Created by: Jennifer Rowe and Hal McElroy
Executive Producer: Hal McElroy
Co-Executive Producers: Kris Noble and Errol Sullivan
Producer: Peter Askew
Supervising Producer: Robyn Sinclair

Produced: 1997–1998 (56 episodes)

Murder Call centers on homicide detective, Tessa Vance, and her partner Steve Hayden. Hyperactive and emotionally volatile, Tessa is an almost exact opposite of Steve, a laconic, casual-seeming man's man. Together this powerful team must overcome intrigue, fear and shattered lives, which murder leaves in its wake. Murder Call combines mystery and suspense with humor, romance and a touch of the bizarre. Based on the works of author Jennifer Rowe.
Lucy BellDSC Tessa Vance
Peter MochrieDSC Steve Hayden
Geoff MorrellSenior Sergeant Lance Fisk
Glenda LinscottDr. Imogen "Tootsie" Soamses
Jennifer KentConstable Dee Suzeraine
Gary DayDetective Inspector Malcolm Thorne
Lucy Bell and Peter Mochrie

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