Produced by Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group
in association with Gentian Productions and Channel 5
A United Kingdom - New Zealand Co-Production

Creator: Raymond Thompson
Executive Producer: Raymond Thompson
Producer: Debra Kelleher-Smith
Writers: Charles Hodges, Joe Boyle, Andy Smith, Tony Osborn, et al.
Directors: Raymond Thompson, Colin McColl, Janet Stubbings, Danny Mulheron, et al.

Aired: Sept 2001 - March 2002 (UK, Channel 5)

Self-confessed teen neurotic nerd Giles Gordon moves to Sunset Cove with his mysterious mother Dorothy and eccentric Grandpa. Sunset Cove is an idyllic beach community where the sun always shines endlessly onto golden sands, the surf is forever up and never down — and the people are all truly beautiful. It is the world of sunshine soaps. Perfect in tone which isn’t confined to the muscles of the hunks or shapely figures of the beach babes. But as Giles soon discovers, there is more to Sunset Cove than meets the eye. And nothing is ever quite what it seems. (26x26min)
Michael Wesley-SmithGiles Gordon
Robyn MalcolmViolet Profusion
Ken BlackburnMr. Dorsey
Ray HenwoodCommander Vermont
Loren HorsleySabrina Georgia
Elizabeth McGlinnOctavia Vermont
Todd EmersonBeanie
Lucy GambleSophie May
Lee DonoghueJosh Montana
Laura WilsonJet Marigold
Victoria SpenceAntonia/Antony
Jo MildenhallDorothy Gordon
Richard LambethCoach Shane
Miriama SmithVita
cast photo

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