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Man of God

Episode 1
Australia: Thursday, January 18, 2024 (Stan)
Canada: Thursday, March 24, 2024 (Super Channel Fuse)
Writer: Matt Cameron
Director: Jennifer Leacey

Cal Quinn, leader of evangelical megachurch U Star, stuns his family by announcing an impulsive expansion into the US. But as family rivalries flare, Cal’s relationship with troubled parishioner Rosa threatens to derail their ambitions.

Pastor Cal Quinn, the charming and charismatic leader of U Star, announces his intention to expand to the promised land of America. With U Star LA on the horizon, Dion and Issy and their partners Taz and Benji are eager to gain favour and focus their attention on international superstar DJ, Maddox, who is in the country touring and looking for spiritual guidance, with millions of potential followers in the offing. Meanwhile, in the streets of inner Sydney, far away from his family’s church and values, Jed Quinn, Cal’s estranged second son, is out to prove that what his family practices is a long way from what they preach.

After suffering a political blow with his preferred conservative Christian candidate, Dan Gascoigne, missing out on a Cabinet position, Cal gets a call from a troubled parishioner, Rosa, a single mother battling prescription drug addiction and domestic violence. Cal comes to the rescue, arranging a safe haven in a hotel where, against his better judgment, he does drugs with her. In the dead of night, Cal wakes to find Rosa has overdosed. Terrified, he calls his wife Abi for help. The next morning, Rosa has survived and is picked up from hospital by her world-weary daughter Juno, who has seen this all before.

Relieved that Rosa is alive, Cal and Abi put on a happy face for their opulent 40th wedding anniversary celebration at their luxurious home. Gathered are all their children, including the estranged Jed. But when a drug-addled Rosa gate-crashes the party, Cal knows he has a serious problem on his hands. The next morning, Rosa’s body is found washed up on the beach. After identifying her mother’s body at the morgue, a grief-stricken Juno finds herself walking into a U Star Sunday Service. There, reeling from the news of Rosa’s death, a stricken Cal sees the face of the now orphaned Juno in the crowd and freezes, a suddenly small and broken man in front of his flock.


  • Richard Roxburgh as Cal Quinn
  • Rebecca Gibney as Abi Quinn
  • Ewen Leslie as Dion Quinn
  • Jacob Collins-Levy as Jed Quinn
  • Ming-Zhu Hii as Taz Quinn
  • Hayley McCarthy as Issy Kalani
  • Jordi Webber as Benji Kalani
  • Andrea Solonge as Juno Adebayo
  • Alexander D'Souza as Moses Quinn
  • Alex Fitzalan as Maddox
  • Brigid Zengeni as Rosa Adebayo
  • Jacek Koman as Eli Slowik
  • James Saunders as Dan Gascoigne
  • Matthew Backer as Jonathan Malik
  • Christopher James Baker as Mitch Leeway
  • Nikki Shiels as Kasey Leeway
  • Emma Horn as Tayla
  • Julian Garner as Jake
  • Renee Lim as Jackie
  • Julian Weeks as Leroy
  • Jonny Hawkins as Ricky
  • Nat Buchanan as Gigi
  • David Whitford as Gordy
  • Georgia Fox as U Star Volunteer
  • Alexander Cheung as Levi Quinn
  • Holly Leonard as Bethany Quinn
  • Tyler Marsh as Noah Quinn
  • Dove Wong as Rachel Quinn
  • Audley Anderson as Worship Band Keys
  • Garrett Barker as Worship Band Drums
  • Joe Kalou as Worship Band Guitar
  • Ingrid Oram as Worship Band BVS
  • Li Huey Tijen as Worship Band Bass
  • Tommy Ropati as Manny [uncredited]