A Southern Star Entertainment, neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft Production
in association with The Australian Film Finance Corporation
Executive Producer: Kris Noble, Herman Florin, Noel Price
Producers: Noel Price, Dennis Kiely
Writers: Mimi Butler, Kym Goldsworthy, David Ogilvy, Debra Oswald,
Chris Roache, John Thomson, Rhett Walton, Linden Wilkinson, Alexa Wyatt
Directors: Russel Burton, Kevin James Dobson

Aired: 2001 (26 x 24 min)

Life is never simple for single mum Tori Konrad and her 14-year-old son Jake. Their quiet little horse-riding school just outside the city has suddenly been invaded by teenagers.
There's Julia, a highly independent 16-year-old from Germany who has come to Outriders to stay with her Aunt Tori and hopefully recover from the trauma of her mother's recent death. Regina (she prefers Reggie) was asked to leave three different schools before her parents jumped at the opportunity of her taking up a working residence at Outriders. Vince is 17, going on 30. He's been in and out of foster homes for as long as he can remember. Before he arrived he'd hardly seen a horse, let alone ridden one. And then there's Shane, a country boy who is now resident stable hand, riding instructor and jack of all trades. He's hard working and uncomplicated, with a big heart and an even bigger sense of humour.
It's an unlikely crew, but strangely the chemistry seems to work. Each offers something the others admire and slowly a bond between them forms.
Reggie's enthusiasm balances Julia's caution. Shane's honesty counters Vince's street smarts. Of course, there's always a few hiccups and a fair bit of horseplay. But when danger threatens or troubles arise, you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of Outriders.
Luise HelmJulia Kurtz
Abbie CornishReggie McDowell
Simon ScarlettShane Sullivan
Oliver AcklandVince Frasca
Mark FurzeJake Konrad
Kate RaisonTori Konrad
Cast Photo