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Episode 01
Australian debut: Tuesday, January 30, 2001
Canadian debut: Fall 2005 (iChannel)
Directed by Tony Tilse
Music by Pre Shrunk

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Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Sam Lewis as Campbell Derby.



Episode 02
Australia: Tuesday, February 06, 2001
Directed by Tony Tilse
Music by Machine Gun Fellatio

Larissa, Albee's younger, dangerous sister, hits town. Albee's got to get her back to school but commitments to Blue Bear publishing are getting in her way. She has an author Tom Mattingly who has missed yet another deadline. When she forces him to show her what he's got, Tom coughs up twelve pathetic pages.

Albee's in trouble, she has busted her balls trying to convince her bosses that they should take Tom on in the first place. They've invested a shitload and two years down the track she has zilch to show for it.

Angus offers a crazy solution. Swap Albee's own novel for Tom's. This she does and momentarily appeases her bosses Roy and Maya. But then Tom finds out, and he's not happy. On top of all this Albee has to try and get Campbell (her ex one night stand) to stop stalking her.

It takes Paul just a few hours to get Leeanna into the sack. It takes her just a few hours to dump him. Larissa may only be seventeen, but she's her own woman. Klaus the new barman has already fallen for her and is devastated by her fling with Paul.

Angus is unimpressed with Paul but he's still preoccupied with the magnitude of Juliette's pregnancy. When Albee finds out that Juliette is pregnant and enquires about the father, Angus chooses to lie.

Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Sam Lewis as Campbell Derby, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Jack Finsterer as Evan Green, Garry McDonald as Tom Mattingly.



Episode 03
Australia: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Written by Ellie Beaumont
Directed by Tony Tilse
Music by The Duvets

Melissa Duvet, TV celebrity and Paul's road rage victim, (it was Melissa's Porsche that Paul kicked to death in a drunken anti consumerist rage) is out for financial revenge.

By a fortuitous turn of events Paul ends up with Melissa's laundry and thus begins a campaign to woo her into submission. Melissa confides to Paul that she has always secretly wanted to be a singer and Paul, seeing an opportunity to alleviate pressure on himself, offers her a gig singing at the pub. It's Angus's worst nightmare. First the pokies, now Melissa Duvet.

Larissa and Albee meanwhile are at loggerheads. Larissa is refusing to go back to school. She wants in at the pub, thinks she'd make a great barmaid and even convinces Angus to give her a job. Which doesn't exactly impress Albee.

Albee is under a lot of pressure so when the work experience boy Quentin casually declares that he's just been told he is terminally ill and has only a few months to live, Albee finds herself inappropriately laughing hysterically.

Albee ends up making amends by taking Quentin to the pub and introducing him to a bottle of tequila. Together with Larissa they get drunk listening to horrible cheesy songs by Melissa Duvet.

Guest Cast: John Molloy as Roy Williams, Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Zoe Coyle as Melissa Duvet, Jack Finsterer as Evan Green



Episode 04
Australia: Tuesday, February 20, 2001
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Tony Tilse
Music by Stella One Eleven

Angus can't sleep. He can't sleep because he has a lot on his mind. Primarily he is still unsure whether to tell Albee about Juliette and the baby thing. Bernie is putting pressure on Angus to do just that. But Angus is still unsure.

Meanwhile, Albee's got a lot on her plate. She's mortified when Maya chooses to exploit Quentin's terminal illness by turning it into a diary. She's also trying to deal with her sister's new boyfriend, who according to Larissa, quite likes a bit of bondage. On top of all that she's aware that Angus is acting very strangely… but doesn't appear to want to talk about it, which is all very interesting.

A lack of sleep, guilt over Albee and his hatred of poker machines all converge upon Angus on the night Stella One Eleven are playing. During the gig, much to the surprise of Albee and the pub patrons, Angus drags one of the poker machines out onto the street and kicks it to death.

As Angus is battering the machine, Bernie arrives with Juliette and a bottle of champagne, to announce their wedding plans.

Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Damian Walsh-Howling as Dean Masselos, Jillian O'Dowd as Poker Machine Woman, Thomas Grant as Child in car # 1, Holly Mainwaring as Child in car #2



Episode 05
Australia: Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Kay Pavlou
Music by Widow Jones

Other than the growing symptoms of his phantom pregnancy, discovering that Larissa's boyfriend, Dean appears to be dealing in all manner of illicit goods, and that the government is taking an active interest in his GBH of a poker machine, things are going very well for Angus!

Angus has decided Albee doesn't need to know about his child to be and the two of them are back to their normal, passionate selves. So much so in fact that Angus has unilaterally declared his fidelity to Albee. Bernie's wedding is in three weeks and the reception is in the pub.

