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Episode 3.01 (21)

Written by David McDonald, Anh Do, Angus McDonald, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Todd has a simple safety tip for those who enjoy a spot of rock fishing, shows you how to drink all the beer you need without getting your other half offside, and gives a valuable cost-saving parking tip,

Penne has some post-breakup advice to ensure your ex doesn't get up to too much fun and has a neat trick to ensure you have all the parental cash you need.

Sigourney shows the modern woman how to get all the spooning their heart desires, has a guide to help even the most uncoordinated man to the ellusive Grafenberg Spot and has some wonderful dress-up ideas for children's parties to celebrate Australia's proud heritage.

Dr Rudi, recovering from corrective surgery to give him more heterosexual facial features, looks at the career benefits of homosexuality.

Starring: Alison Barnes as Penne, Rachael Coopes as Sigourney, Duncan Fellows as Todd, Jack Finsterer as Dr Rudi

With: Madelyn Bennett, Richard O'Brien, Anthony Cogin, Joshua Denyer, Tuyen Le, Brodie Robertson, Joshua Russell, Masa Yamaguchi

Episode 3.02 (22)

Written by David McDonald, Anh Do, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, Angus McDonald, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

In very special Life Support moment, the bandages come off and Dr Rudi's new heterosexual facial features are unveiled for the first time.

Todd reveals that it's the size of the plate that truly matters in the bedroom, teaches a sure-fire way to eliminate car theives, and for men, has a a top tip on how to solve their wife's shoe budget problems.

Dr Rudi advices you on all the best ways to invest in art.

Penne shows young mums how to get back to work without dumping the kids in daycare; how to turn a soirée in to a real money spinner; and how a teenage mum-to-be can inform her parents that will guarentee to leave them supportive and compassionate.

Sigourney instructs modern women on how to achieve the right phonetics to fake an orgasm and how to buy gifts on a budget.

With: Chrissie Antonopoulos, Sakthi Braakensiek, David Chang, Chris Coucouvinis, Ashley Devi, Sandra Eldridge, Jason Ghama, Ming-Zhu Hii, Alexander Jenkins, Susannah McDonald, Theresa Miller, Annalinde Rossman, Anson Tinirau, Pablo Woodward, Zoe Ziegler

Episode 3.03 (23)

Written by David McDonald, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, Leon Said, Sebastian Goldspink, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Todd shows viewers how to get out of having to wear a bicycle helmet, gain more storage space, and for the blokes, how to keep more money in their wallets.

Penne finds a use for junk mail, shows the benefit of bulk car theft, and demos an outrageously easy way to get some home maintenance done.

Sigourney brings a touch of Japan into the bedroom, shares some advice on how to avoid awkward moments, get houseguests to leave, and enlightens the modern woman by showing her how to become her man's best friend.

Dr Rudi shows a low-cost alternative to expensive energy drinks, receives feedback from a mysterious viewer on his new look, and prescribes a clever cover-up idea for young women who are keen to conceal their skin complaints.

With: Loani Arman, Sexy Galexy, Benjamin Hanley, Melanie Lockman, Oliver Torr, Max Bargo-Reynolds, Jana Bilios, Jenna Lind, Beejan Olfat

Episode 3.04 (24)

Written by David McDonald, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Russell Beattie, Angus Macdonald, Leon Ford, James Walker, Sebastian Goldspink, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Penne showcases some survival skills for single mums and shows how to carry you illicit items with confidence.

Todd creates custom chopsticks, has a cool way to keep cool on those hot summer nights, and has a way to get your lady-friend to shed some extra kilos without mentioning it.

Sigourney reveals the secret to uncovering your man's sexual fantasies, makes having an asian friend easier, eliminates a common car park problem, and shows you the easiest way to deliver a eulogy.

Dr Rudi advises corporate men on how to be beat those uppity women to the top job, receives another intriguing viewers letter, and has a solution to help mothers get their teenage daughters to do their own washing.

With: Matthew Boesenberg, Sara Browne, Ethan Lee Chalk, David Chang, Giovanna Fragomeli, Kaylene Jones, Peter Karos, Tuyen Le, David Norris, Derrick Siu, Alexandria Steffensen, Wesley Wong, Jo Jo Yee

Episode 3.05 (25)

Written by David McDonald, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Leon Ford, Neil Young, Andrew Crabbe, Jonathan Speer, Alison Barnes, Sophie Barnes, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Sigourney has a full-body workout for flabby unfit men, decorating tips to ensure fair sharing of the doona, has the ultimate hair removal technique, and shows the right way to photograph those happy memories of their little ones.

Dr Rudi shows you the safest way to enjoy a one-night stand, and brings tactics from the war on terror to the playground.

Todd has a top toddler tip on how to leave your child in the car, has a privacy solution for city tower tenants, is the latest recipient of an anonymous threatening letter, and teaches the blokes a tricky way to fast track that desired six-pack stomach.

Penne has advice for finding the perfect flatmate, gives you the dope on a drop-dead easy way make sure your dog doesn't stay, helps thieves get away clean after being caught out.

