Created by: Dave Armstrong, Danny Mulheron
Producers: Danny Mulheron, Tom Scott
Executive Producer: Judith Trye
Writers: Dave Armstrong, Danny Mulheron, Tom Scott

Director: Danny Mulheron
Aired: 2005, 2006 (TVOne)

Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby is an unrepentant politically incorrect, roller-coaster romp about an extraordinarily eccentric secondary school teacher, who the Education Review Office in their last assessment described as follows: "Mr Gormsby is an out-dated, reactionary, racist, sexist teacher completely out of touch with educational theory in the second millennium. He defies the curriculum in every subject and is a disgrace to the profession. He should have no place in any state or private school. We will close Tepapawai Boys High and appoint a commissioner if Mr Gormsby is not replaced forthwith."
David McPhailMr Gormsby
Paul McLaughlinMr Dasant
Jason HoyteSteve Mudgeeway
Tandi WrightFenn Partington
Dena KennedyAgnes O'Flaherty
Michele AmasLauren
Geraldine BrophyMarion Patterson
Charles LumRak
Grace HoetLesley Tangaroa
Thomas RobinsMr Morton
Nigel CollinsHundertwasser
Louis SutherlandMr Hakanui
Rashmi PilapitayaMiss Kasangi
R.J. SmilerHohepa
Feterika SageAfioga
Halaifonua FinauAlupepe
Joseph MooreBastabus
Samson PhommachackMinh
Hursh SahaGovind
Lyndon McGaughranLe Tissier
Michael BeranWoodwork Teacher

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