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Neri (Marzena Godecki)

Marzena Godecki

A mysterious thirteen-year-old girl who seems to spring from the sea and into the alien world of a modern adolescent. Resourceful and feisty, there are times when she seems sage-like beyond her years, and others when she appears lost and bewildered child. Her extraordinary upbringing has resulted in her being independent and self-willed, sometimes to the point of abrasion. Not that she means deliberate offence — she just says and does what she wants without having been taught many social restrictions. Somewhat of a wide-eyed innocent in her first brushes with civilisation, she reacts with a loners steely resolve when it seems to betray her. But the real Neri always bubbles underneath — a gutsy, funny little battler tempered with a touch of something mystical… for within this girl lies a magic gift. A gift always at threat of being ruined by exploitation — but one which could prove priceless to a world about to enter the new age of the 21st century. She swims as though water were her natural element, with astonishing speed and agility. Aptly, her name is short for Nerida — from the ancient Greek meaning a sea nymph.

Jason Bates (David Hoflin)

David Hoflin

Very intent on keeping up his macho Joe Cool image, like most boys his age. When the mask occasionally slips, there are glimpses of thoughtful sensitivity — but he is quick to try to cover them up again. At times cocky. While his parents marriage breakup six years ago was not acrimonious, Jason was old enough to have been marginally affected by it and when mention of his father does occasionally crop up, it is a sore point for him. Although his father takes an interest in him, it doesnt make up for the fact that hes not there with the family and Jason, and to a lesser degree Brett, naturally feels his absence. As a result of the separation he is prone to acting older than his 14 years, especially with his mother who is quick to remind him, and herself, that he is only 14 and perhaps doesn't know quite as much as he thinks he does.

Nevertheless, there is a strong bond between them. Brett also occasionally bears the brunt of Jason's parent-like behaviour and he too is quick to bring Jason back down to earth, reminding Jason that his his brother, not his father. Jason sees his sojourn at the Ocean Research Centre Association (ORCA) as social death. He will, however, adjust quickly to his new environment and gather a strong band of friends around him. Slightly cynical about he world in general. Computer literate, but lacks the application and patience to reach the level of competence enjoyed by his younger brother, Brett. His contact with Neri will have a gradual and major impact on him. It will alter him from being a somewhat materialistic boy who shares none of his mothers or Neri's passion for the sea to realising a growing devotion for the intricate ecological systems abounding in the underwater world in which he has taken up residence. As his interest blossoms, he will turn to books as a source of knowledge. Swims and dives well. Adventurous. A lively competitive spirit exists between Jason and Brett.

Brett Bates (Jeffrey Walker)

Jeffrey Walker

Jason's ten-year-old brother. A permanently dishevelled, knockabout kid who just likes to have fun — no matter what trouble it might get him (or anybody else) into. Has grown up with a less strict hand that Jason. Resents Jason's attempts at authority. Tends to act before thinking. A rebel. If he is told not to do something, he will immediately do it. Instantly adapts to and revels in his new existence — one huge fun palour-ride. Has a natural aptitude for computers and it is a major source of frustration that ORCA's advanced computer technology is out of bounds to him. Enjoys laconically one-upping Jason when Jason is stumped by a problem on the computer. As part of the process of growing up in this peculiar yet fascinating world, and through his contact with Neri, Brett will learn the bonds of loyalty and solidarity. He will come face to face with the perilous restrictions of the sea, and marvel at the miracles which somehow manage to survive in an ocean battling against extinction by human degradation. A gung-ho larrikin not without his vulnerable side which surfaces when he gets into situations of unanticipated threat or danger. Swims well.

Dianne Bates (Kerry Armstrong / Liz Burch)

Kerry Armstrong Liz Burch

A noted marine biologist whose speciality — and passion — is animal communication, specifically those of whales and dolphins. Divorced. Sees this new opportunity as being a tremendous leap forward. At her job, she is cool and unemotional, but her fiery temper at times gets the better of her and she will often cross swords with the Commander, Jack Lucas. At home, she is warm and full of rough-house affection for her larrikin sons. She suffers occasional angst about not spending enough time with the boys, but will more often than not find them far too absorbed in their escapades to notice her absence. The arrival of Neri will herald challenges to both sides of her character. As the series progresses, she will have to weight her research and Neri's sensibilities and right to make her own decisions. In the end, Dianne will form as strong a bond with Neri as that enjoyed by her sons.

