The New Adv. of Ocean Girl: episode guide


Episode 01

The evil Space Wizard, Galiel, returns to Oceana, 2,000 years after he stole one of the planet’s life-giving crystals. In a display of power which frightens the planet’s inhabitants, Galiel creates chaos by creating tidal waves and earthquakes.
The leaders of the Amphibian, Flyer and Cave Dweller clans meet with Oceana’s King Nemon to discuss their fears. They tell him that Galiel is responsible for the havoc, but the King is not convinced. The Cave Dweller leader, Laziah, is anxious for the King’s niece, Princess Neri, to return from a visit to Earth. He is convinced that she is the Promised One, spoken of in the ancient prophecy, who is destined to defeat Galiel.
Princess Neri, arrives back on Oceana with her Cave Dweller companion, Neanda, and her dog-like droid, Micro. Galiel sends his warrior to destroy her, but a mysterious young man steps in to save her.


Episode 02

Safely back at the Royal Palace, Neri and Jobah stand before King Nemon. Unknown to them, the King is being possessed by the evil Space Wizard, Galiel, who has the power to enter the bodies of beings weaker than himself. The ‘King’ accuses Jobah of being a traitor, and orders that he be imprisoned. He then asks Neri to go and see Mandrool and find out the whereabouts of the three crystals. His evil work done, Galiel returns to his meteor.
Neri visits Mandrool in her sacred cavern. Mandrool tells Neri that she will guide her to the location of the crystals via her dreams and visions. Mandrool later sends Neri a vision showing Galiel entering the King’s body and possessing him. Neri acts quickly and frees Jobah, and they both escape through the dark and deadly “tunnel of horrors.”


Episode 03

After narrowly escaping the tunnel of horrors, Neri, Jobah and Micro find shelter deep in a cave. Jobah reveals to Neri that he is the Prince of Bandor, a planet destroyed by Galiel. Suddenly, a severe quake threatens their lives, and they escape from the cave network only to be captured in Amphibian territory on the possessed King’s orders.
Captain Sharkana, head of the Royal Guard, informs King Nemon that Neri is likely to have perished in the tunnel of horrors and they all begin mourning her loss.
Galiel again possesses the King and orders the clan leaders to search Oceana for the crystals. Zardor, the head of the Amphibian clan, reveals that Neri is still alive. Laziah is suspicious about the King’s conduct and fears for Neri’s life.


Episode 04

Neri receives another vision from Mandrool; “look high, look low, look deep,” and realises it is her quest to find the crystals. Jobah informs her that they are now branded fugitives and they make good their escape from the Amphibian prison. Neanda joins them and together they make a solemn pact to rid Oceana of Galiel. Neri visits Laziah, the wise leader of the Cave Dwellers. He confirms her suspicion that Galiel can watch her, and tells her to fight against the intrusion.
Galiel is angered that Neri has survived and decides to trick her into finding the crystals for himself. As Jobah waits for Neri outside Mandrool’s cavern, he is attacked by Galiel’s warrior and taken away to an unknown fate.


Episode 05

Neri, Micro and Neanda decide to pursue the first crystal after Neanda has sensed that Jobah is safe. As they swim off, Neri feels that Galiel is watching her. They survive a Galiel-induced avalanche and are picked up by the Flyer clan, who live above the ocean in the high peaks.
Meanwhile, back at the Palace, King Nemon is himself again and orders that Neri be found and treated like a Princess. Laziah explains that he believes Neri is the Promised One spoken of in the prophecies, and that all will be revealed when the second Sacred Stone is found.
When Jobah regains consciousness he finds himself a prisoner in Galiel’s meteor. Galiel suspects that he and Jobah actually have something in common.


Episode 06

Galiel delights in the knowledge that Jobah is also on a quest for the crystals. Jobah angrily informs Galiel that he also came to destroy him, to avenge the destruction of Bandor. Jobah realises that the only way to defeat Galiel is for Neri to challenge him to a ‘battle of wills’.
Back at the Palace, Zardor and Sharkana convince the King that they need to search Oceana for Galiel. When they discover the meteor, Zardor swims in to get a closer look. He gets zapped by a bolt of electricity and is taken away to safety by Sharkana.
Jobah sends Neri a telepathic message asking her to challenge Galiel in a battle of wills so that Galiel will be weakened and he can make his escape. Jobah tries unsuccessfully to melt Galiel’s protective mist.
Neri, using all her power, manages to triumph over Galiel and block his telepathic vision so that he will not be able to spy on her anymore. Shema, leader of the Flyer clan, watches Neri’s battle of wills and thinks that perhaps she is the Promised One.


