Produced by Taylor Media Pty Ltd

Creator: Geoffrey Atherden
Executive Producer: Sue Taylor
Producers: Natalie Bell, Ian Booth, Francesca Strano
Directors: Peter Templeman, Mark Powell, Renee Webster, Robert Forsyth
Opening music: "Come On Come On" performed by Little Birdy

Airing: July 2007... (SBS)

John Marx and Venus Hoy find themselves in a living situation that is new to both of them. New to Marx because he was used to living with his girlfriend Kelly, who recently left him for another man with a flashier lifestyle. New to Venus because she's never lived with just one man before - housemate or otherwise. It's a rocky road the first month after Kelly moved out. Especially for Venus, who can't understand why Marx is still so down in the dumps over such a shallow and manipulative woman. Not that she'd ever say that to Marx. Surely after a full month of moping around the house over a failed relationship a person should be getting back to the land of the living, right? (25 x 5 min)
Bryce YoungmanJohn Marx
Rhoda LopezVenus Hoy
John and Venus

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