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Episode 2
Thursday, October 14, 2021 (SBS)
Writer: Yolanda Ramke and Peter Cox
Director: Corrie Chen

Set in 1857 and inspired by real life, the series follows a group of compelling characters brought together during the wild west era of the Australian gold rush.

Shing finds himself facing sudden dangers on two fronts, from both European and Chinese. On the European side, the mysterious 'red-haired, one-eared man' has witnessed him with the white woman's body, implicating Shing in her murder. On the Chinese side, Shing's status as headman becomes increasingly complicated when Lei's intentions are made very clear.


  • Yoson An as Leung Wei Shing
  • James Seow as Apothecarist Wu
  • Chris Masters Mah as Gok
  • Alyssa Sutherland as Belle Roberts
  • Sebastian Li as Chen
  • James Lau as Opium Seller (Ah Chau)
  • Alex Musazadeh as Afghan Guy (Hanan)
  • Janine Wilson as Butcher (Maude)
  • Samuel Gaskin as Daniel Carney
  • Mark Simmonds as Constable Weesel
  • John Orcsik as Gregor
  • Leonie Whyman as Hattie
  • Joziah Nannup as Kolaru
  • Dion Mills as Racist Digger #1 (Roy)
  • Mabel Li as Cheung Lei
  • Sam Wang as Leung Wei Sun
  • David Woods as Dr. Grayson
  • Maria Angelico as Annie Thomas
  • Sullivan Hendrickson as Pleasant O'Quinn
  • Dan Spielman as Fredrick Standish
  • Christopher James Baker as Patrick Thomas
  • Richard Davies as Earle
  • Darcy Kent as Burke
  • Conor Leach as Price
  • Ellie Barkla as George Hotel Waitress (Ethel)
  • Kristy Andruszko as Bertha
  • Kalym Currie as Kittie
  • Freya Stafford as Rosie
  • Darcy Bryce as Jorah O'Quinn
  • Li Weng as Lei's Travelling Companion (Mong Jun)
  • Kevin Willie as Tortured Man (Ah Cam)