Episode 07

Mandrool sends a message to Neri about the location of the first crystal. In the dream, Neri glimpses a cave among the highest mountain peaks on Oceana. Acting upon the dream, Neri finds out from Shema that the cave is the home of the last Griffin on Oceana, and that no one has ever returned from the Griffin’s cave. Neri, Micro, and Shema fly to the peak in pursuit of the crystal. At the base of the peak, they find an orphaned baby Flyer.
They enter the cave and see the crystal on a nest, just as the Griffin appears and threatens them. The Griffin explains that the crystal is the last Griffin egg and that she has been protecting it for over two thousand years. Neri explains that the crystal is needed to save the planet but the Griffin is uninterested until she spots the baby Flyer and is happy to hand over the crystal and care for the orphan.
Jobah has also reached the peak, but he has been followed by the evil Space Wizard’s side-kicks, Elgar and Moza. Jobah tries to warn the others but is too late, and Elgar freezes them.


Episode 08

As Moza grabs the crystal from a frozen Neri and playfully tackles Elgar, the Griffin is roused and sends Elgar, Moza and the crystal toppling over the cliff. Now Jobah, feeling power-hungry, is caught between helping Neri or pursuing the crystal. He decides the crystal is more important and dives into the water to fetch it. With the help of Mandrool, Neri manages to free herself and the others. Shema and the Flyers suggest that perhaps Jobah is not the friend they had thought him to be. Neri hopes to prove them wrong.
Meanwhile, the Griffin grabs Moza and Elgar and drops them into the crater of a volcano. As it erupts and explodes, Moza and Elgar find themselves falling towards Galiel’s meteor.
Zardor is summoned by the King (again possessed by Galiel) and ordered to focus on finding Jobah, the traitor and thief, before he leaves with the crystal. Zardor, as always, faithfully swears he’ll obey the King’s orders.


Episode 09

Neri searches for Jobah at the same time as Zardor and the Amphibian warriors.
Neri discovers Jobah preparing to leave for Bandor in his hidden spacecraft. Jobah tells Neri about the fate of Bandor and his father at the hands of Galiel. Jobah is convinced that he must save his own planet and forces Neri out of his spacecraft, leaving her upset and betrayed.
Without warning, a giant octopus attacks Neri. Jobah immediately comes to her rescue, awakened from his devious ways. So strong is the special bond that has now developed between them, Jobah decides to continue helping Neri rid Oceana of Galiel.


Episode 10

Neri and Jobah swiftly travel to Mandrool’s cavern with the first crystal. Whilst Neri presents it to Mandrool, Jobah is confronted by Galiel at the entrance. Galiel attempts to enter the cavern but with the crystal back where it belongs, slowly replacing Oceana’s energy, Galiel is unable to force his way in.
Mandrool tells Neri the clue to finding the second crystal; “In the lowest darkest recesses of Oceana, beneath the Grand Volcano.”
Zardor and his troops, acting on the King’s orders, arrive at Mandrool’s cavern in order to capture Jobah. In the struggle that ensues, Jobah steps on a poisonous spike fish and collapses. Neri arrives and demands Zardor take Jobah back to the Palace, but not as a traitor. She then departs in search of the leader of the Cave Dwellers, the wise Laziah, who may be able to save Jobah’s life.
An angry and frustrated Galiel advances on the Palace and possesses the King again, planning to reduce the Palace to ruins. Neri returns and with her support and encouragement, King Nemon is able to find his inner strength and fight off Galiel’s possession of him for good.


Episode 11

Laziah informs Neri that Jobah needs a vial of water from the Healing Lake in order to be saved. Neri must decide between her quest for the next crystal or saving his life. Mandrool sends her a message, reminding her of their oath, ‘Together we will win’. Neri decides she needs Jobah’s help if they are to defeat Galiel.
A weak Jobah suddenly awakens, possessed by Galiel. Neri tells him she must go to the Healing Lake in search of a remedy to save his life. Galiel tricks her into telling the possessed Jobah the secret location of the next crystal. Galiel, his power diminishing, sends Elgar and Moza out to find it.
Laziah tells Zardor about the lost second Sacred Stone that is needed in order to discover the identity of the Promised One, the leader who is destined to save Oceana from Galiel. Zardor is determined to find the stone once and for all.
As Neri, Neanda and Micro journey towards the Healing Lake they discover that perhaps the lake doesn’t exist at all. They wonder how they are going to cure Jobah.


