Marx and Venus: episode guide

The Messenger


Episode 01
August 06, 2007 (8.30pm, SBS)
Written by Michael Lucas
Directed byPeter Templeman

When Marx discovers his ex-girlfriend is coming back to the flat for her beloved blender it sends him into a tailspin on how to act. Venus doesn't help matters, instead, she makes him even more nervous by telling him just what his ex thought of his predictable behaviour, clothing and habits. Marx decides to show them both just how spontaneous he can be. However, it doesn't quite work out the way Marx had hoped.

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Inhouse Entertainment


Episode 2
August 13, 2007
Written by Anthony Vercoe
Directed by Peter Templeman

After too many weeks of living in a neglected pigsty, Venus has had enough of Marx's wallowing and looks around for another flat. Marx shakes himself out of his depression long enough to cook, clean and continue working on his model aeroplane. Venus comes home to discover the happy transformation, and Marx in the middle of an embarrassing super glue disaster. But as she attempts to help him out, she discovers the real reason why he pulled himself together so quickly.

The Spoils Of Love


Episode 3
August 20, 2007
Written by Michael Sullivan
Directed by Peter Templeman

Marx is devastated, his long term girlfriend Kelly has left him. He sets about throwing away everything that reminds him of their relationship, including the pots and pans. His flat-mate, Venus, knows she needs to do something—and fast—before the entire flat is empty. As she easily manipulates Marx in his tender condition to keep everything, she realises it may not be what he really needs.

Changing Rooms


Episode 4
September 03, 2007
Written by Lisa Redlich
Directed by Peter Templeman

Now it's just the two of them sharing the flat, Venus insists on paying half the rent and Marx offers to switch his larger room for hers. Venus is thrilled and accepts immediately. But later that night she receives an unexpected visitor. Come morning Venus has to wonder if Marx had an ulterior motive for swapping rooms. Or if he's more embarrassed than she is about the surprise midnight encounter?

Bedroom Therapy


Episode 5
September 10, 2007
Written by Elena Carapetis
Directed by Robert Forsyth

On route to the bathroom, Marx and Venus discover they're on the same naked pee schedule. Both mortified at being caught, they race back to their rooms. Unfortunately for Marx, he clips his top-heavy bookcase on the way, which, comes crashing down. Marx is pinned to his bedroom floor. With no option but to ask Venus for help, it soon becomes obvious to both of them that Venus will have to assist in Marx's freedom… in more ways than one.

It's About Time


Episode 6
September 17, 2007
Written by Matty Limpus
Directed by Mark Powell

After a long trying day, Venus is happy to finally be home. Only to find Marx has a surprise for her and insists she goes on a hunting expedition to find it. While Venus is in no mood for games, she can't resist playing along. When Venus finally unearths her real surprise, she can't help but forgive Marx for all the games and secrecy.



Episode 7
September 24, 2007
Written by Christine Brown & Andrew Bertuleit
Directed by Renee Webster

As Venus gets ready for a work function, Marx states that she doesn't need all that make-up. Venus says everyone looks better with a bit of make-up on and proves it by making-over a hesitant Marx. As they chat, Marx learns Venus' is heading out with one of his favourite sporting legends and his vanity turns to excitement. He soon realises that make-up may improve your looks but it won't improve your stupidity.

The Junket


Episode 8
October 01, 2007
Written by John Campbell
Directed by Mark Powell

Marx is instantly jealous when Venus comes home and announces she's going on an all-expense paid trip to New Zealand. Marx immediately books himself a trip to Tahiti. It's only when Venus' plans are cancelled that Marx realises how childish he was to out-do her. In an attempt to make up for his behaviour, he finds a clause in Venus' work contract that helps her get her trip back. While Marx combats his competitiveness, Venus is determined to have the last laugh.

Forbidden Fruit


Episode 9
October 08, 2007
Written by David Cohen
Directed by Mark Powell

When Marx stumbles across a tube of apple-scented moisturiser that smells just like his ex-girlfriend Kelly, things go downhill fast. Unable to let the cream out of his sight, Venus decides to intervene and hide it from him. Marx's apple-scented addiction proves stronger than Venus' ability to save him. But when Marx searches Venus' room while she's out for the evening, his expedition is brought to an embarrassing end.

