Produced by Screentime in association with the ABC

Created by: Greg Haddrick and Des Monaghan
Executive Producers: Robyn Kershaw (ABC) and Des Monaghan (Screentime)
Series Producer: Ric Pellizzeri (series 1), Denny Lawrence (series 2)
Producer: Greg Haddrick
Composer: Roger Mason
Directors: Ray Argall, Kate Woods, Cate Shortland, Shawn Seet

Aired: 2002–2003, 2005 (ABC)

Series 3 is filming from Jan 17 - April 22, 2005

Enter the world of Medical Defence Australia, a medico-legal organisation that exists to defend doctors and where necessary compensate patients. All cases at MDA combine elements of law and medicine so each case is managed by a doctor and a lawyer who agree on how to proceed. It's a unique organisation that delves into morally complex and emotion filled relationships between doctors and patients.
Kerry ArmstrongDr. Louella Davis (series 1-2)
Jason DonovanRichard Savage (series 1-2)
Shane BourneBill 'Happy' Henderson (series 1-3)
Aaron PedersenDr. Tony McKinnon (series 1)
Angus GrantDr. Jamie Lawless (series 1-3)
Alice McConnellCaitlin King (series 1-2)
Petra YaredLayla Young (series 1-3)
Angie MillikenAmanda McKay (series 2-3)
Felix NobisSimon Lloyd (series 2)
Michael CarmanMark Matthews
Alexandra SchepisiEdwina Davis
Nina LandisClaudia Montserrat
Mandy McElhinneyHelena Lewis
Kurt GeyerGeoffrey Lane
Steve KearneyDr Vince Phillips
Rhys McConnochieGiles Jones QC
Anne CordinerJoanne Parker
Sigrid ThorntonProfessor Robyn Masterson (series 3)
Aaron BlabeyLuke Rodman (series 3)
Anita HeghDr Julia Delvecchio (series 3)
Wendy HughesGabrielle Bromley (series 3)
Vince ColosimoDr Andrew Morello (series 3)
Jane AllsopLucy Morello (series 3)
Frank GallacherDr Rupert Carr (series 3)
Lisa McCuneDr Liz Gibson (series 3)
Erik ThomsonDavid Simpson (series 3)
Paul BishopDr Tim Whitney (series 3)
Louise SiversenMeg Morrison (series 3)
cast photo
cast photo

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