Episode 12

Zardor and his troops set off to the Ancient Palace to retrieve the second Sacred Stone so that the identity of the Promised One can be revealed. Once inside the Ancient Palace, many secrets and dangerous traps confront the Amphibians until Zardor discovers the Sacred Stone. As he lifts the stone, a beam engulfs him and he is trapped.
Neri, Neanda and Micro finally reach the mysterious Healing Lake. Neri fills the vial with some of its healing waters and just as they are about to return to the Palace, a large, ferocious marine creature challenges them. Neanda succeeds in knocking the creature out. Micro races ahead with the vial of water which saves Jobah’s life.
Neri must now concentrate on her quest for the second crystal as time is running out for Oceana. Elgar and Moza continue with their escapades to beat Neri to the crystal.


Episode 13

Once again, Neri puts off her quest for the crystal, this time to save Zardor who is trapped in the Ancient Palace. Neri calls on the help of the Ancient Kings and Zardor is freed, but then they all become trapped. Neri contacts Mandrool who reminds Neri to use her mind power. Neri concentrates her mind and with the help of the Ancient Kings, they escape and take the second Sacred Stone to the King and Laziah.
After speaking with Jobah, Neri realises that he had been possessed by Galiel when she shared the secret location of the third crystal with him. She and Neanda swim off to the grand volcano.
Meanwhile, Elgar and Moza continue on their quest and stumble upon a large, blind Mole who is guarding the crystal.


Episode 14

Neri, Neanda and Micro reach the volcano where the second crystal is located and come across the blind Mole who is about to make a feast out of Elgar and Moza.
Neri manages to befriend the Mole who tells her the story of how half his treasure was stolen one thousand lunar years ago by a thief who also left him blind.
Abruptly, Galiel appears and attempts to possess the Mole. Neri comes to the Mole’s aid and together they defeat Galiel with their strength and power. Magically, Neri restores the Mole’s sight. Full of gratitude, he lets Neri have the crystal, which is nestled in a clam shell. With kindness, Neri also asks for the release of Moza and Elgar after making them promise to mend their evil ways and cease working for Galiel.
Back at his peaceful chambers, Laziah deciphers the prophecy written on the second Sacred Stone and reveals that the Promised One will be found among the Common People, thereby ruling out the possibility that it is Princess Neri.


Episode 15

Neri, Neanda and Micro head back to the Palace with the second crystal. On the way, they discover that Elgar and Moza are pursuing them. Moza wants to leave Neri alone: she had saved his life like Galiel did when his parents disappeared. Elgar suggests to Moza that Galiel’s act was ‘hardly one of kindness’, leaving Moza to wonder about the true facts of his past.
Galiel, curious to know who the Promised One is, decides to infiltrate Laziah’s chamber and battle him for the stone. Sensing that Laziah is in danger, Neanda joins his clan and with the combined power of the Ancient Cave Dweller Chiefs, they are able to force Galiel to withdraw.
Elgar and Moza finally catch up with Neri and freeze her. They take off with the clam shell that she is carrying and return to Galiel. They are shocked to discover that Neri has tricked them—the clam only contains a rock. The real crystal, transported by Micro, is now safely at the Royal Palace.


Episode 16

Neri successfully returns the second crystal to a delighted Mandrool who tells her the clue to uncovering the third crystal: “time is of the essence.”
Galiel is outraged about Neri’s trick and orders Moza to deliver the rock to the Palace with a bomb hidden inside.
Meanwhile, the King has called a meeting regarding the Promised One. He reveals that Neri was in fact originally from the Common People, that she is an orphan who survived a horrific quake and was taken in by the King and raised as his own niece. Neri is overwhelmed by the news and thanks her Uncle.
Moza enters the Palace, and remembering the kindness Neri has shown him, informs her of the bomb. With time running out until the bomb will explode, Jobah grabs the bomb and takes it away from the Palace. Neri and the others are concerned when they see a huge explosion in the distance, but Jobah returns, safe and sound.


