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Early Checkout


Episode 1.01
Wed, Feb 20, 2013 (Ten, 8:30)
Ratings: 782,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Kirsty Fisher
Directed by Shirley Barrett

When national hero Marty O'Connor is found murdered in a hip hotel, the killer must be the knife-wielding room service attendant found standing over the body... or is it? As Nicola and Charlie delve deeper they discover this hotel has as many mysteries as it does floors. Who is Frank? And why do Nicola and Charlie have an "escort" in their hotel room? Through disparate clues about a party drug, a laundry chute and unsanitary habits, can Nicola and Charlie pinpoint the real killer and the tainted past of a hero?

Starring: Shaun Micallef as Charlie Buchanan, Kat Stewart as Nicole Buchanan, Jonny Pasvolsky as Peter Vinetti, Lucy Honigman as Jess Chalmers

Guest Starring: Anthony Hayes as Ralph Alonso, Alison Bell as Holly Piper, Matt Dyktynski as John Roux, Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Dan Duxton, Alice Parkinson as Fredrika, Belinda Bromilow as Cate McVeigh, Ben Guerens as Alan, Ruby Rose as Herself, James Schaw as Marty O'Connor, Nick Mitchell as Staff Member

A Dog's Life


Episode 1.02
Wed, February 27, 2013
Ratings: 715,000 viewers (10th)
Written by John Hugginson
Directed by Sian Davies

Charlie and Nicola Buchanan find themselves in an affluent golfing community, cleaning up the remains of a former golf champion Keith Skinner who was mauled by a dog. Using an out-of-place photograph, a common dog trick, and a disappearing golf hole, Nicola and Charlie uncover the murderer. However, Nicola's worst fear is realised when the terrifying dog is turned on them. How will Nicola and Charlie escape the jaws of death?

Guest Starring: Kate Ritchie as Celeste Doyle, Jack Finsterer as Dwayne Nash, Katrina Milosevic as Eve Blake, Nicholas Coghlan as Mark Boydell, Simon Maiden as Roy Palmer, Ian Bliss as Robin Boydell, Georgina Naidu as Janine, Ben Geurens as Alan, Merrick Watts as Keith Skinner, Yesse Spence as Jackie Skinner

En Vogue


Episode 1.03
Wed, March 06, 2013
Ratings: 598,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Sian Davis

Wild-child designer Jonah Ellroy is a fashion victim of a different kind when a flying mirror kills him on the catwalk at the finale of his runway show. For a man who courted scandal at every turn, Jonah's catalogue of controversy bears many who could be out for revenge. How can a molar defect, the language of flowers and high heels point to the murderer? As Charlie and Nicola close in on the killer and a tragic tale of revenge, they must rush to save a life that hangs precariously in the balance.

Guest Starring: Diana Glenn as Gabi Ellroy, Ashley Zukerman as Alex Moran, Danielle Carter as Annie Bell, Henry Nixon as Jonah Ellroy, Mallory Jansen as Rachel Glass, Martin Sharpe as Ward Daly, Jake Ryan as Stuart Dinklage, Samantha Reed as Tatiana, Davide Tucci as Mario, Patrick Williams as Production Manager, Rebecca Howard as Ward's Girlfriend, Nicholas Wheeler as Designer, Simon Mallory as Tim, Peter Morrissey as Himself, Kris Smith as Himself, Monique Fisher as Lackey, Simmone Duckmanton as Alex's Model, Tony Annetta as Concierge; Tess Shanahan, Odna Gerel, Allison Cooke & Jess Wills as Catwalk Models; Deirdre Naughton as Stunt Performer

Atlas Drugged


Episode 1.04
Wed, March 13, 2013
Ratings: 606,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Bridie O'Neill
Directed by Shirley Barrett

It's a murderous level of muscle burn when a champion bodybuilder is found drugged and baked to death on a sunbed. There's a bulging mass of suspects: an overshadowed brother, a jealous rival, a devoted trainer and a long time grudge-holder. The mystery deepens when Charlie is attacked, and the main suspect disappears. As Nicola and Charlie cleverly piece together the truth through misplaced weights, fake-tan stains and Sylvester Stallone's arrest record, they end up face to face with a giant-killer in the creepiest of places — the morgue.

