Creators: Scott McJorrow, Rod Johns
Producer: Chris Hampson
Executive Producers: Greg McGee, Chris Bailey
Writers: Greg McGee, Scott McJorrow, Kirsten Warner, Rod Johns
Directors: Chris Bailey, John Laing

Aired: 2006-2007

Orange Roughies is a drama series based on a covert Police and Customs inter-agency task force working at the new policing coal-face of the 21st century — border security. Though the Roughies are an elite unit, they're also, as Ron Maddock, their brusque Commander reminds them, under-funded, under-resourced and under the hammer because, after all, this is New Zealand.
Nicholas CoghlanDanny Wilder
Zoe NaylorJane Durant
Mark RukaZack Wiki
Caroline CraigChloe Meachen
Stephen HallRon Maddock
Nick KemplenNoel Bullerton
William WallaceTom Bowden
Kimberley OoiTao Li
Nicole WhippyDonna Wiki
Roy SnowDenis Fielding
Olivia James-BairdSophie Wilder
Sean DuffyPaul Grayson
Blair StrangDS Sean Parkes
cast photo

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