Episode 17

Neanda helps Neri decipher Mandrool’s emphasis on time as a clue to finding the third crystal, suggesting that they visit the wise old Cave Dweller, The Keeper of Time.
Zardor trains his warriors in preparation for the battle with Galiel that he believes must be undertaken. Laziah suggests that any battle plans should be worked out by all the clan chiefs, rather than by Zardor alone. The King agrees.
Galiel, furious that his plan to bomb the Palace failed, sends Elgar and Moza off to find Neri and the last crystal. Elgar is driven by Galiel’s promise of eternal youth and beauty.
On their journey to find the last crystal, Neri, Neanda and Micro are taken by the Mad Flyers who live near the peak where The Keeper of Time resides. Jobah saves them from certain death. Safely within The Keeper of Time’s chamber, Neri and her friends wait impatiently for the next clue to the crystal’s whereabouts. Elgar and Moza are not far behind them.


Episode 18

Neri, Jobah, Neanda, Micro watch as two of the four moons converge, emitting a beam of light that reveals the location of a chasm. Neri, Jobah and Micro journey down into the chasm whilst Neanda and The Keeper of Time wait above.
Moza questions Elgar about his past to no avail. Elgar and Moza struggle to catch up with Neri after a close scrape with the Mad Flyers.
Elgar and Moza follow Neri down into the chasm. Neri and her friends are battling with a giant crab when Elgar sidles past. Moza feels guilty about the promise he made to Neri to be good. When Elgar finds the crystal and asks Moza for his help, Moza does a deal with her for information about his past. Moza leaves Elgar’s side upon learning that Galiel took him from his parents and left them behind on their devastated planet.
Elgar finds that she has been standing on the head of a giant sea monster who has been guarding the crystal. She topples off with the crystal as the monster rises leaving Neri and Jobah cornered by the monster.


Episode 19

Neri and Jobah escape from the monster’s lair when Micro distracts him. Having to again pass the giant crab, Jobah is injured. Neri tows an unconscious Jobah towards the entrance of the chasm.
Moza, having abandoned Elgar, flies out of the chasm. A worried Neanda is unable to extract much information from Moza before he flies off, enjoying his new found freedom. Moza decides to plead to stay with Shema’s clan of Flyers.
Elgar, safe with the crystal, is mesmerised by its power. She ponders keeping it for herself whilst Galiel gets increasingly frustrated, wondering where she is.
At the Royal Palace a council of war is underway and Zardor is leading the discussion on the best way to defeat Galiel. Each clan leader makes his or her contribution. Shema then introduces Moza to a skeptical audience as a possible back-up plan.
Neri surfaces with Jobah. Neanda and The Keeper of Time bring Jobah back to consciousness and they all return to The Keeper’s peak so that Jobah can rest.


Episode 20

Neri sends Neanda to the Palace to request that Zardor guard the meteor against Elgar returning. Then she and Micro head off in search of Elgar, leaving Jobah to recover.
Moza has been taken into custody at the Royal Palace until Neri is able to verify his story. However, he succeeds in escaping and he too heads off in search of Elgar, hoping to prove his loyalty to the Oceanans.
Elgar remains transfixed by the power of the crystal in her possession, determined now to keep it for herself.
Neri and Micro make their way back past the crab and sea monster. Neri confronts Elgar in another cave. Elgar refuses to give up the crystal, even as she sinks into quicksand. Moza arrives and saves Neri from the quicksand. He then tries unsuccessfully to trick Elgar into handing over the crystal and gets tricked himself.


Episode 21

Elgar reigns ecstatic in an ice palace with the crystal. She fights telepathically with the frustrated Galiel, and proves her new powers by destroying his vision in a battle of wills. Galiel, using his remaining power carefully, sends out a ball of energy to seek Moza. The amphibians guarding the meteor fail to spot the energy ball leave behind them.
Neri and her friends, desperate to find Elgar, head to investigate an unusual build up of ice. Moza and Micro fly on ahead. They are soon enveloped by Galiel’s energy ball and brought back to Galiel. Once again the amphibians fail to notice anything unusual at the meteor.
Moza pretends he is still on Galiel’s side and presses Galiel for information about his parents. Galiel lies, telling Moza that his parents decided their own fate and that he saved Moza from certain death. Moza is sent on a mission to find the crystal, but upon his departure from the meteor he is immediately captured by Zardor. Zardor refuses to believe Moza’s story, but Sharkana arrives and declares himself a sympathetic listener.
As Neri and Jobah approach the ice palace, Jobah is caught in a tightening fist of rock. Neri joins wills with Mandrool and the Cave Dwellers to free him.