Winston Seth (Alex Pinder)

Alex Pinder

Chinese born physicist. Graduate of Sydney University, Oxford and M.I.T. in America. Dianne's eccentric offsider. Professionally pragmatic, but personally quirky. He likes to quote inscrutable and wise oriental sayings — which makes up on the spot to suit the occasion. His view of the world has room for both Eastern mysticism and Western science, and he is often the one with the insight to propose possibilities others would reject as irrational. Professionally brilliant beyond his years. Although a quiet achiever, one area where he is not shy is in his working environment, and he will often ?ummox Dianne with his lightning fast and usually accurate appraisal of a situation. His gentle, bi-partisan nature makes him a favourite cohort for the children on board ORCA. Winston doesn't swim — he sinks.

Commander Jack Lucas (William McInnes)

William McInnes

Commander in charge of ORCA. Physically fit and active. The sea has always been his life and his only real love. Commanding and overbearing at first, but hes just looking out for number one — the successful, hands-on running of ORCA. Tries to maintain a dignified aura of command under the constant bararge of scientists, but occasionally, when hes pushed to the limit, he snaps. Underneath his professional exchanges with Dianne lies an interest neither of them wants to acknowledge. One area of his life where he is not in command is with his daughter, Lee. A single parent like Dianne, he is at times at a loss as to how to best meet his daughters needs and will occasionally appeal to Dianne for advice.

Lee Lucas (Andrea McEwan)

Andrea McEwan

Jack Lucas's exceptionally pretty teenage daughter. A very normal girl living in very abnormal circumstances. At first Jason mistrusts her, but she quickly proves she is not one to use her fathers position to her advantage. In an early episode, she covers for him so he doesnt get into trouble from her father. Down to earth, and pragmatic: "You're going to be living here for some time, so you may as well get used to it". Slightly more mature than other kids, but still very much a teenager, she enjoys a strong sense of mischief and fun. Unaware of her good looks, she cant really understand why boys often go silly around her. Shes become an expert at putting them at their ease — except for Damien. He never quite relaxes in her presence. We see brief glimpses of loneliness during her interactions with her father, who is insecure in his ability to play both father and mother to her and tends to leave her to her own devices for longer periods than she would like. As contemporary as Jason and the other kids. Reads the latest magazines. Wears the latest clothes.

Zoe Kondelos (Cassandra Magrath)

Cassandra Magrath

Zoe Kondelos is a strong-willed, ten-year-old tomboy. Always trying to keep up with and preferably outdo Brett and Froggy. Physically aggressive and challenging. Her major frustration in life is that she wasn't born a boy.

Vanessa Lane (Jacalyn Prince)

Jacalyn Prince

14-years-old, highly intelligent, and knows it. The girl you love to hate. A burning curiosity and hates to be left out. Very little escapes her notice. Inevitably appears just when you don't want her to. Sometimes arrogant and condescending especially towards the younger kids. An infuriatingly superior air. The one thing she lacks is street cunning. She will be the first to suspect Neri's presence and her mission throughout the series will be to uncover Jasons and Brett's secret. Her quick intelligence and logic will keep her hot on Neri's tail but Jason, Brett and Neri will manage to outsmart her. Shell sense how close shes come and it will drive her mad. Physically adept.

Jake "Froggy" Reilly (Joel De Carteret)

Joel De Carteret

10-years-old. A reluctant participant in the pranks and adventures of Brett and Zoe. His quiet voice of reason is invariably shouted down and although he would prefer to play safe, he joins in anyway because, like most ten year olds, he hates being left out.

Damien Harris (Guy Mallaby)

Guy Mallaby

Easygoing, popular and amiable, but would never break any records for intelligence. Soon becomes good friends with Jason. An old hand at the itinerant lifestyle of the moving scientific community. Scorned by Vanessa but warmly accepted by other kids. Always willing to help out, but has an uncanny maddening knack of messing things up. At other times, he is surprisingly logical and arrives at a solution which has eluded the others. Self-conscious in the presence of girls his own age, especially Lee who responds with good-natured amusement. When he meets Neri, he develops an instant crush on her, which, for Neri's protection, Jason has to quickly diffuse.

