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Two Down Under

Episode 01

Reilly and Aggie arrive in Australia on the same day. Aggie is immediately thrust into her role as a vet intern, but Reilly's transition is more turbulent and he takes his frustration out on Aggie.

Summer in December

Episode 02

Aggie makes a knee-jerk diagnosis that could cost Ellen her practice, and must deal with the consequences.

The Hard Way

Episode 03

Reilly's first day at a new school culminates in a fist-fight with the resident bully. Aggie's first day takes a brighter turn when she makes a new friend.

Homesick Blues

Episode 04

Aggie deals with a critically injured fox, whilst trying to cope with the first pangs of homesickness. Miranda throws a party for Reilly and Aggie.

One Hot Dog to Go

Episode 05

Miller makes a prosthetic vehicle for a paraplegic dog, hoping to impress Aggie. But his dad is not happy when he finds out where he got the wheels.

Connections Missed and Made

Episode 06

Fiona is confronted by the sudden death of her grandmother, and forced to come to terms with her family's past. Reilly and Aggie form a new bond as they look after Fiona's menagerie.

Don't Look Back

Episode 07

Reilly receives an unsettling letter from his father in jail. Aggie and Fiona strengthen their friendship on a horseriding trip.


Episode 09

When all the girls go crazy over Reilly's essay about comforting an elderly recluse, Fiona begins to realize that maybe her feelings for Reilly are deeper than she thought. Aggie might have a boyfriend!

Some Wombats Have All the Luck

Episode 09

Fiona rescues a baby wombat, and Aggie has a date with Peter.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Episode 10

Aggie and her friends skip school to go to the creek, which inevitably leads to trouble.

Fairy Floss

Episode 11

The fair comes to town, and Reilly uses the opportunity to make a move on Fiona, while Miranda and Miller get together.

Reilly Had a Little Goat

Episode 12

Reilly soon regrets his decision to take in three abandoned kid goats, and Miller agonises over taking Miranda home for dinner.

With: Mark Lee


Episode 13

Ellen and Jonathan go away for the weekend, leaving the kids in charge, and Tadpole the Shetland pony falls ill.