New Gold Mountain: episode guide

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Episode 4
Thursday, October 21, 2021 (SBS)
Writer: Pip Karmel
Director: Corrie Chen

Set in 1857 and inspired by real life, the series follows a group of compelling characters brought together during the wild west era of the Australian gold rush.

Lei strikes a deal with Shing to keep the secret gold seam operation running. Meanwhile, Tom is dragged into prison and pinned for Annie's murder, but Belle and Hattie realise that the clues point to the Chinese.


  • Yoson An as Leung Wei Shing
  • Mabel Li as Cheung Lei
  • Li Weng as Lei's Travelling Companion (Mong Jun)
  • Zach Blampied as Tom (Durrumang)
  • Travis Cotton as Sgt. Frank Harken
  • Rhys Muldoon as Commissioner Wright
  • Dan Spielman as Fredrick Standish
  • Chris Masters Mah as Gok
  • Sam Wang as Leung Wei Sun
  • Ferdinand Hoang as Chinese Messenger (Ah Lin)
  • Alyssa Sutherland as Belle Roberts
  • Sebastian Li as Chen
  • Leonie Whyman as Hattie
  • Albert Elton as Constable Hopkins
  • Richard Anastasios as Constable #2 (Charlie)
  • Christopher James Baker as Patrick Thomas
  • Paul Ireland as Ramsey
  • Maria Angelico as Annie Thomas
  • James Lau as Opium Seller (Ah Chau)
  • Oliver Lay as Young Chinese Boy (Siu Git)
  • Duncan Tang as Chinese Merchant (Ah Yuen)
  • Edric Hong as Kong Kuin
  • Yuchen Wang as Ah Kin
  • Mark Simmonds as Constable Weesel
  • Alison Bell as Clara Wright
  • Mark Mitchell as Linus Cummins
  • John Orcsik as Gregor