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Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Maiden

Episode 21
New Zealand: September 25, 2002
Canada: January 21, 2003

Chivalry is not dead in Bassett. Ken defeats a deadly foe and impresses Dana, but the moment is broken when a motorcyclist crashes nearby, demanding their professional attention. Nicky becomes the most popular doctor in town after William's downfall, but she learns about the downside of popularity. Amanda and Kieran's seperation takes a toll on Sascha. Alistair contemplates the future of his affair.

Stand by Your Man

Episode 22
New Zealand: October 02, 2002

William struggles on, apparently ignoring the slings and arrows—but a complaint from a patient is the last straw. Angry, but determined to ride out the damage to his reputation, he is pleased to still be of some use to his remaining patients. When William and Ken get called to Beckhoven's, an apparent break-in turns out to be something more sordid. Eric has been injured by his accountant—who has accused him of rape. Ken is a reluctant investigating officer, but William calmly acts in the interests of both parties. As Louise prepares for Liam to leave home for university, she receives confirmation that she is pregnant. The news is not welcomed by her, or Ross, as the cracks start to show in their marriage. Nicky is fed up with shouldering William's workload, but she's more worried about making the grade with Cliff's whanau. When Manu Bishop takes Cliff aside, she assumes important high-level iwi business. Nicky is supportive until she finds that the high-level business is tracking down a missing car.

The Making of Him

Episode 23
New Zealand: October 09, 2002

Alistair is feeling the pressure. The de facto head of the clinic in William's absence, he is aware that everyone, including himself, sees Nicky as the real power house. He would rather not take charge. He's also disconcerted that William seems disgustingly happy in his self-imposed exile. Meanwhile, Enid faces trial for the murder of Arthur. Gus is frustrated that she doesn't seem to get the gravity of the possible life sentence—she's more upset that Bassett Bowling Club have turned down her request for Arthur's ashes to be scattered on the green.

Put Away Childish Things

Episode 24
New Zealand: October 16, 2002

Ken, Nicky and Louise are amongst the judges of the Radford House senior speech competition, where the topic is New Zealanders who have made a difference. In a controversial result, Nicky sways the judges to vote for Grace Stringer, who talks about herself. Kieran is unimpressed that Sascha only makes it to second, but Grace Stringer is over the moon..

Death and Taxes

Episode 25
New Zealand: October 23, 2002

Preferring to avoid public scrutiny, William has taken to playing golf alone. But when his game falters and he takes out his frustrations on his golf club, he finds he's been watched by accountant Ian Enderby. Then William sees something surprising himself - Ian appears to have a shotgun in his golf bag.

Fear and Loathing

Episode 26
New Zealand: October 30, 2002

Nicky is prepared to gift to Cliff an entire drawer in her bedroom, but won't admit she's wary about commitment. Apart from this, all in her world is civilised and good She is a caring doctor who gets gifts of marmalade from the grateful Reids and gives lifts to former patients like Henry Chadwick.

Festival of Romance

Episode 27
New Zealand: November 06, 2002

Bassett is gripped by romance fever in the form of the Romance Festival, sponsored by Beckhoven's quality pork products. But not everyone is keen to join in. When Nicky, uncharacteristically cynical about romance, flees the ball, it's Alistair who meets Helen, possibly the answer to their locum prayers.

Desire and its Undoing

Episode 28
New Zealand: November 13, 2002

William is having plumbing problems, but Mike the plumber, is at a job at Dana's place. Faced with a baby-sitting crisis, Dana asks Mike to mind Jordan for a few minutes. He refuses—and admits that he will not allow himself to be alone with kids. Dana is shocked to find that Mike has convictions for child sex offences. Even though Ken reassures that the offending was a long time ago, Dana feels unconvinced.

Cruel to be Kind

Episode 29
New Zealand: November 20, 2002

Nicky is growing tired of playing taxi driver to her new flatmate, Helen. More importantly, she is getting tired of Helen's slackness as a doctor. This comes to a head when Helen treats Gil's daughters, Gwyneth and Rosie, who both suffer from epilepsy. Their mother, Denise is very protective, and finds Helen a sympathetic listener. Then Nicky gets a call from the local pharmacy querying an the incorrect prescription. Nicky confronts Alistair over Helen's inadequacies. He girds his loins to do a telling-off, but he is relieved when Helen heaps coals on her own head.

To kill a Minah Bird

Episode 30
New Zealand: November 20, 2002

Helen has moved into William and Alistair's house, and is getting on way too well with William for Alistair's liking. But a driving lesson gives him a chance, and Alistair seizes the day. And it seems that Helen is very interested. Alistair has finally won over William and found happiness - but the one fly in the ointment is making the big announcement to Nicky. He is rather wounded that she doesn't seem more heartbroken. Meanwhile Nicky wonders whether to tell Alistair that she saw Helen and Eric together.

