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Episode 2

UK: September 12, 2012
Australia: Sunday, April 21, 2013
Written by Jeff Pope
Directed by Paul Whittington

With Charmian completely in the dark, Ron takes part in the robbery and the gang net slightly more than 2.5m giving them each shares of 140,000. Ron is rich beyond his wildest dreams.

But Charmian is distraught; as he tips his share out in front of her she can't believe Ron would put their life in jeopardy in this way.

Without a family to support her, she feels she has no option but to stick with Ron and help him disperse the money to safe houses. For a while she enjoys the good life, but the police soon come calling and Ron is arrested.

Charmian struggles to keep it together as the press descends on her and fringe villains threaten her for a slice of Ron's money. She is helped by Ruby and Alan Wright, a mother and son who are friends of Reynolds. But when Ron is found guilty and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment her world collapses. She is forced to move into a dingy flat, cut adrift by her family and friends. Entirely alone.


  • Sheridan Smith as Charmian Biggs
  • Daniel Mays as Ronald Biggs
  • Jay Simpson as Bruce Reynolds
  • Ron Cook as Peter
  • Jon Foster as Gordon Goody
  • Iain McKee as Charlie Wilson
  • Matthew Cullum as Buster Edwards
  • Caroline Goodall as Muriel Powell
  • Adrian Scarborough as Bernard Powell
  • Alex Palmer as Cliff Robertson
  • Clare Hope-Ashitey as Receptionist
  • Phil Cornwell as DS Jack Slipper
  • Adrian Rawlins as DI Williams
  • Michael Shelford as Reporter
  • Claire Rushbrook as Ruby Wright
  • Jack Lowden as Alan Wright
  • Glenn Doherty as Stranger
  • David Sibley as James QC
  • Michael Fenton Stevens as Fordham QC
  • Michael Hadley as Justice Davis