Jodie Turner (Bryony Price)

Bryony Price

Vanessa's offsider. Patient. Quieter and not as forthright as Vanessa, but strong in her own right. Constantly attempting to temper the more abrasive aspects of Vanessa's personality, but rarely succeeding. Eventually she will stand up to Vanessa, she will learn that friendship is a two-way relationship which if it is to survive must be treated with respect and consideration.

Dr. Hellegren (Nicholas Bell)

Nicholas Bell

Head scientist at UBRI, a rival research facility to ORCA, whose hopes of developing a means of communicating with whales is sidetracked when he learns of Neri and her unique abilities.

Mera (Lauren Hewett)

Lauren Hewett

Neri's 13-year-old sister. When we first meet her, a strange, silent, and extremely withdrawn. In reality, a highly intelligent girl who feels she is very different to everyone around her — but doesn't suspect how different! Has embryonic signs of some of Neri's abilities, but unfussed and uncontrolled as yet. Mera is more accustomed to the "real" world than Neri, having grown up in it, and will take some time to adjust to life on the island. But she will eventually develop the extraordinary talents and feisty self-sufficiency to inherit her big sister's role in the oceans.

Commander Kate Byrne (Pamela Rabe)

Pamela Rabe

The new Commander on board ORCA. Unlike her predecessor, Kate comes not from a military background, but from the more murderous environment of the high-level executive boardroom. Has specialised at corporate level in big engineering concerns and the like, often in difficult areas involving public and company relations. A bit Ita Buttrose-y in type. Quite attractive, pleasant, but with a spine of iron. Used the disadvantage of being a woman in a man's world, she can turn on silky charm when she likes but the bottom line is her career and she intends to succeed in achieving whatever she sets out to do. Married to a similar high-powered executive, they have virtually given up their home lives in pursuit of success. And, where Kate's concerned, God help anyone who stands between her and the topmost pinnacle!

Mick Byrne (Anthony Hayes)

Anthony Hayes

Fifteen-year-old son of the new ORCA Commander, who sees him through rose-coloured glasses, and refuses to accept that he is anything less than perfect. A tough talking, bit-noting little bantam of a kid with an outward show of cocky arrogance and a taste for practical jokes in dubious state. A cheat and a troublemaker who gets up almost all the other kid's noses immediately he arrives. But Mick will eventually be revealed as being all obnoxious front. Inside, he is an insecure and unhappy kid who has spent most of his life shuttled from creche to baby sitter to boarding school by high-achieving parents who had little time to waste on him, so have alternated between neglect and over-indulgence in compensation. And Mick has a shameful secret — he is dyslexic and cannot read, though he hides this well by having an excellent memory. If there was a contest for the kid you'd most like to throw overboard on ORCA, Mick would win hands down.

Robert "Rocky" Rhodes (Sam Johnson)

Sam Johnson

15. A big, clumsy, genial boofhead of a kid. Physically strong, but too good-natured to ever hurt anyone. Genial and easy-going. Sometimes a bit slow on the mental uptake, but he does have one real talent — mechanics. Give him a pair of pliers and bit of wire and he could just about fix a jet engine. An avid video viewer who thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest actor in the world and can recite the plot of every movie he's ever seen. He also places great credence in tales of the paranormal — anything from little green men abducting humans to spontaneous combustion — and passes on the details with grave solemnity. A really likeable kid, but not one the others treat with a lot of respect, especially Mick.

Joanna Rhodes (Kristy Barnes Cullen)

Kristy Barnes Cullen

Rocky's fifteen-year-old sister and his opposite in nearly every aspect. A dreamy, bookish, romantic girl with a taste for literature and good music and a yearning for the manners of more genteel days Some, like Mick consider her a bit of a female nerd, but she ends up forming an odd couple with athletic and pugnacious Kimberly. She thinks all boys her own age could do with some lessons in manners, and when she meets the courteous Winston, she immediately starts to develop a teenage crush on him — much to Winston's embarrassment. However, when the time comes, Joanne will discover that she is capable of action, too.