Old Things New


Episode 10
October 15, 2007
Written by Ben Chessell
Directed by Peter Templeman

Marx and Venus get a letter from the council about hard rubbish collection. Venus sees it as a chance to purge her junk filled room. Marx on the other hand sees it as a junk-collecting expedition. As a result, the flat is soon brimming with other people's trash including Venus' old kindergarten stool. Marx refuses to throw the stool out and Venus loses her cool. With an act of good will Marx proves that trash really can become treasure.

The Dating Game


Episode 11
October 22, 2007
Written by Steve Lynch
Directed by Robert Forsyth

Venus has had enough of dating selfish men like Dino. So when Marx comes home and regales to Venus his successful dating story, which consists solely of making innocent eye contact with a woman in a bar, Venus is unimpressed. Marx is deflated and admits he has no idea about women. Venus' simple pep-talk soon turns into a fervent, passionate, all-out tirade about what women really want and how nice guys, like Marx, should be dating them. That is until Dino rings back.

The Invitation


Episode 12
October 29, 2007
Written by Gary Ausbruch & Michael Ottaviano
Directed by Mark Powell

Marx discovers that he and Venus have been invited to a friend's wedding on the same invitation and takes issue with it. Venus thinks it's fine; it's not like they're a couple - so who cares? Marx can't leave it alone, offending Venus. To shut him up she informs him that she'd rather take her new boyfriend. Marx continues to do himself no favours and queries Venus about her latest wrong man choice, only fuelling her annoyance. When eventually she agrees to go with Marx, he's left wondering what it says about him.

The League


Episode 13
November 05, 2007
Written by Gordon Napier
Directed by Peter Templeman

Venus offers to set Marx up on a blind date. He's is thrilled, until Venus blows her cover by casually suggesting they make it a double date with a specific friend of his. Marx confronts Venus on her true motivation for wanting to set him up. Venus admits he's right, along with the truth about his blind date. The conversation quickly becomes a heated discussion until the entire suggestion of setting each other up is blown out of the water for good.



Episode 14
Mon, November 19, 2007
Written by Beth Shepherd
Directed by Peter Templeman

After losing her mobile phone and her lifeline, Venus leaves detailed instructions on a post-it for Marx to take important phone messages over the landline for her. With the phone ringing incessantly and Venus working all hours the messages are relayed through notes. When Marx fumbles a post-it message for how to handle three separate men the frustration of juggling messages soon becomes too much for both of them… resulting in an all-out war of the words.

On The Rocks


Episode 15
Thu, November 22, 2007
Written by Celia Temby
Directed by Peter Templeman

Marx and Venus get ready for a Saturday night on the town. When Venus spies Marx dressed in a dull grey shirt, she talks him into trying on a spare colourful shirt she happens to have. While he's not thrilled at wearing another man's clothes, he looks fantastic in the shirt. With the music playing and the drinks flowing, Marx soon loosens up with the help of the outfit, and Venus' company. They both head out to start their nights, separately. However, in the morning things seem a little strained, even weird, between the flatmates and there's a long unanswered question about what exactly happened the night before…

Animal Farm


Episode 16
November 29, 2007
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Robert Forsyth

After feeding a stray cat, Venus decides she wants a proper pet. Marx tells her there's no way he'll live with a pet again admitting he was burned badly with the sad memory of his childhood dog. In true Venus fashion, she ignores him and purchases two fish. It's only after two unfortunate accidents that Venus concedes Marx may have been right in the first place.



Episode 17
Mon, December 10, 2007
Written by Katrina Sanders
Directed by Peter Templeman

In an attempt to appear smarter to women, Marx starts on his first cryptic crossword. Venus is simultaneously texting answers to her friends at a pub-trivia night, answers she's getting from Marx. After discovering what she's up to, Marx accuses her of cheating. She in turn, suggests he's cheating women into thinking he's interesting. Calling a truce, Venus starts helping Marx with the answers to his difficult crossword, getting every one correct with ease. Marx's interest is piqued as Venus proves that life experience should never be underestimated.



