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Oversexed, Overpaid and Over Here

Episode 41
New Zealand: August 01, 2003

The citizens of Bassett prepare to welcome America! Or rather the team of American engineers in charge of the prison site.

With: Owen Black as Chad, Chloe Gordon as Sascha Masefield, John Leigh as Chook Bracey

Survival of the Fittest

Episode 42
New Zealand: August 08, 2003

The Bassett baby boom has begun. Nicky feels criticised when William suggests that she could use the practice in doing births. Nicky tries to avoid baby duty and attend a road accident, but instead finds Monique, a young woman in labour.

With: Owen Black as Chad, Peter Daubé as Anton Devcich, Helen Steemson as Monique Devcich

For Better, For Worse

Episode 43
New Zealand: August 15, 2003

There's tension in the Masefield household: Kieran's former wife, Amanda (Katie Wolfe), is coming to visit. But when she drops in, Amanda also drops the bomb that she'll be staying in town for a few days. Feeling ousted, Nicky flees, unaware Amanda is delivering divorce papers. When Kieran is reluctant to sign on the spot, Amanda feels she still has a shred of power.

With: Jo-Anna Crichton as Wendy Tole, Katie Wolfe as Amanda Masefield

Rules of the Game

Episode 44
New Zealand: August 22, 2003

Dana's hard lot as coach to Jordan's grade 10 soccer team is made worse when Chook nearly gets into a scrap with the ref. Meanwhile, Louise faces up to a visit to see her son with his adopted parents Jill and David, something she has been putting off. William avoids this duty by going his rental property in Daphne Ave, which he is planning to sell to fund an obscure leg of their planned overseas trip.

With: Owen Black as Chad, Geoff Dolan as Ross Duval, Theresa Healey as Jill, John Leigh as Chook Bracey

Destiny in Motion

Episode 45
New Zealand: August 29, 2003

In order to increase Nicky's public profile for the day when she might take over his practice, William asks her to appear on Bassett FM.

With: Jo-Anna Crichton as Wendy Tole, Peter Daubé as Anton Devcich

Something in the Water

Episode 46
New Zealand: September 05, 2003

Gus van der Velter is injured on the prison building site, but his brother Todd sees a darker purpose. To everyone's bemusement, he claims that there is a conspiracy afoot, that working on a particular part of the site is making workers ill.

With: Owen Black as Chad, Patrick Wilson as Eric Whitelaw

When Ken Met Wendy

Episode 47
New Zealand: September 12, 2003

Nicky forgets to go to ante-natal class with Gabrielle and clashes with Wendy over the all-important matter of a red pepper. Meanwhile, Ken's hot date does not start well. He arrives to find Wendy distraught, because of a photo of her errant husband, featured living it up large in the social pages of a magazine.

With: Katherine Beasley as Valda Somerville, Tony Burton as Norm Somerville, Jo-Anna Crichton as Wendy Tole, Robyn Malcolm as Liz

Good, Bad, Ugly

Episode 48
New Zealand: September 19, 2003

Nicky has taken the news of her father's illness hard. Her mood is not improved when Chad seems to be toying with Dana's feelings. It doesn't help that she can't fully disclose her worries to Kieran, especially when he is planning a weekend away with Chad, his investor and new best mate. Meanwhile Gabrielle is stressing about her planned pagan baby-naming ceremony.

With: Owen Black as Chad, Rachael D'Aguiar as Leanne, Peter Daubé as Anton Devcich, Geoff Snell as Graham

The uses of pork

Episode 49
New Zealand: September 26, 2003

With: Geoff Dolan as Ross Duval, Charmaine Guest as Angela, Robyn Malcolm as Liz, Paul Norell as John, Caleb Ross as Brett Duval, Patrick Wilson as Eric Whitelaw

Suspicious minds

Episode 50
New Zealand: October 03, 2003

Alistair feels like a man at the top of his game: He has a casual relationship with Liz, offering no-strings sex; and he's taken delivery of his piglets, breeding stock for his future GM experiments. William and Louise are counting down to their long-awaited overseas trip - until Louise's elder son Brett arrives from university in Wellington with news. He is planning to get married in two weeks, to his flatmate Hannah.

