Produced by Great Southern Film and Television

Created by: Peter Cox and Kathryn Burnett
Developed by: Kathryn Burnett, Peter Cox, David Brechin-Smith, Yvonne Donohoe, Nick Ward
Executive Producers: Philip Smith, Rachel Gardner
Producer: Rachel Gardner
Based on an original story by Philip Smith

Aired: September 24 - December 10, 2009

Years ago, twenty-somethings Jenni, Andy, and brothers Ryan and Nathan, disappeared from around the world without warning and with no trace. Now, suddenly and mysteriously, their families have been alerted to their existence in a secret, isolated cult, hidden deep in the New Zealand bush. But reclaiming the people they've lost isn't going to be easy. Everyone in Two Gardens has renounced their families, friends and all contact with the outside world, which they see as corrupt and impure. To them, Two Gardens is their home, a paradise, and their charismatic leader Edward North is the loving "father" of their family.
Renato BartolomeiMichael Lewis
Latham GainesEdward North
Gareth ReevesRyan Lewis
Kate ElliottGina Delaney
Danielle CormackCynthia Ross
Scott WillsSaul
Sara WisemanAnnabelle
Rachel NashFrances Seger
Andy GraingerHarris Seger
Will WallaceHugo
Lisa ChappellSophie
Chelsie Preston CrayfordHannah
cast photo

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