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The Puzzle Palace

Telemovie Pilot (1991)
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Howard Rubie


Starring: Beth Buchanan as Danielle, Miguel Ayesa as Pedro, Shane Briant as Savage, Sharon Consterdine as Mrs. Worthing, Rachel Friend as Annette, Joaquin Galan as Juan, Fedja van Huet as Mario, Kim Leon as Princess Leilla, Peter McGowan as Mr. Worthing, F. Miragliotta as Ahmed, Miguel Molina as Mendoza, Patrick Nolan as Mustafa, Jason Phillips as Prince Hassan, Brian Rooney as Jim, Danielle Spencer as Pamela, Simon Stravoscoufis as Bobby, Brian Vriends as Garth

Night of the Falling Star, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.01 - 1.04
Australia: Nov 08 - 11, 1993
Germany: October 05, 1994
UK: July 25, 1994
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Marcus Cole

Orphans Albert and Victoria Wiggins leave the orphanage there they have been living since their parents' deaths and go to live on the farm of their inventor uncle, Sir Joshua Cranberry. There they find themselves initiated into the Centauri Network, a global communication network of kids run by Jemma, the twelve-year-old daughter of their uncle's assistant. Pursuing the kids are the agents of criminal mastermind Neville Savage who wants the kids who can get him access to the contents of a crashed top-secret satellite that their father had worked on.©tzuk

Starring: Jennifer Hardy as Vicki, Andrew Shepherd as Albert, Deanna Burgess as Jemma, Rossi Kotsis as Spike, Shane Briant as Savage, Frederick Parslow as Sir Joshua

Guest Starring: Emile Hubbard as Marie, Dale Stevens as Raven, Kristopher Greaves as Max, Russell Newman as Mr Fuller, Robyn Gurney as Mrs Hatch, Pamela Western as Mrs Snipe, Guido Zarncke as Ollie Bergmann, Mark Slocum as Henchman, Lindsay McCormack as Henchman, Mark Fitzpatrick as Henchman, Kerry Casey as Henchman, Damien Dudmore, Bob Barrett

The Eagles From The East, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.05 - 1.08
Australia: Nov 15 - 18, 1993
Germany: October 17, 1994
UK: August 01, 1994
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Marcus Cole

A report from Ollie Bergmann, the Centauri Network's member in Hamburg, about a mysterious illness affecting endagered white-tailed eagles on Rügen Island takes Sir Joshua to Germany along with Albert and Vicki. Savage, and his illusionist accomplice, are behind the plot and find himself up against a group of local children who have dedicated themselves to protecting the remaining birds.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Ulli Lothmanns as Von Steinfurth, Claudia Demarmels as Mrs Bergmann, Guido Zarncke as Ollie Bergmann, Claudija Jovanovic as Ilse Kistenmann, Pamela Western as Mrs Snipe, Julia Knabenreich as Gisela Bergmann, Martin Lessmann as Siggie Bob, Peter Breitfeld as Helmut, Alexander Monnig as Hans Peter, Ulf Karlberg as Policeman

The Mona Lisa Mix-Up, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.09 - 1.12
Australia: Nov 22 - 25, 1993
Germany: October 24, 1994
UK: August 08, 1994
Written by Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Jacques Gaffie
Directed by Howard Rubie

In Sydney, one of Savage's cohorts steals a journal belonging to Leonardo DaVinci. Savage hopes to use one of the inventions described in the jorunal to create a duplicate of the famed Mona Lisa and use this forgery to replace the original which is currently on display in a museum in Amboise, France. Meanwhile, Sir Joshua travels with Vicki and Albert to an inventors' congress in Amboise where he is to unveil his solar-powered car. There the kids get to meet Centauri Network member Marie and Pierre, whose grandfather is the director of the museum and a leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci. When Pierre's grandfather is abducted, the children must work to rescue him from a secret lab beneath a castle in the Loire Valley before Savage can learn the secret to the duplicator.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Emile Hubbard as Marie, Christopher Montel as Pierre, Nadir Legrand as Francois, Phillipe Moreau as Edmund, Denise Metmur as Mme Martha, Maureen O'Shaughnessy as Panther, Jerome Rebbot as Big Bob, Guy Matchoro as Little Bob, Pamela Western as Mrs Snipe, Jeffrey Rhoe as Frankie, Claudija Jovanovic as Ilse Kistenmann, Maria Palacios as Francesca, Marcel Ntadi as Driver

