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R v Chandler

Episode 1.05
Thu, December 02, 2010
Ratings: 0.759 million viewers (10th)
Written by Peter Duncan
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

The seemingly perfect life of obstetrician Dr. Bruce Chandler is turned upside down when his briefcase is stolen — and a very incriminating DVD finds its way to the local police.

Meanwhile, Cleaver is miserable when Barney won't talk to him after his lapse of judgement with Scarlet, and he runs once again to ex-wife Wendy for solace. But the reception is cool — not only from Wendy, who thinks it's his fault that Fuzz started an affair with his English teacher, Fiona — but from Fuzz himself, who thinks it's Cleaver's fault that the affair is over.

So Cleaver finds a distraction at a boxing match where he takes cocaine and recklessly doubles his bet. And once again Mick Corella's standover man Col is there to remind him of his growing debt.

Cleaver wakes up battered and bloodied to find Scarlet on the doorstep declaring that she's homeless. Later that day the Chandler case lands on Cleaver's desk. He can't believe his eyes — the man who delivered his son and godchildren, accused of a "three way with the family dog".

With Scarlet's presence compounding his guilt, he tries to get her to leave, but then Melissa (Missy) turns up, railing at the realities of partner David's new political life. As Scarlet advises Melissa to stick with him because a good man is hard to find — it slowly dawns on her that Melissa is Cleaver's 'Missy'. When Wendy arrives looking for Fuzz, Cleaver can't quite believe the circumstances that have all his women under his roof at once.

Meanwhile, Cleaver is using more and more cocaine. Taking advantage of Missy being close by, he enlists her help on the Chandler case and she comes up with a smart strategy that serves them well. But a call from Joe Sandilands has Missy scurrying back to dependable David, while Cleaver seeks solace in another line of coke.


  • Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene
  • Matt Day as David Potter
  • Adrienne Pickering as Melissa (Missy) Partridge
  • Russell Dykstra as Barney Meagher
  • Danielle Cormack as Scarlet Meagher
  • Caroline Brazer as Wendy
  • Phillip Abel as Desk Sergeant
  • Kate Box as Nicole
  • Colleen Cook as Nurse Bronwyn
  • Rachel Cross as Shop Assistant
  • Alan Flower as Gav Myers
  • Sam Galea as Head Juror
  • Brooke Harman as Bec Chandler
  • Brett Heath as Papparazzo Teddy
  • Genevieve Hegney as Dr. D'Antonio
  • Vanessa Hillie as Juror #2 N/S
  • Keegan Joyce as Fuzz (Finnegan) Greene
  • Lachlan Judd as Adam Meagher
  • Alex Kuusik as Male Juror N/S
  • Steve Le Marquand as Col
  • India Madderom as Cute Juror
  • Heather Mitchell as Jan Chandler
  • Tiriel Mora as Judge Ken — Chandler Trial
  • Geoff Morrell as Joe Sandilands
  • Rhys Muldoon as Lincoln
  • Indira Naidoo as Newsreader
  • Sam Neill as Dr. Bruce Chandler
  • Tom Poulton as Max Meagher
  • Christian Saliadarre as Manos
  • Brett Sheerin as Boxer #1 (Stunt Performer)
  • Leon Strip as Boxer #2 (Stunt Perfomer)
  • Madeline Towns as Zoe Meagher
  • David Webb as Jack Fulton
  • Doris Younane as Prosecution QC Ms Habib