Produced by Media World Features Pty Ltd

Executive Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff
Producers: John Tatoulis and Colin South
Story by: Judy Malmgren
Director: John Tatoulis and Colin South
Writers: Tom Galbraith, Judy Malmgren, Paul Williams and Glen Dolman
Opening Theme: "The Promised One" composed and arranged by Keith Moore, vocals by Tiddas

Aired: February 11, 2000 (26 episodes)

The mythical, enchanting tale set on the once peaceful planet of Oceana, where the keepers of all wisdom and custodians of Oceana's four life-giving crystals are the Sacred Whales. When the evil Space Wizard, Galiel stole one of the four crystals two thousand years ago, it upset Oceana's balance of nature and Princes Neri is now on a quest to find the crystals to restore harmony to the planet.
Starringas the voice of
Marnie Reece-WilmorePrincess Neri
Marg DowneyElgar, Shema, and Mandrool
Michael CarmenGaliel, Laziah, and Captain Sharkana
Doug TremlettNeanda
Gary FilesZardor
Samuel JohnsonPrince Jobah
Stephen WhittakerMoza
Dennis PryorKing Nemon
Fred ParslowThe Keeper of Time
Sigrid ThorntonNarrator

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