Episode 18
Mon, December 24, 2007
Written by Neil Booth
Directed by Renee Webster

Venus is driving herself crazy trying to find the perfect outfit, one that will send the correct message at an important work function. Meanwhile, Marx is preoccupied with a very important soccer game on TV. As it gets increasingly harder to ignore Venus' interruptions, Marx realises he's going to have to help solve her problem. To Marx's surprise, he helps her find the perfect look for the occasion but feels a strange new sensation.

Laundry Knight


Episode 19
Mon, December 31, 2007
Written by Abe Pogos
Directed by Mark Powell

When Marx arrives home late after celebrating a settlement with some clients, he finds a sweaty, frantic Venus attempting to wash and dry hundreds of seat covers on her own. But as Venus thrusts a hairdryer and wet cover in his face to help her, Marx sheepishly tells her he's already planned to meet a girl. Although Marx is conflicted about what to do, Venus seems genuinely happy for him and insists he go through with his date. But before Marx can make up his own mind to stay or leave, his dilemma resolves itself.

Hindus Have More Friends


Episode 20
Mon, January 07, 2008
Written by Tom MacLachlan
Directed by Peter Templeman

After coordinating a Bollywood Festival for work, Venus is inspired to bring meaning to her life. By the time she arrives home, she's suffering a case of the full-blown blues as it dawns on her that, more than one person hates her. And she's shallow. And she dates morons. As Marx tries to cheer her up, he realises it's going to take more than a quick pep-talk to pull her out of it…

Italian Or Thai


Episode 21
Written by Shaun Grant
Directed by Peter Templeman

As Venus gets ready for her date, she starts a conversation with Marx about his perfect woman. Stunned by his heartfelt and vulnerable answer she's inspired by his honesty. Venus feels it's time to admit she knew his ex-girlfriend, Kelly, was cheating on him before he did. Feeling awful she apologises at the risk of losing her own friendship.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Episode 22
Written by Phil Jeng
Directed by Renee Webster

Venus is the wedding planner to a friend's 'permanent residency' wedding, which Marx is also invited to. As they get ready, Marx admits he's having trouble accepting this possibly faux marriage as he once had real feelings for the bride. Her jealousy piqued, Venus berates Marx about his traditional attitude towards marriage. As they listen to the wedding music whilst waiting for the taxi to arrive, Marx spontaneously grabs Venus to dance breaking the tension between them and igniting a serious moment that neither expects.

Pieces of Candy


Episode 23
Written by Alix Beane
Directed by Mark Powell

As the clock strikes six, Marx is still casually working on his favourite old jigsaw puzzle. Venus tries to join in but Marx tells her he wants to do it himself. As time marches on, Venus is having a hard time believing Marx has a hot date, relentlessly questioning him. Marx snaps at her, demanding to know why she even cares if he has a date. Feeling guilty, Marx lets her help him finish the jigsaw but the last piece creates an awkward moment.

Stranded Kelly


Episode 24
Written by Conrad & Lydia Kenyon
Directed by Peter Templeman

It's the morning of Marx's thirtieth birthday and Venus goes all out to give him the surprise breakfast of a lifetime. But as Marx emerges from his bedroom to an excited Venus, he tells her he just received a phone call from his distressed ex-girlfriend, asking him to pick her up as her vehicle has broken-down, today of all days. Venus refuses to help Marx find his missing car keys in an attempt to change his mind and maybe save his dignity, but she realizes it's a losing battle.

Oh Brother


Episode 25
Written by David Evans
Directed by Peter Templeman

At the end of Marx's thirtieth birthday bash, Venus is sure she witnessed Marx getting into a cab at the end of the night with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly. Feeling hurt, betrayed and jealous Venus retaliates picking up her own lover for the evening. The next morning when Marx finally arrives home, Venus learns that nothing happened between him and his ex. Marx opens up and admits that even though Kelly wanted him back, he's completely over her. He goes on to tell Venus that he's ready to admit something he's been too scared to say to her… but he's suddenly silenced by the realisation of who Venus took home.