With: Jo-Anna Crichton as Wendy Tole, Peter Daubé as Anton Devcich, Caleb Ross as Brett Duval, Robyn Malcolm as Liz, Patrick Wilson as Eric


Episode 51
New Zealand: January 16, 2004

Ken is delighted to find an excuse to investigate Anton, when a feud explodes between neighbours. A chance glimpse of an automatic weapon leads him to search the Devcich house. But when the search reveals nothing, Ken gives in to frustration and exceeds his police powers.


The Woodpile

Episode 52
New Zealand: January 23, 2004

Anton Devcich admits stealing Curtis Willoughby's car from outside a party in 1986. The police are now trying to link Anton to the party and the dead man. Nicky and Kieran arrive in Christchurch for her father's funeral. When Valda treats them as honoured guests, it causes bitterness with Nicky's siblings, Fiona and Bridget, who feel Nicky is the favourite.

With: Peter Daubé as Anton Devcich, Vicky Haughton as Arlene, Katy Beasley as Valda, Nicola Murphy as Fiona, Rebecca Hobbs as Bridget

Like the Nuns love Jesus

Episode 53
New Zealand: January 30, 2004

Nicky and Kieran's impromptu engagement party coincides with the first performance of Golgotha, Wayne's band. But it turns out to be the shortest gig in history, when Louise's son, Brett, decides to destroy his bass guitar. Both William and Louise are well aware of his problems - schizophrenia, complicated by depression. At the announcement of Nicky's engagement, Alistair is gutted. He never thought she'd do it. In drunken misery, he kisses Michelle and tries to look up Liz, who is not sympathetic.


The Company of Pigs

Episode 54
New Zealand: February 13, 2004

Alistair helps a neighbour and makes a pact with the devil. Dana helps a friend and causes a furore.


The Book I Read

Episode 55
New Zealand: February 20, 2004

Nicky buys a copy of a new New Zealand novel, written by Kieran's friend, Guy. But as she reads she notices that the fictional characters have similarities to people she knows - Kieran and Amanda Is it just her imagination, or is it all true?


History Lessons

Episode 56
New Zealand: February 27, 2004

When Dana's ex is accused of child abuse, Nicky becomes his champion. William suspects Louise's interest in Wayne and meets an old flame.


The Fruit of Good Works

Episode 57
New Zealand: March 05, 2004

Ken gets a fright when Wendy suspects she's pregnant. She also suspects her ex-husband Jason is back in town. Jason's mother has been admitted to hospital and is expected to die soon. Jason is back, but seems in great haste for his mother to leave this world. Dana finds this odd. Alistair continues to try and support Nicky through troubled times, but she seems determined to avoid him. Eventually he hunts her down at the bookshop. She admits her misery and cries on his shoulder.


Honour Thy Father

Episode 58
New Zealand: March 12, 2004

Alistair cheers Nicky with stories of potential patricide, but eventually admits that friendly support is not the only reason he's continuing to come around. Nicky knows how Alistair feels and tries to address it, but he cuts her off. He doesn't want to hear bad news. But then there is more bad news...


May The Force Be With You

Episode 59
New Zealand: March 19, 2004

Alistair is still enjoying stolen time with Nicky. Gabrielle disapproves, but claims to be saying nothing. Meanwhile, William is recuperating from his injuries, but Alistair and Nicky are alarmed when he seems determined to return to work before he is ready. In order to forestall this, Nicky accepts the offer to take over the practice, but Alistair realises she has done this more out of duty than desire. Ken finds there's a strange phenomenon at work in Bassett. Cars are losing power, TVs losing reception - but only on one stretch of road. Ken starts to hope that it could be the work of unseen, possibly alien forces.


Love From Bassett

Episode 60 (finale)
New Zealand: March 19, 2004

As Kieran and Amanda's trial looms, Nicky is doing her best to ignore it. Until she finds that Amanda has done the dirty on Kieran and turned crown witness to gain immunity from prosecution. Nicky decides she has to go to court, even though she knows it will hurt Alistair. Ken and Dana have resumed social outings, but Ken is stunned when Dana decides to propose, since she knows that this will be the likely outcome in a year or so. Ken accepts, but gets the general impression that everyone thinks Dana is mad and will come to her senses given a little time.