Work is not going well for Albee. She's got a fight on her hands with Maya and Roy. They want to axe Tom Mattingley. Tom's book is Albee's baby and she won't stand for it. To mollify Albee, Roy contracts an independent assessment of the work. The assessor is Paul, who by now has learnt that Albee has shafted his chances of ever getting a job at Blue Bear.

Consequently Paul takes great delight in trashing Tom's book. He writes a very funny, scathing assessment which leaves Maya and Roy in hysterics. It's the final nail in the coffin for Mattingly. When Albee learns that Roy and Maya value his opinion over hers, she resigns.

Guest Cast: Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Damian Walsh-Howling as Dean Masselos, Adam Grossetti as Dealer, Alan Flower as Hector Phillips, Colin Corgonon as Tom Leebin, Garry McDonald as Tom Mattingly



Episode 06
Australia: Tuesday, March 06, 2001
Music by ON INC

Albee tries to live with her decision to quit work. But no-one seems to believe it. Not Angus, nor Roy . Nor Tom or Quentin, both of whom need her ongoing assistance. On top of all this Larissa is hanging out with her drug dealer boyfriend.

It's in the context of this pseudo-parenting of Tom, Quentin and Larissa that Albee is trying to accept Paul's new position as re-writer of the Tom Mattingly novel… and much as she tries to be adult about the whole thing, Albee ends up meeting her innerchild. While Paul pays the physical consequences, it's Angus who bears the financial cost.

Guest Cast: John Molloy as Roy Williams, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Damian Walsh-Howling as Dean Masselos, Adam Grossetti as Dealer, Russell Garbutt as Head Vulcan, Garry McDonald as Tom Mattingly



Episode 07
Australia: Tuesday, March 13, 2001
Written by Marnie Taylor
Directed by Kay Pavlou

Angus's big secret is burning a hole in the side of his conscience. The fact that his father Bernie and Juliette have bought into the secret appears to have made things even worse.

Meanwhile Albee, who has had second thoughts about returning to Blue Bear, learns that Maya has hired Paul Bannister to do the rewrite on the Tom Mattingly novel. This does nothing to improve relations between Paul and Albee. Angus finds himself caught in the middle of the battlefield between his best friend and his lover.

Albee has other concerns of her own. Her sister Larissa seems to have got back together with Dean, despite the fact that Dean gave her a black eye. She takes matters into her own hands in trying to break up the relationship. Albee has to try and do all this while also dealing with Quentin who has decided to stop chemotherapy and take cocaine.

Klaus's gambling problems have worsened. He continues to play the poker machines despite Angus's earlier warning and Angus is left with no option but to sack him.

Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Damian Walsh-Howling as Dean Masselos, Genevieve Moody as Evelyn Richards, Jack Finsterer as Evan Green, Adori Bubble as Girl in restaurant



Episode 08
Australia: Tuesday, March 20, 2001
Written by Ellie Beaumont
Directed by Kay Pavlou
Music by Jackie Orszaczky and the Grandmasters

Paul is The Man… or so he thinks. He's priming himself for his meeting with Big Bear where he's about to do a deal to commission his book—the same book that was once Tom Mattingly's until Paul assessed it, completely trashed it and had Tom cut off. Albee is furious and has quit her job in protest.

Just as Paul is having visions of himself in a year's time, being presented with the Booker Prize in acknowledgment of his monumental genius, the tables are turned. He arrives at Blue Bear to discover there's been a mix-up. Penguin have been sent a copy of Tom Mattingly's book and they love it. Tom Mattingly is back on the Big Bear slate. In fact Tom can triple his advance now Big Bear and Penguin are fighting over him. He's the happiest man on the planet.

Meanwhile, Bernie and Juliette get married and Angus is starting to feel something that might just be relief. Watching the wedding vows, he starts to get excited. Maybe the wedding will finally bring closure to the whole terrible secret. Maybe he can actually move on.

Angus makes the mistake of leaving his biggest enemies behind at the bar. Paul and Larissa are more than a little drunk and are pleased to find a sympathetic ear for their grievances. In a moment that looks like a drunken hack but might be more like pure evil, Paul makes a terrible slip up.

Guest Cast: Sam Lewis as Campbell Derby, Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, Alan Russell as Celebrant, Garry McDonald as Tom Mattingly

Hang Over


Episode 09
Australia: Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
Music by Nitocris

Angus wakes up in the morning after Bernie's wedding with the hangover to end all hangovers. It doesn't seem humanly possible that Angus could feel any worse… and then he remembers—Larissa knows he is the father of Juliette's baby.

Paul will have to pay for letting the cat out of the bag, but he will have to wait because Larissa's not prepared to. The battle between Larissa's love for Angus and her loyalty for her sister is melting Larissa's brain and it only seems fair that Angus should be the one to help her sort it out… and if Angus weren't genetically hardwired to making his life more complicated then it should be, he probably would.

Albee is in the business of making life more complicated too. When Roy begs for Albee to hold his hand through one last meeting with the big wigs, he gets more then he bargained for. Albee will give Roy the question of loyalty to consider, a matter that he has long tried to avoid.