Kimberly McGuinnes (Claudia Buttazoni)

Claudia Buttazoni

15-years-old, athletic, super-fit, and spends half her life in the gym and rest lambasting the other kids for the appallingly unhealthy eating habits. Youngest and only sister to a tribe of wild older brothers she has responded to this with a militant attitude towards the opposite sex. To Kimberley, the battle of the sexes is a matter of "us against them", and she relishes any opportunity to display female superiority. Good-hearted enough in her own way and a staunch, if sometimes critical friend.

Sam Phillips (Terry Serio)

Terry Serio

A rough-edged, independent man who has spent virtually his whole life on the sea. Has little experience of any other life, really. Used to doing things his own way and at his own pace, and doesn't like being told what to do or when he should do it. He's only taken the ORCA job because he lost his last boat when the bank repossessed it and he needs the money to get started again. He has worked on jobs in the North Sea and the like, but he is on a potential big bonus here if any big mineral deposits are found. An apparently incorrigible bachelor, he didn't realise that he would have to deal with women and children — both of whom he basically thinks have no place on a boat. A blunt, gruffly-spoken man, but he is really a rough diamond that just needs a lot of polishing.

Kal (Jeremy Angerson)

Jeremy Angerson

Youth freed from a stasis chamber onboard the buried spaceship on Neri's island. He is one of Neri's people but because of his isolation, he is childlike in his ways which often leads him into trouble.

Kellar (Nadja Kostich)

Nadja Kostich

Hellegren's assistant at UBRI.

Cassandra Clayborn (Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson)

Brooke Anderson

Friend of Jason and Brett and eventually Neri.

Morgan Clayborn (Verity McIntyre)

Verity McIntyre

Cassandra's older sister

Lena Hellegren (Joelene Crnogorac)

Joelene Crnogorac

Dr Hellegren's daughter and eventual ally to Jason, Brett and Neri.

Benny Malcovitch (Sudi De Winter)

Sudi De Winter

Brett's friend on ORCA.

Sallyanne Taylor (Olivia Hiddlestone)

Olivia Hiddlestone

Young girl with a crush on Jason, who is too involved with Neri to take much notice of her.

Patti (Petra Yared)

Petra Yared

Blind daughter of a farm family that Neri, Brett and Cass meet when they go in search of one of the lost pieces of Synchronium.

Malakat (George Henare)

George Henare

Masquerading as an archeologist, Malakat is soon disocvered to be from the Planet of the Oceans, where Neri's people come from. He is the leader of a rebel faction that are opposed to a peaceful migration to Earth, and they want to use the power of the pyramid to melt Earth's polar icecap to prepare the planet for their people's arrival.

Shersheba (Tharini Mudaliar)

Tharini Mudaliar

Masquerading as Malakat's assistant, Princess Shersheba is also from the Planet of the Oceans and is also of the Royal bloodline. Wants to use the power of the underwater pyramid to become the leader of her people.

Jake Shelby (Mark Neal)

Mark Neal

Agent of the Preventative Response And eXtraterritorial Intelligence Service (Praxis) whose initial assignment to investigate the extraterrestrial signals leads him and his partner in a pursuit of Neri.

Elly Hauser (Brenda Monaghan)

Brenda Monaghan

Agent of the Preventative Response And eXtraterritorial Intelligence Service (Praxis) and Jake Shelby's partner.

Theodore J. Richter (Paul Sonkkila)

Paul Sonkkila

Agent Shelby and Hauser's boss at Praxis.

Louis Danton (Damien Bodie)

Damien Bodie

A young and unpopular member of ORCA's crew who passes along information to the PRAXIS agents. His father is ORCA's second in command which gives Louis a feeling of power.

Paul Bates (Gregory Ross)

Gregory Ross

Jason and Brett's father.

Shalamorn (Marie-Louise Walker)

Marie-Louise Walker

Queen Shalamorn, Neri's mother.

Officer Danton (Michael Veitch)

Michael Veitch

Second in command on ORCA, Louis's father.

Jakamarra (Heath Bergerson)

Heath Bergerson

Young aboriginal tracker who helps Jason, Brett and Neri avoid the Praxis agents in the outback

Emma Redfield (Molly McCaffrey)

Molly McCaffrey