With: Dane Anderson, Max Bargo-Reynolds, Andrew Caryofyllis, Liam Garman, Jason Ghama, Alex Goykovic, Linda Grasso, Lisa Harrison, Valerie Jaquet, Talia Kuo, Maddie Peat, Isidore Ramanaden, Miguel Salveron, Michael Scali, Abbey Ward, Jack Winter

Episode 3.06 (26)

Written by David McDonald, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Sigourney shows you how to get something positive out of having a stalker, puts a new twist on bottle cap trivia, and reveals a decorating technique that will make loading the dishwasher as easy as... watching rugby.

Dr Rudi shows you one of his favourite ways for civilised and sophisticated men to tap into the secret desires of all modern women, creates a cure for your woman's desire for PDA.

Todd cooks a tantalising and tasty gormet meal using fast food and creates his own ocean view .

Penne shows babysitters the quickest and easiest way to get the little buggers to bed, reveals a trick for winning over a judge in a domestic violence case.

With: Alan Binder, Eileen Camilleri, Anthony Hayes, Stephen Knoll, Peter Mack, Scott Macrae, Angelique Panaretos, Blake Schembri, Michael Tuahine, Rebecca Zandstra

Episode 3.07 (27)

Written by David McDonald, Anh Do, Rachel Spratt, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Dr Rudi has advice for all the chubby girls on how to beat those body image blues, shows men how to tread the fine line between chivalrous and chauvinistic.

Penne shows how to fast-track yourself into a showbiz gig that doesn't involve a scrap of effort or talent, create head-turning publicity for a babysitting business.

Todd solves a common problem with spooning, secures a backyard pool, and leads the Life Support team on one of their most ambitious projects ever... a totally top backyard transformation.

Sigourney introduces the girls to a fabulous game that can satisfy their man's every whim, has a tip to always make your man feel indispensable.

With: Caitlin Beresford-Ord, Andrew Crabbe, Dario DiGiulio, Juliette Do Moro, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Julia Kim, Michael Kong, Sara Saliba, Veda Sarangapany

Episode 3.08 (28)

Written by David McDonald, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Ben Cunningham, Rachael Coopes, Leon Ford, Angus Macdonald, Judi Strickland, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Penne shows you a non-violent way to punish your child, a stimulating way to beat the Man's revenue-raising breathe tester, and has a solution for barking dogs.

Dr Rudi tells men how to talk dirty to a woman and shows men how to make sure their women back the car out of the driveway properly.

Todd shows the blokes a beaut way to beat brewing barroom brawls, has a tip on choosing the right tie to attract the attention of women, helps a viewer fast track a development proposal for a new mosque through his local council, and show you a nice way to start the day.

Sigourney has fabulous way to help your fat frumpy friends lose weight, offers some reflections in another segment of Sigourney Says, and has a tip for hanging out your laundry.

With: Chrysanthi Avila, Angela Johnson, Tyrell Lochling, Peter McAllum, Bosun Paki, Sun Park, Rob Stanley, Kaja Troa, Jo Jo Yee, Stelios Yiakmis, Tania Yuki

Episode 3.09 (29)

Written by David McDonald, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, Anh Do, Rachel Spratt, Leon Ford, Rachel Coopes, Carla Drago, Ben Cunningham, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Todd has a top tip for the financially challenged blokes on how to meet the women from the top end of town, has an ensuite reno for the budget conscious, and solves two wardrobe problems with one handy tip.

Penne shares a guaranteed way to keep your traffic light squeegee business crowded with customers, shows how to become indispensable at work and avoid getting evicted as the result of a surprise inspection of your share-house.

Sigourney shows all the ladies how to take a little golf knowledge from the bunker to the bedroom, has a tip on how to save face after a one-night stand, rebels against the metrosexual, and helps an orally ignored viewer.

Dr Rudi gives some timely advice to men who are planning on getting married, receives another mysterious letter promising a face-to-face meeting, and announces his engagement... to Sigourney.

With: Michael Booth, Ben Carey, Nicholas Cassim, Brett Creswell, James Lugton, Ronny Mouawad, Robert Nassar, David Newman, Jonas Ohlsson, Albin Pahernik, Maria Peroy, Alfio Stuto, Laura Whitnall, Alan Wong, Westley Wong

Episode 3.10 (30)

Written by David McDonald, Kevin Brumpton, Angus FitzSimons, Rachel Spratt, Anh Do, Ben Cunningham, Angus McDonald, Rachael Coopes, John Eastway
Directed by David McDonald

Todd reveals how to get a hands-free prescription, pass your tenants' application, get all you can eat whenever you want, and has some sure-fire rejection insurance.

Penne revives a classic technique for avoiding splitting a restaurant bill, shows the best way to avoid STDs and cut down the cost of beer.

Sigourney has a tips for finding a man who will provide a proliferation of perpetual presents, assess any man's income.

Dr Rudi shows how to quell small-talk with people in the service industry and has advice on male-bonding.

To conclude this very special episode of Life Support, Sigourney marries Dr Rudi... or does she.

With: Hollie Andrew, Charlie Bevan, Bianca Biasi, Chris Brewin, Cameron Burke, Brett Creswell, Brett Hicks-Maitland, Royston Innes, Emma Jackson, Peter Knowles, Kim Knuckey, Andrew McAllister, Rebecca McCarthy, Veda Sarangapany, Darren Schnase, Alfio Stuto, Darren Van Huemen and Simon Van Der Stap