An Artransa Park Production in Association with the ABC

Producers: Peter Summerton and John Walters
Writer/Script Editor: John Warwick
Director: David Cahill

Aired: January 10–July 3, 1970 (26 episodes)

"A low-budget science fiction series that followed the adventures of the crew of the galactic patrol ship Phoenix Five, 'the most sophisticated craft in the Earth Space Control Fleet.' This handpicked team — Captain Roke, a typical captain with a solution to every problem; Ensign Adam Hargraves, a young space cadet always ready to shoot first and skip the questions; compassionate Cadet Tina Culbrick; and their computeroid Karl — roamed the planets protecting galactic citizens and warding off the repeated plots and attacks of the evil humanoid Zodian and a rebel scientist Platonus."
Mike DorseyCaptain Roke
Patsy TrenchCadet Tina Culbrick
Damien ParkerEnsign Agam Hargraves
Stuart LeslieKarl
Peter CollingwoodEarth Space Controller
Redmond PhillipsZodian
Owen WeincottPlatonus