Phoenix Five: episode guide

Zone of Danger

Episode 01

Introducing the handpicked crew of the Phoenix Five, assigned to patrol space and thwart the megalomaniacal designs of their archenemy Zodian.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Episode 02

An emissary from the planet Tylantia begs for an audience with the controller. A large force field is closing in and threatens to destroy his planet. Captain Roke and his crew are sent in to investigate.

Human Relics

Episode 03

Aboard the Phoenix Five, the crew receives a strange signal from the asteroid Arcticus. Responding, they find a 20th-century space capsule and an astronaut in a coma.

The Stowaway

Episode 04

On rest leave, the crew is indulging in a 20th-century game of baseball when Adam is overcome by a strange chameleon.

To End is to Begin

Episode 05

On a routine galactic patrol, Captain Roke's crew sees the planet Lionicus explode and sights a cargo ship off course. Roke and Adam investigate and find the crew are all missing.

Six Guns of Space

Episode 06

On a routine patrol, the Phoenix Five runs into an old-fashioned naval-style bombardment coming from one of the moons of Corallus.

The Pirate Queen

Episode 07

The Phoenix is escorting a cargo ship carrying vital medical supplies to an Earth space colony when the vessels are attacked by an old space frigate.

Two Into One Won't Go

Episode 08

Zodian devises a new plan to destroy Earth Control and rule the Federated Galaxies of Space. He bribes the pompous governor of planetoid 93 into injecting a micro transistor into Captain Roke's bloodstream.

Back to Childhood

Episode 09

Cadet Tina Culbrick finds a rare Cannibalis plant that Captain Roke decides to take back to Earth Control for examination.

A Sound in Space

Episode 10

Ensign Adam Hargraves "materialises" a copy of the Pipes of Pan. He and Tina are hit by an unseen force when he blows a "dead" note on the pipes. Karl the Computeroid absorbs the ultrasonic sound and sets out to discover the source.

A Gesture From Kronos

Episode 11

Captain Roke is "reversed" when he falls victim to a Zodian time warp. He talks backward, his uniform colours are reversed. His reaction powers are severely tested as he flies the Astro-Scout Ship to the one person who can help him — Kronos, the guardian of time in space.

The Cat

Episode 12

Investigating the mysterious disappearance of the colonists of the planet Lynxonia, the Phoenix crew find just one clue — a tiny black kitten. Surely it could not be responsible for strange growling noises heard in the planet's dark rocky ares?

The Baiter is Bitten

Episode 13

The Phoenix Five flies into a strange phenomenon — fog, followed by rain and then deep water, causing the reactors to seize up, trapping the crew.

The Hunter

Episode 14

Platonus bribes the hunter king of a deserted planet to track down and kill the crew of the Phoenix Five.

Slave Queen

Episode 15

Captain Roke is ordered to find the missing heir to the throne of Celex — a girl called Estella who was captured as a child by a warlike and backward race from another world.

Space Quake

Episode 16

A doctor an a dying planet injects Adam with an aging serum but will only supply the antidote in return for safe passage to another planet.

The Planet of Fear

Episode 17

Exploring a strange planet, Roke and Adam meet an astronaut who was lost ten years earlier, and has acquired mysterious powers from the evil Platonus, turning him into a human booby trap.

Something Fishy

Episode 18

Phoenix Five is sent to find out why contact has been lost with the prison colony on the planet Zedden.

Toy Soldiers

Episode 19

Tina shows Adam a tiny antique toy soldier she has bought while on leave.

The Bigger They Are

Episode 20

Platonus programmes a young gentle giant to destroy the Phoenix Five and her crew.

Shadow Ship

Episode 21

Returning to Earth for a routine check, Tina is struck down by an agonising virus.

Efficiency Minus

Episode 22

The crew is shocked when told they have failed their annual check-ups and will have to be separated.

Spark from a Dying Fire

Episode 23

Adam and Tina fall victim to the hypnotic powers of the strange sparks erupting from a fiercely destructive asteroid, and are set to fight a duel.

Dream City

Episode 24
Directed by David Cahill

Computeroid Karl picks a flower for Tina, unaware that Platonus has programmed him to pick a very special flower...

A Little Difficulty

Episode 25

Phoenix Five, pride of Earth Space Control's Galactic Fleet, disappears!

General Alarm

Episode 26
Directed by David Cahill

Captain Roke and his crew are assigned to collect a reformed tyrant from a prison planet and return him to Earth.