Produced by Grundy Television Pty Ltd

Producers: Philip East, Stanley Walsh
Directors: Howard Rubie, Colin Budds, Marcus Cole
Writers: David Phillips, Benjamin Legrand, Jean-Jacques Gaffie, Christine Schofield, Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson, et al

Aired: 1992, 1995

12-year-old Jemma accidentally taps into a disused telecommunications satellite and finds she has audio-visual contact with other computers worldwide. With the help of electronics inventor, Sir Joshua Cranberry, she forms the Centauri Network, a worldwide crime fighting organisation of children who use their network to outwit a master villain, Neville Savage. (48 x 25 min)
Jennifer HardyVictoria Wigginsseries 1
Andrew ShephardAlbert Wigginsseries 1
Deanna BurgessJemma Snipeseries 1
Rossi KotsisSpike Baxterseries 1-2
Shane BriantNeville Savageseries 1-2
Frederick ParslowSir Joshua Cranberryseries 1-2
Emma Jane FowlerSandy Westonseries 2
Jamie CroftDavid Fowlerseries 2
Lauren HewettKat Fowlerseries 2
Guido ZarnckeOllie Bergmann (Germany)series 1
Emile HubbardMarie (France)series 1
Christopher MontelPierre (France)series 1
Maria PalaciosFrancesca (Spain)series 1
Margherita ApolstoloLuciaa (Switzerland)series 1
Oliver RudolphGuido (Switzerland)series 1
Marek ZeranskiJan (Poland)series 1
Yugo MitoHoshi Tanaka (Japan)series 1
Avril TunneyConnie Doyle (Ireland)series 2
Anna Grace PackardSusie (Germeny)series 2
Patricia PatillaCarmen (Spain)series 2
Niam ThomasAntonio (Spain)series 2
Toby VillisRamon (Australia)series 2
Skye SvorinicBen (South Africa)series 2
Nolatandu MalekeThandi (South Africa)series 2
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