The Day That The Rain Came Down

Episode 31
New Zealand: February 14, 2003

Nicky returns from her tramping holiday to find emergency vehicles on the move - a flash flood has washed out a teacher's college group in the Waipuru Valley. Nicky joins the Search and Rescue effort with Alistair, Helen and Ken. Almost immediately, Helen injures herself out of action. She gets sent to look after Ryan, one of the walking wounded. The troops reach the site of devastation and find one of the party dead and the others in disarray. Several are missing.

Reality Bites

Episode 32
New Zealand: February 21, 2003

Louise is very worried - an epidemic of pregnancies in Bassett is bringing an Auckland bigwig to town to conduct a funding enquiry.

Pride and Prejudice

Episode 33
New Zealand: February 28, 2003

When Eric votes to grant resource consent for the Youth Correctional Facility, there is an uproar in the council chamber, leading to an attack. Kieran comes under suspicion when there is a suspicious fire outside the iwi authority. Nicky is determined to be the voice of reason - but finds this difficult since both sides seem beyond reasonable thought.

Light my Fire

Episode 34
New Zealand: March 07, 2003

The Bassett Volunteer Fire Brigade attend a callout at Radford House, where the school's teenage charges have been doused by sprinklers. The brigade are becoming used to suspicious fires - but this is the result of Sascha's plan to get herself expelled and save Kieran school fees.

One Wedding and a Funeral

Episode 35
New Zealand: March 14, 2003

Ken hankers to move his wedding plans forward, but hasn't worked up the courage - and duty calls. When Wasim washes up on Bassett Beach, Ken fears an invasion of boat persons of a doubtful background. Nicky, however, is won over by Wasim's romantic story that he has come all the way from Pakistan for Cherie Ruskin, a local teacher. When Cherie is rather non-plussed to hear this news, Ken feels vindicated. But Cherie, worried for Wasim and the possible consequences if he gets sent home, takes a bold decision and decides to marry Wasim. Ken takes a dim view of this and clashes with Nicky. Despite everyone's soppiness, Ken takes Wasim into custody.

An Angel at my Wash House

Episode 36
New Zealand: March 21, 2003

Nicky gets a surprise visit from her mother, Valda, who's come to help celebrate Nicky's impending 30th birthday. Nicky feels ambushed. Alistair misconstrues Nicky's displeasure as fear of being 30 - but Nicky insists it's not that. Valda finds that Nicky neglected to mention her break-up with Cliff - but suggests that since Nicky is single and free, she could take a trip to England with her. This infuriates Nicky, since her mother always makes her feel like a single, barren loser, which she confides to Alistair. He finds this a happy revelation - Nicky's situation with her mother is much like his with William. Emboldened, he determines to make her the mixtape of all mixtapes - the cassette which will reveal his true feelings.

Fork in the Road

Episode 37
New Zealand: March 28, 2003

Alistair's day starts badly He finds his father planning to move onto a new family; that Helen and Eric are about to get married; and that his scientific research has been stolen by his former partner, Gunther. He finds everyone's sympathy galling, and feels like an angry wimp.

Saturday Night Fever

Episode 38
New Zealand: April 04, 2003

Nicky is called in at 5am to deal with casualties from the Bassett High School ball. Gemma has broken her ankle and has suspicious bruising after falling from a first storey window. Nicky is intrigued to find Sascha and Matt, Ken's younger offsider, in attendance. Sascha is concerned to find her father not at home. Nicky is rather shifty...

Great Escape

Episode 39
New Zealand: April 11, 2003

Nicky is worried that she hasn't heard from Kieran since he left a box of the world's best pinot gris on her doorstep. Distracted by this, and goaded by her dear (and pregnant) friend Gabrielle, she accepts Helen's plea to become her bridesmaid. Then she finds the possible reason for Kieran's evasiveness - he has had an offer from a brewery to buy the vineyard and is thinking of leaving. Nicky feels thrown. But when she decides to make her feelings known, Kieran has already left for Auckland to discuss the deal. And after a word from Gabrielle, she begins to feel her own interest pales beside his financial need and the desire to be closer to his son.

Do it for Love

Episode 40
New Zealand: April 18, 2003

Helen and Eric's wedding looms. Kieran sees this as the opportunity for Nicky and him to go public about their relationship, but she feels wary. He predicts there will be a chorus of disapproval. Then a surprise visit from Alistair blows her secret. But Alistair has news. Having settled his dispute with his former colleague Gunther, he has bought a farm. Nicky suspects nefarious GE purposes, but is pleased for him.