The Treasure Of Cala Figuera, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.13 - 1.16
Australia: Nov 29 - Dec 02, 1993
Germany: November 02, 1994
UK: unknown
Written by Christine Schofield
Directed by Howard Rubie

Neville Savage's search for a sunken Spanish galleon off the island of Mallorca attracts the attention of the Centauri Network when his sonar tests drivers all the fish from the bay. Centauri member Francesca, the daughter of one of the local fisherman, contacts Jemma to report the trouble bringing the two sides into contact once again. The assembled Centauri children race against Savage's forces to recover the priceless cup of Cala Figuera, an endeavour that will take them from Spain to the Swiss Alps where Vicki and Albert join up with Centauri members Lucia and Guido to solve the riddle, recover the cup, and stop Savage.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Maria Palacios as Francesca, Jose Maria Caffarel as Sancho, Pedro Velarde as Pedro, Pep Canellas as Jose, Sandra Milhaud as Topaz, Margherita Apolstolo as Luciaa , Guido Zarncke as Ollie, Pamela Western as Mrs Snipe, Adrian Bernotti as Fiorelli, Oliver Rudolph as Guido, Christopher Montel as Pierre, Dominic Hall, Flaviano Salietti, Cesare Tondelli

The Polish Pony Puzzle, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.17 - 1.20
Australia: Dec 06 - 09, 1993
Germany: November 09, 1994
UK: unknown
Written by Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson
Directed by Marcus Cole

Before returning to Australian, Sir Joshua, Albert and Vicki stop in Yorkshire England to visit his aunt Edith who is having trouble with her neighbour. The Centauri network is soon called upon to track down the neighbour's stolen horse. It is quickly discovered that Savage's crime syndicate is behind the theft but Albert and Vicki, working with the neighbour's daughter Sarah, are unable to stop the horse from being smuggled out of the country to Poland. Polish Centauri member Jan is on hand to help in the search but Savage is able to stay one step ahead of the kids who are thwarted at every turn in their search for the elusive horse.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Joachim Lamza as Grigor, Wojciech Machnicki as Josef, Jean Anderson as Aunt Edith, Peter Alexander as Stanley, Amber Bezer as Sarah, Ian Bleasedale as Jimmy, Marek Zeranski as Jan, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Tumasz, Bohdan Szczesiak as Jerzy, Christopher Montel as Pierre, Dariusz Odija, Rafal Walentynowicz, Andrzej Brozek, Jacek Kadlubowski, Artur Bartosz, Andrzej Blacha, Jan Ziarno

The Flight of The Golden Goose, Parts 1-4


Episodes 1.21 - 1.24
Germany: November 17, 1994
UK: unknown
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Howard Rubie

Sir Joshua, Albert and Vicki return triumphantly to the farm in Australia knowing that although Savage remains at large, all of his accomplices have been arrested. The Centauri Network welcomes three new members; Brian and Karen from Melbourne and Hoshi from Japan. Now working out of an island on Sydney Harbour, Savage has been joined by a 19-year-old hacker and his little sister Sandy. Sir Joshua's latest invention, a boring machine, uncovers massive gold nugget on his neighbour's property but Sandy is able to infiltrate the farm allowing Savage to compromise the security system and steal the nugget from inside Centauri headquarters. With Savage appearing to be on the verge of destroying the Centauri network once and for all, new allies help to finally bring him to justice.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Troy Carlson as Hacker, Emma Fowler as Sandy Weston, Pamela Western as Mrs Snipe, Yugo Mito as Hoshi Tanaka, Kazuhiro Muroyama as Ken Tanaka, Peter Stonham as Brian, Jocelyn Rosen as Karen, James Findlay as Danny, Marek Zeranski as Jan, Carol Raye as Mrs Burdock, Christopher Montel as Pierre, Emile Hubbard as Marie