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A Flare for Murder


Episode 1.08
Wed, April 10, 2013
Ratings: 463,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Timothy Hobart
Directed by Peter Salmon

When Jennifer Travers is murdered on her yacht, Nicola and Charlie navigate their way through a series of clues. From a cut that won't heal, a hidden compartment, and a lovelorn message. In discovering Jennifer's secret, they strike a whole new mystery. Someone has their hand on the rudder for the twists and turns of this mystery — and they have earmarked Nicola for a watery grave.

Guest Starring: Robert Taylor as Alistair Travers, Jessica Tovey as Claire Rickard-Smith, Nikolai Nikolaeff as Trent Mahoney, Frank Magree as Louis Dupres, Kellie Laycy as Mai Oates, Georgia Chara as Jennifer Travers; Stunt Performers: Nathan James, Deidre Naughton, Zoe Wilson, Daryl Suter

The Art of Murder


Episode 1.09
Wed, April 17, 2013
Ratings: 551,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Timothy Hobart
Directed by Abe Forsythe

A homeless man is found crushed to death under a floating wall at a modern art gallery. When the death is declared a burglary gone wrong, a doubtful Nicola and Charlie canvas the suspects. It's no coincidence the man caused a hoo-hah at the launch of the gallery's lucrative "Audacity in Art" Award and then died that night. What else did he do, or what else did he know? And who's in the frame?

Through bat guavo, an artistic anagram, and replica brush strokes, Nicola and Charlie unearth a killer who won't draw the line at murder.

Guest Starring: Stephen Curry as David Wertz, Steve Bastoni as Marcus James, Bob Franklin as Jack, Helen Thomson as Olivia Patterson, Victoria Thaine as Tracey Anderson, Oscar Redding as Vincent "Vinnie" Carver, Steven Robert as Security Guard, Justin Linkins as Builder Bob, Amy Zubick as Life Model [Phoebe]

Little Boxes


Episode 1.10
Wed, April 24, 2013
Ratings: 454,000 viewers (<20th)
Written by Harold Jordan
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

When upper-crust James Langlan is harpooned through the chest in a heritage bathing box, it sends a dark ripple through a wealthy seaside community. The police think it was a robbery gone wrong, but as Nicola and Charlie wade into the double lives of the esteemed elite, Nicola and Charlie find themselves deep in sordid secrets and lies. Could it be a crime of passion? Or was money the murder motive?

Guest Starring: Lisa Hensley as Yvette Nailor, Martin Lynes as Richard Nailor, Andrea Demetriades as Lola, Eliza Taylor as Sarah, James Sorensen as Ben Nailor, Christian Clark as Stephen, Ben Geurens as Alan, Georgina Naidu as Janine, Olaf Savage as Henry, Pete Mitchell as James Langlan, Steve Hayden as Security Guard

Keeping Up Appearances


Episode 1.11
Wed, May 01, 2013
Ratings: na (<20th)
Written by Katherine Thomson
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Ivy, a beautiful young woman, has a decidedly ugly end when she lands in the garden below The Lavanya Centre, a cosmetic surgery clinic for the rich and famous. Did Ivy intend the suicide as retribution against the clinic she had come to rely so heavily upon? As Nicola and Charlie delve deeper, they learn that looks can be deceiving and it wasn't a suicide after all.

Guest Starring: Madeleine West as Rena, Ella Scott Lynch as Emily Gorman, Ryan Johnson as Michael Gorman, Nicholas Brown as Dr Mukajee, Paul David-Goddard as Kostas Doulgeris, Ben Geurens as Alan, Georgina Naidu as Janine, Amelia Best as Ivy Dawkins, Shash Lall as Taxi Driver, Katrina Conder as Waiting Woman



Episode 1.12
Wed, May 08, 2013
Ratings: na (<20th)
Written by Jonathan Gavin
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

When Gary, the big cat keeper, dies and Marie, the hippo keeper, goes missing, it looks like the food chain has been reversed at Maabade Zoo. But it's not the animals out for blood, it's murder. When Nicola books a sleepover safari as Charlie's surprise birthday present — and an excuse to investigate — Charlie's obscure expertise in animal behaviour leads to a gruesome find. But now the heat is on Nicola and Charlie, literally. They're close to the truth, and it's a truth someone will kill them for.

Guest Starring: Andrew S. Gilbert as Larry, Fletcher Humphrys as Lorcan, Nick Farnell as Stephan, Marcus Johnson as Reg, Topher Field as Gary, Angelique Woodburn as Marie

The Course Whisperer


Episode 1.13 (finale)
Wed, May 15, 2013
Ratings: na (<20th)
Written by Timothy Hobart
Directed by Abe Forsythe

It's a recipe for murder when chef Bryce Cormac is killed in his renowned restaurant, Razorback. With no body found, the menu of suspects grows but which of them has the greatest appetite for murder? Through a clockwise cleaning motion, gourmet-fed pigs, and a coded cookbook, Nicola and Charlie uncover a gruesome truth that throws Nicola out of the frying pan and into a deadly fire.

Guest Starring: Ewen Leslie as Hugo, Alexander England as Doyle, Adrienne Pickering as Ariel, Blake Davis as Rhys, Ngaire Dawn Fair as Matilda, Georgina Naidu as Janine, Clayton Watson as Bryce, Syd Brisbane as Lincoln, Mitchell Butel as Health Inspector