fault.


  • Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene
  • Matt Day as David Potter
  • Adrienne Pickering as Melissa (Missy) Partridge
  • Russell Dykstra as Barney Meagher
  • Danielle Cormack as Scarlet Meagher
  • Caroline Brazer as Wendy
  • Marion Baird as Earnest Local
  • Andrea Berchtold as Truck Driver (Stunt Performer)
  • Blazey Best as Maddy
  • Jonathan Biggins as Martin
  • Kate Box as Nicole
  • Matthew Burn as Pete
  • Laurence Coy as Bob Menzies
  • Barry Crocker as Errol Greene
  • Eliana Dona as Egyptian Waitress
  • Frank Gauntlett as Prisoner
  • John Gregg as Judge Cummings
  • Rachel Griffiths as Eddie Langhorn
  • Beccy Iland as Sylvia
  • Keegan Joyce as Fuzz (Finnegan) Greene
  • Lachlan Judd as Adam Meagher
  • Russell Kiefel as Warwick Torrens
  • Kim Knuckey as Judge - Langhorn Trial
  • Franko Milostnik as Ali
  • Zein Mitwali as Middle Eastern Boy
  • Geoff Morrell as Joe Sandilands
  • Ronny Mouawad as Prison Guard
  • Wendy Playfair as Elspeth
  • Kate Randall as Policewoman #1
  • Cole Rintoul as Policeman
  • Barry Shepherd as Mordy QC (N/S)
  • Sonia Todd as Jane
  • Nicole Winkler as Policewoman #2
  • Sarah Woods as Lily
  • Mehmet Yanuz as Prisoner