Angus wonders if the answer to all this complexity lies in running away to the country… if only life were that simple.

Guest Cast: John Molloy as Roy Williams, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Maya Fink, Paul Tassone as Eddie Bird, Bruce Venables as Sargeant Dibble, Mike Maxwell as Blue Bear heavy



Episode 10
Australia: Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Everything Angus touches turn to crap or so it will seem to him. What Angus doesn't know is that things are going to get worse, a lot worse. To start with he's just pashed his girlfriend's sister… there's no way he's going to let things continue down that particular road and neither will Larissa… but what's more disturbing is the fact he went there in the first place.

Before he really has a chance to sort things out with Larissa, Angus is distracted by a very distressed Bernie. Juliette has disappeared—done a runner, the morning after her wedding in fact. Bernie is convinced she has been kidnapped and elicits Angus's support in trawling the streets of Newtown in search of his bride. Angus will learn that Juliette's disappearance has something to do with him too.

Meanwhile, Albee has convinced Roy to sever all links with Big Bear, (their parent company) and its executive director—and Roy's estranged wife Maya. It takes some doing, but Roy finally agrees to cut the umbilical cord between the two companies. A new publishing firm is formed—Blue Beard. The trouble is, Blue Beard is broke… and it's going to take a publishing coup to lead it out of the financial doldrums. Albee will have her work cut out for her.

Guest Cast: NA



Episode 11
Australia: Tuesday, April 10, 2001
Written by Ellie Beaumont
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
Music by Hamish Cowan

People are really starting to behave weirdly. Or at least that's how things are beginning to look to Albee.

Larissa it seems is definitely holding onto some dark secret. Angus has been acting weird for a while now…. He and Paul have had a major falling out, and Angus has kicked Paul out of the pub. Definitely something weird going down there. Albee wonders whether Larissa and Angus's bizarre behaviour are connected.

Meanwhile, Quentin's illness has taken a turn for the worse. He's in hospital for chemotherapy. Larissa and Albee feel really guilty that they haven't kept in contact.

When Klaus shaves his own head in a sympathetic gesture for the bald Quentin, Larissa starts to wonder whether Klaus should be the man in her life.

Guest Cast: NA



Episode 12
Australia: Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Written by Shelley Birse
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
Music by Jodi Phillis

The bomb has dropped. Angus' worst nightmare has come true. Albee knows… at least she thinks she knows… but the idea of Angus having impregnated Juliette, his father's accountant, and having kept secret, is so crazy that Albee isn't altogether sure how to deal with it.

Frightened of what such an accusation might reveal about her take on the relationship, Albee chooses to test the theory out with some independent observers before she confronts Angus.

Larissa's new relationship with Klaus bears the taint of her guilt when Larissa has to play innocent to Albee's need for a shoulder to cry on. Tom Mattingly is able to deliver an adult perspective on Albee's inability to go straight to the source and ask Angus outright….

And then, Juliette herself walks straight into the middle of the problem. Back to face her own demons, Juliette unwittingly confirms Albee's worst fears.

But it is Paul, of all people, who unwittingly puts the final nail in the coffin. He races to try and prep Angus for the explosion about to happen, but Angus knows there is no avoiding the confrontation that's coming his way. It's been such a long time coming, and it's time to face the music.

Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, Bruce Venables as Sargeant Dibble, Joanne Priest as Rachel Fox, Garry McDonald as Tom Mattingly



Episode 13
Australia: Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Written by Michael Miller
Directed by Tony Tilse
Music by Daniel Johns and Paul Mac

Sure Albee still loves Angus, she can even understand the situation that led him to impregnate his father's accountant—what Albee is having trouble coming to terms with is the fact that Angus didn't have the guts to own up to her.

While Angus tries to work out things with Albee he also has to try and pacify the local residents. Particularly the likes of Rachel Fox, chief noise complainer and the bane of his life.

Aware that he has Daniel Johns of Silver Chair playing in his pub that night, and aware that the gig will draw huge crowds and generate heaps of noise, Angus will attempt to bribe Rachel, offering her money to stay away. But Rachel is not interested in taking a bribe from Angus, interestingly she turns up to the gig and even more interestingly enjoys herself.

The gig itself was designed as a litmus test to see whether the Poker machines or the bands are the real draw card for the pub. Angus sweetens the challenge by even offering ten dollars out of the pub till to anyone who desires to still play the poker machine while the band are on stage.

The night is a huge success. Angus is seen as a modern day hero of sorts, he wonders whether this will be enough to win back Albee.

Guest Cast: Rudi Baker as Quentin Richards, Teresa Page as Juliette Briones, John Molloy as Roy Williams, Joanne Priest as Rachel Fox, Hayley McElhinney as Garnish, Quentin Dempster.