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Murder is the ultimate crime. It touches the lives of ordinary people, casting its long shadow over the glossy cityscape and glamorous haunts of the sprawling metropolis. For homicide detectives Steve Hayden and Tessa Vance, solving a murder is a journey from darkness into light. An urgent, vicious confrontation with evil, a walk through the devil's own world.

Tessa and Steve are the elite new face of homicide. She is young and brilliant, he is logical. She is instinctive, he goes by the book. She's complicated, he's down to earth. Together this powerful partnership must confront and overcome the intrigue, fear and shattered lives which murder leaves in its wake.

Full of secrets, danger, glamour and humanity, this crackling series is charged with atmosphere and set to ignite the super sleuth in audiences around the world.

To solve each case Tessa and Steve draw heavily on the skills of brilliant forensic pathologist Dr. lmogen Tootsie Soames, eccentric forensic expert Detective Senior Sergeant Lance Fisk, and crime scene photographer Constable Dee Suzeraine. Cracking the whip is Detective Inspector Malcolm Thorne, a disciplined and ambitious boss who can charm the devil himself.

Together these tough professionals share the highs and lows, and the thrill of the chase. But MURDER CALL is more than homicide, it's the story of compassionate people with a moral commitment permeating far beyond the workplace and deep into their private lives. Working in this wretched world, humour is their self-preservation and home is their sanctuary.

In true Agatha Christie style, the heart of every mesmerising episode is a bizarre homicide. Armchair detectives will enjoy picking their way through a feast of suspects, alibis, clues, and red herrings to find the hidden truth!

Starring Lucy Bell in her most exciting television role to date as Detective Tessa Vance, and Peter Mochrie, one of Australia's most popular television actors as Detective Steve Hayden, MURDER CALL is Australia's first whodunnit drama series.

Internationally acclaimed suspense writer Jennifer Rowe has provided the storylines, each superbly brought to life by an outstanding team of Australian writers, directors and actors.

MURDER CALL is more than solving crime. MURDER CALL is the truth behind the mask, the ordinary thrust into the bizarre. It is the mystery of a big city.


Murder Call began its development as an adaptation of Jennifer Rowe's Verity Birdwood mystery series with Sigrid Thornton cast it the lead role. Murder Calling (as the series was first named) was initially being made for Seven but when producers and the network parted ways over creative differences, the series was sold to Nine and Sigrid Thornton ultimately dropped out. The series would be rebuilt around Jennifer Rowe's Tessa Vance novels.