Episode 22

Inside Elgar’s ice palace, Neri surprises Elgar by bowing before her. Neri tries to fool Elgar into believing that she is now considered the Queen of Oceana; that it is believed Elgar will save Oceana by taking the crystal to Mandrool. Johah tries to grab the crystal but fails. Elgar traps Jobah with the help of a huge spider as Neri runs and hides.
Galiel appears to Elgar in his youthful form and sweet talks her in an effort to trick her into returning to him with the crystal. Whilst Elgar is occupied, Neri frees Jobah and they try to escape, only to be confronted again by the giant spider. Elgar spurns Galiel and freezes Neri and Jobah.
Sharkana believes Moza’s story and releases him, ordering him to find Elgar.
A frustrated Zardor attempts to break one of the roots attaching Galiel’s meteor to the sea bed. He is injured and taken to Laziah for treatment. The King admonishes Zardor for tackling Galiel without permission.


Episode 23

The King orders that the battle to fight Galiel begin. Neanda is uncertain about leading the Cave Dwellers’ part of the attack, but Laziah reassures him. The Cave Dwellers begin tunnelling.
Elgar boasts to Galiel that she has captured Neri and Jobah. Galiel tells her that she’ll be lonely, but Elgar is mad that he treated her like a slave. Micro walks in, growling. Elgar tries to freeze him but ends up frozen herself when Micro morphs into a mirror and deflects her energy back towards her. Moza grabs the crystal as Micro morphs into a fire-breathing dragon and frees Neri and Jobah. The giant spider confronts them as they leave, but Neri uses the power of the crystal to save them.
Suddenly, Moza grabs the crystal and departs, apologising to Neri and telling her that there is something he must do.
At Galiel’s meteor the battle begins. Zardor and his Amphibians manage to cut the anchors, sending the entire meteor up to the water’s surface.


Episode 24

Moza flies back to Elgar to give her a chance to mend her evil ways. Having tricked Moza into unfreezing her, Elgar plays along and promises to be good, then freezes Moza and steals the crystal. With Mandrool’s help, Neri, Jobah and Micro find Moza without the crystal. Neri gives him the benefit of the doubt.
All the clans are truly working together in the battle to defeat Galiel. The Flyers rope the meteor and try to drag it to the cliffs, but in a last show of strength, Galiel sends a current down the rope and they are forced to let go. Neanda, making his way to the meteor, is rescued from a fall by The Keeper of Time.
Elgar, panicking about being all alone, contacts Galiel to make sure he is still around. Galiel tells her that he is under siege and nearly finished. Elgar is alarmed. When Galiel says they could both leave the planet together, in love, Elgar says she will return.


Episode 25

The Flyers are convinced to try again to pull Galiel’s meteor to the cliff. The Cave Dwellers crack the surface of the meteor and Neanda is the first to face Galiel. As he enters Galiel’s chamber, Elgar returns and two crystals are united. A rejuvenated Galiel, in one super breath, blows Neanda and the others back on to land.
At last Galiel has two crystals in his possession. However instead of sharing their power with Elgar, he takes all their energy and transforms back to his youthful, physically supreme self. Galiel announces his control of Oceana and the four moons begin to fully align as the planet starts to rumble with anticipation.


Episode 26

Galiel is clearly now the most powerful being on Oceana, but intent on his quest for eternal life, he desperately wants the remaining two crystals that are in Mandrool’s cavern. Guessing Galiel’s intentions, Neri races to seek Mandrool’s advice. Galiel manages to enter the cavern and comes face to face with Neri.
Initially, Neri is no match for Galiel and he seizes the remaining two crystals from the crystal mandala. Neri summons all her will power and that of her devoted friends to wrest the crystals from Galiel’s grasp, one by one. Without the power of the crystals, Galiel is transformed from his powerful, youthful appearance into stone.
And thus, finally, the crystals are in their rightful place. With the four moons in alignment and the clans united, peace and harmony are restored to Oceana.