Produced by Goalpost Television

Creeator: Peter Cox
Executive Producers: Rosemary Blight, Ben Grant, Kylie du Fresne, Amanda Duthie
Producers: Kylie du Fresne, Elisa Argenzio
Writers: Peter Cox, Benjamin Law, Yolanda Ramke, Greg Waters, Pip Karmel
Director: Corrie Chen

Airing: October 13-21, 2021 (SBS)

1855, the height of the Australian gold fever, coming just a few years after the peak of the California gold rush. For the Chinese, this new opportunity is known as the ‘New Gold Mountain’. Wei Shing, the intriguingly charismatic — and occasionally ruthless — ‘headman’ leader of the White Hills Chinese mining camp, struggles to maintain the fragile harmony between the Chinese and European diggers. But, when Shing discovers the murdered body of a European woman, he uncovers a series of connections to the Chinese camp with implications disastrous both for himself and his people. (4x55min)
Yoson AnLeung Wei Shing
Alyssa SutherlandBelle Roberts
Christopher James BakerPatrick
Sam WangLeung Wei Sun
Mabel LiZhang Lei
Chris Masters MahGok
Leonie WhymanHattie
Rhys MuldoonCommissioner Wright
Alison BellClara Wright
Dan SpielmanFrederick Standish
cast photo

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