Guest Starring: Vince Colosimo as Johnathan Lyons, Daniel Henshall as Gregor Cheresniak, Marta Kaczmarek as Malina Cheresniak, Reef Ireland as Chris Basset, Dwayne Cameron as Ryan Coltrane, Nathan Rocks as Anton Cheresniak, Greg Carroll as Security Guard, Romeo Minawiyeh as Well-Muscled Fellow; Jacob Schepis, Tony Haranas, Ken Babayigit, Elias Sifis & Aaron Forde as Body Builders

Lost Soul


Episode 1.05
Wed, March 20, 2013
Ratings: 496,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Christine Bartlett
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

They say life's a cabaret, but that's hardly the case when leading lady Linda Di Biasi is found murdered beneath the stage of the Premiere Theatre. A motorcycle accident, secret tunnels and coriander perfume uncover a hotbed of suspects. Was someone out to steal her role? Was she having an affair? Or is this production well and truly cursed? As Nicola and Charlie tread the boards, scour "hell" and try to find the killer, will another life be taken before the final curtain falls?

Guest Starring: Felix Williamson as Jim, Damon Gameau as Tom Di Biasi, Pippa Grandison as Kristen, Gemma-Ashley Kaplan as Lucy, Stephen Mahy as Dave Foote, Kevin Hofbauer as Brian, Bobby Fox as Kurt, Rudolph Nunes as Scooter Guy, Lauren Edwards as Linda Di Biasi, Stephen Rando as Guitarist, Gareth Keegan as Kurt Cobain, Ellen Simpson as Janis Joplin, Joel Hewlett as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Tripolino as Jim Morrison; Adam Rennie, Blake Bowden, Phoebe Panaretos, Elise Brennan, Samantha Dodimaide & Stephanie Grigg as Lost Soul Ensemble

The Next Best Man


Episode 1.06
Wed, March 27, 2013
Ratings: 710,000 viewers (8th)
Written by Sian Davis
Directed by Sian Davis

The Best Man is poisoned on the eve of a wedding on the glamorous Scaletta family estate. He was the CFO of their successful family business, and advocating for some big changes within it. When Peter ex-wife emerges as the main suspect (looking suspiciously like Nicola), Nicola and Charlie must walk down their investigative aisle with care. Through a pet koala, contact lenses and a collection of classic cars, Nicola and Charlie discover that this murder was sealed with a kiss.

Guest Starring: Roz Hammond as D.I. Deborah Newhouse, Julia Blake as Allegra Scaletta, Robert Ruggiero as Franco Scaletta, Vanessa Gray as Gianna Scaletta, Jessica Gower as Elena Scaletta, Amber Clayton as Sofia Scaletta, Ryan O'Kane as Dino Rossi, Dan O'Connor as Brody Bennett, James Vegter as Adam McEwen

Thoroughly Dead Thoroughbred


Episode 1.07
Wed, April 03, 2013
Ratings: 604,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Jay Barnes
Directed by Peter Salmon

When Cardwell Stable's vet is murdered with an overdose of ketamine, Nicola and Charlie saddle up to investigate. They uncover a despicable secret and the field of suspects immediately narrows. From pillar to post, the clues just don't make seem to make horse sense. That's until a soy sauce fish, touch-typed gibberish and the smell of liquorice car freshener spur Nicola and Charlie into action. They uncover a despicable secret and the field of suspects immediately narrows.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Paul Craven, David Whiteley as Elwood, Fiona Harris as Wendy, Nick Simpson-Deeks as Tyler, Natalie O'Donnell as Laura, Ben Geurens as Alan, Georgina Naidu as Janine, Fleur Dean as Evelyn; Stunt Performers: Deidre Naughton, Dale Azzopardi; Track Riders: Andy Auld, Cam Templeton, Arleigh Robinson; Truck Driver: Rohan Gale

Note: Kat Stewart is married to guest star David Whiteley (picture 8)

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