Created and Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff
Executive Producers: Jonathan M. Shiff and Jennifer Clevers

Aired: 1994 - 1997 (78 episodes)

Set against the beauty of Far North Queensland, Ocean Girl is the story of Neri, a mysterious young girl from the ocean who is discovered by the young inhabitants of an underwater research colony. The crew befriend her and fight to keep her existence a secret. Feisty and resourceful, Neri possess another special gift—the ability to telepathically communicate with her companion Charlie, an affectionate humpback whale. Although the mysteries of Neri's origin may find rational explanations, one question remains unanswered—will her extraordinary gift allow her to find a place in this new world or will it drive her back to the sea forever?
Starringasin series
Marzena GodeckiNeri1-4
David HoflinJason Bates1-4
Jeffrey WalkerBrett Bates1-4
Alex PinderDr. Winston Seth1-4
Kerry ArmstrongDr. Dianne Bates1-2
Nina LandisH.E.L.E.N. (voice)1-4
Nicholas BellDr. Hellegren1-3
Joel De CarteretJake 'Froggy' Reily1-2
Jacalyn PrinceVanessa Lane1-2
Cassandra MagrathZoe Kondelos1-2
William McInnesCommander Jack Lucas1
Andrea McEwanLee Lucas1
Bryony PriceJodie1
Guy MallabyDamien Harris1
Miki OikawaFirst Officer1-2
Melvin J. CarrolSecond Officer 1

Lauren HewettMera 2-3
Pamela RabeCommander Byrne2
Anthony HayesMichael 'Mick' Byrne 2
Terry SerioCaptain Sam Philips2
Kristy Barnes CullenJoanne Rhodes2
Sam JohnsonRobert 'Rocky' Rhodes2
Claudia ButtazzoniKimberly McGuinnes2
Sonya SuaresLiselle 2
William GluthDr. Parker Forsyth2
Caitlin McDougallLieutenant Borg2

Liz BurchDr. Dianne Bates3-4
Jeremy AngersonKal3
Brooke 'Mikey' AndersonCassandra Clayborn3-4
Joelene CrnogoracLena Hellegren3
Sudi De WinterBenny Malcovitch3
Olivia HiddlestoneSallyanne Taylor3
Tony BriggsDave Hartley3-4
Verity McIntyreMorgan Clayborn3
Nadja KostichKellar3
Bruce HughesCommander Wellington3
Jean Pierre MignonDr. Malcovitch3
Susan GorenceMrs. Clayborn3
Kee ChanMr. Lee3
Petra YaredPatti3

George HenareMalakat4
Tharini MudaliarShersheba4
Gregory RossPaul Bates4
Marie-Louise WalkerShalamorn4
Mark NealJake Shelby4
Brenda MonaghanElly Hauser4
Paul SonkkilaTheodore J. Richter4
Damien BodieLouis Danton4
Michael VeitchOfficer Danton4
Heath BergersonJakamarra4
Barry FriedlanderGarron4
Rhonda ReesIlona4
Kim CarterIlona's Mother4
Molly McCaffreyEmma Redfield4
Catherine WilkinMadame President4
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