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Episode 4

UK: September 26, 2012
Australia: tba
Written by Jeff Pope
Directed by Paul Whittington

Ron's picture appears in an Australian magazine. They decide he doesn't look different enough and feel they have no alternative but to up sticks again.

They pack themselves into a battered old van, the last of the robbery money gone, and set off for Melbourne.

Resourceful and determined, Charmian is now working in a biscuit factory and Ron is foreman at a building site. The boys are at school and the 'Cook' family live unobtrusively in a Melbourne suburb.

But the past is never far behind and a London 'grass' lets slip to the authorities that Ronnie Biggs is hiding 'somewhere in Australia'. Ron's picture flashes up on the evening news in Melbourne. Surely, now, the game is up.

But still Charmian won't allow him to give in, and insists he hides out for the night at a motel. As she is on her way to take him a change of clothes the police pounce — if they'd followed her for another ten minutes they'd have found him. She is arrested and the boys are taken in to care.

It is the lowest point for but she agrees to sell her story to the Packer organization in exchange for a lawyer to represent her in court.The lawyer wins her freedom and helps her get the boys out of care.

With Ron still in hiding, he and Charmian risk it all by meeting one last time before he skips the country, on a steamer heading to Rio De Janiero. It's an emotional farewell with the couple facing an uncertain future and aware that this could be their last encounter.


  • Sheridan Smith as Charmian Biggs
  • Daniel Mays as Ronald Biggs
  • Oscar Sanders as Nicky Biggs (aged 6)
  • Mickey Morris as Nicky Biggs (aged 10)
  • Blake Nicholson as Twizzy (aged 3)
  • Josh Condon as Twizzy (aged 6)
  • Denise Roberts as Annie Pitcher
  • Kelly Ryan as Chrissie
  • Samantha Healy as Sheree
  • Jamie Croft as Sam
  • Libby Tanner as Norma
  • Leo Gregory as Eric Flower
  • Freya Stafford as Julie Flower
  • Patrick Harvey as Lenny Clarke
  • Tim Draxl as Craig
  • Tom Brooke as Mike Haynes
  • Craig Ball as Detective Collins
  • Caroline Goodall as Muriel Powell
  • Adrian Scarborough as Bernard Powell
  • Luisa Hastings Edge as Lindy
  • Trudy Hellier as Elsie
  • Ken Radley as Detective Carter
  • Joanne Trentini as Care Worker
  • Kim Knuckey as Thomas Sheraton
  • Joshua Parnell as Crown Lawyer
  • Stephen Whittaker as Jack Lazarus QC
  • Pier Carthew as Packer Reporter
  • Nick Farnell as Tony Carlton
  • Justin Hosking as Reporter
  • Damian Oehme as Court Chairman
  • Alison Bell as Joan Walter