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Jason returns to TV

JASON Donovan will star in a new ABC medical-legal drama.

Donovan will join Lantana's Kerry Armstrong in MDA (Medical Defence Australia).

It is the first major TV role for Donovan since Neighbours in the 1980s.

The new role is part of a career revival for Donovan, who is getting the most attention since the height of his soap opera popularity.

The new show will also star well-established actors Shane Bourne and Aaron Pedersen.

Donovan and Armstrong's characters will clash with each other and will be the focus of the drama.

Directors from SeaChange, Changi and The Secret Life of Us are all involved in the production.

Donovan flew into Melbourne yesterday to prepare for the role.

Shooting will start next Wednesday.

It is expected that the drama will be shown some time in 2002.

The drama is described as a mix between a medical and legal drama.

By Luke Dennehy
April 10, 2002
The Herald Sun