Nowhere Boys: actors: series 3

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Dougie Baldwin as Felix Ferne

Fifteen-year-old Felix is intelligent, sarcastic and inclined to cynicism. Very much a loner, with limited social skills, he has only one friend — Ellen, a fellow Goth. Felix has a brother — twelve- year-old Oscar — who broke his neck while the pair were playing and is now in a wheelchair. The family has collapsed under the strain of Oscar's disability and, although they are close, Felix feels responsible for Oscar's accident. He has developed an interest in witchcraft and hopes one day to use magic to help his brother walk again.

When Felix cast the spell that dumped the boys in a parallel world, he was not aware there would be consequences. The spell was cast to heal Oscar, which it did, but Felix did not expect it to erase his existence. Felix befriends Oscar, protecting him from schoolyard bullies, and his mother is nicer to him in this reality. He regains the family he lost after Oscar's accident and, demon aside, he is much happier. Felix's magic skills — aided by a talisman given to him by 'new-ager' Phoebe — grow stronger and help protect the 'nowhere boys'.

Joel Lok as Andy Lau

A geek and un inchingly logical, fifteen-year-old Andy's mind and imagination are second to none. While Andy has an extensive knowledge of facts, theories and Bear Grylls' survival skills, he has zero practical experience. The only boy in a Singaporean-Chinese family, Andy has been mothered three times — by his grandmother, mother, and older sister. He would do anything for some freedom.

In the new reality, Andy enjoys his first taste of freedom. Andy can now be the man of action he has always wanted to be — he becomes more outgoing and self-reliant. He even finds himself with a girlfriend for the first time — Ellen, Felix's friend from the real world. As a man of science, Andy is initially sceptical about Felix's 'magic', but he eventually accepts it and studies it with zeal. He hopes to combine science and magic to find a way home.

Rahart Sadiqzai/Adams as Sam Conte

Sam is the golden boy, e ortlessly cool and naturally gifted. Everything comes easily to Sam and he takes everything he has for granted. His family is the epitome of happiness. His parents are supportive and understanding, and he gets along with his brothers. Even Sam's girlfriend Mia is perfect.

For the first time, Sam has to fight for something. Well, everything actually. Sam's place in his family has been taken by Sammy, whom Sam finds obnoxious. Sammy is even dating Mia. Sam focuses on trying to win back Mia. This time around he is attentive and interested. Sam's brothers are protective of Sammy and do not make life in this new reality easy for him. Of all the boys, Sam wants his old life back the most.

Matthew Testro as Jake Riles

Popular, athletic, and con dent, Jake is a perennial winner who is capable of playing schoolyard bully, especially to Felix. However, his home life is far from perfect. His single mother struggles financially, working two jobs to pay the bills with little help from his father, who cannot manage his own life. Jake and his mother are very close and Jake is accustomed to taking responsibility.

Jake wonders if the world is better without him. His mother is now a Lexus- driving, successful real estate agent, and is married to Jake's science teacher, Mr Bates. Jake's father, now a police sergeant, has gone from loser to pillar of the community. Used to surviving on his own, Jake becomes the nowhere boys' 'den mother' and forges a genuine friendship with Andy.