Creators / Executive Producers: Gerard Johnstone, Jacquie Brown, Hayley Cunningham
Producer: Hayley Cunningham
Writers: Gerard Johnstone, Jodie Molloy
Director: Gerard Johnstone

Airing: July 2008...

The Jaquie Brown Diaries is a comedy in which Jaquie Brown plays an insecure, status obsessed, light relief reporter on a hard hitting current affairs show. The series takes a satirical look at the life of a C-grade celebrity and brings the society supplements of the newspapers to frightening fruition as Jaquie converses, romances and bitch-slaps many of New Zealand's most well known celebrities.
Jaquie BrownJaquie Brown
Madeleine SamiSerita Singh
Hannah BanksKim Sharee
Ryan LamppTom Bennett
Jonathan BrughIan McHuntly
Geeling NgElena
James ColemanJames Coleman
Florence NobleNannette