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Arrivals And Departures

Episode 2.01
Australia: August 03, 2004

Tom Butler, a 15-year-old from America, is an incredibly bright teen from an incredibly dysfunctional home. Tom has spent the last three years at a minimum-security cattle ranch for juvenile delinquents. Just before his release, Tom spots a notice for an internship at the veterinary clinic. The idea of a ticket to Australia catches his interest, but winning the internship means presenting himself as the best candidate for the job-a tall order considering Tom couldn’t care less about animals. While Tom doesn’t go down looking for hope, Tom’s going to find it in Australia.

With: Cody Kasch
Guest Cast: Ashleigh Murray, Mary Angeline, Alexandra Davies, Margaret Jones


Episode 2.02
Australia: August 10, 2004

Aggie breaks through her own reluctance and makes friends with “New Kid” Tom Butler, only to discover that everything he’s told her is a lie.

Guest Cast: Rebecca Jones, Margo Kirk, Alyson Standen, Gep Bartlett, Stephen Tierney

This Just In

Episode 2.03
Australia: August 17, 2004

Tom turns out to be the “star” when Aggie and Fiona go after a runaway horse that belongs to an aging movie queen.

Guest Cast: Belinda Giblin, Sofya Gollan, Mark McCann, Mark Goelinicht, Diana Glenn, Caroline Lowe, Bob Hughes, Dean Gould

Human Nature

Episode 2.04
Australia: August 24, 2004

It’s Miller versus authority, when he and the gang produce a “Nature Film,” that upsets their by-the-book Biology teacher.

Guest Cast: Mary Annegeline, Jeff Truman, Luke Borthwick, Rhiannon Bosma, Steen Mayer, Allistair Connelly, Swan Stanton, Kate Milicich, Elle Kaye

Crime And Punishment

Episode 2.05
Australia: August 31, 2004

The boys find an unexpected ally as they ride out their suspension. Meanwhile, Aggie grapples with newfound popularity she gets from being a “bad kid.”

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Jeff Truman, Ashleigh Murray, Rebecca Jones, Sean Kennedy, Jacqueline Cope-Williams

School Of Hard Knocks

Episode 2.06
Australia: September 07, 2004

Aggie’s relationship with Gregor deepens when she and Ellen operate on his critically injured dog. Tom and Jonathan lighten their workload on a jobsite

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Ashleigh Murray, Rebecca Jones, Sean Kennedy, Zac Drayson, Sam Geer, Shayden Goode, Brent Lewis

Home Away From Home

Episode 2.07
Australia: September 14, 2004
Written by Adam Beechen

Miller faces the realities of living alone after his friends pull together to decorate his shed. Aggie has trouble fitting into her new boyfriend’s crowd.

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Ashleigh Murray, Rebecca Jones, Sean Kennedy, Alex Hopkins, Sarah Taylor, Mitchell McGuire, Alex Davey, Monty Leadon, Leith Robertson

Search Party

Episode 2.08
Australia: September 21, 2004
Written by Bruce Hancock

Tom gets lost in the bush while searching for an injured fox, but this gives him a reason to involve himself in the clinic. Aggie and Miller try to figure out what really matters in life… and love.

Guest Cast: Sean Kennedy, Rod Dunbar, Alex Hopkins, Sarah Taylor, Alex Davey, Alex Hughes, Garth Russell, Mark Cuffe, John Crooks, Paul Green, Matthew Green

Horses Eat Us

Episode 2.09
Australia: September 28, 2004
Written by Mark Palmer

Aggie, Miller and Tom must call on the courage of their convictions as a community dance forces each of them to stand up for themselves—Miller’s first gig turns out to be more complicated than anyone imagined.

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Ashleigh Murray, Sean Kennedy, Alex Hopkins, Zac Drayson, Mary Annegeline, Rod Dunbar, Mark Cuffe, John Crooks, Sam Geer, Mitchell McGuire, Monty Leadon, Leith Robertson

To Know Me Is…

Episode 2.10
Australia: October 05, 2004
Written by Mark Palmer

Tom learns what trust means when he spends the day helping Ellen. Miller panics when he finds out that Alice has a crush on him.

Guest Cast: Ashleigh Murray, Alexandra Davies, Tina Bursill, Shayden Goode, Julia Wilson, Jennifer Perry, Linda Grasso, Jason Ryder


Episode 2.11
Australia: October 12, 2004
Written by Willie Reale

Miller and Tom find unexpected benefits to working with Miller's father. Aggie tries to keep a dog from becoming lunch for an escaped python.

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Ashleigh Murray, Beatrice Aston, Maeve Dermody, Chloe Peters, Rosie Pearson

The Longest Day

Episode 2.12 (finale)
Australia: October 19, 2004
Written by Mark Palmer

Aggie examines what Christmas and friendship mean when her plans for a special Christmas overnight are put on hold after Miller's dog is accidentally shot.

Guest Cast: Mark Lee, Rebecca Jones, Stephen Tierney, Paul Coolahan