Life Support: episode guide

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Episode 2.01 (11)

Todd has a simple budget renovation for the first time home buyer, and shows the ladies how to prepare a meal that is a feast for the eyes.

Sigourney shows how to throw a lavish yet inexpensive dinner party, and offers a tip on how not to intellectually intimidate your partner.

Penne shows how to score tickets to the big concerts with needing to queue, and reveals the benefits associated with batting for the other team.

Dr Rudi dispenses some valuable dating advice, helps parents win the emotional blackmail game with difficult children, and takes a look at the sensitive issue of euthanasia.

With: Shirdeesh Apana, Anna Maria Beol, Alex Blias, Ian Boland, Steven Burgess, Kathryn Condon, Bronwen Gault, Jim Gosden, Julie Hannington, Marjorie James, Sebastian Lamour, David Walsman, Maureen Young

Note: Alison Barnes replaces Abbie Cornish in the role of Penne

Episode 2.02 (12)

Sigourney shows how to move in the right circles without actually moving to a better neighbourhood and reveals the benefits of doing volunteer work.

Penne shows how to repaint a room in a very stimulating and community spirited way and offers tips for underage drinkers.

Dr Rudi tells you the best way to break up with your girlfriend and reveals the latest natural cure for impotence.

Todd demonstrates the trick to safely driving home after a night drinking, the safe way to own a pitbull, and how to make the most out of seafood extender.

With: Renee Bourke, Zoe Dimakis, Kurtis Gee, Serema Harrison, Sebastian Huber, Tuyen Le, Marjan Novotni, Michael Scali

Episode 2.03 (13)

Sigourney offers advice on how to make it to the winter Olympics as an athlete, takes women through the modern method of birth control, and shows an efficient way to search for Mr Perfect.

Penne shows how a diary can be the cheap and crafty sollution to school bullying, shows how to get free drugs, and solves the dilema have not having enough money for food and a ride home.

Dr Rudi show parents how to give their child the gift they already possess — their imagination, and offers up a clandestine way to find out if you are gay. Dr Rudi and Sigourney give parents a tip on explaining the facts of life to their kids.

Todd shows how to get rid of unwanted refuse from your home, reveals a potential killer that exists in every family home, and has a simple DIY project to create the ultimate relief aid for sore muscles.

With: Tim Campbell, Rory Hinde, Daniel Kelly, Tim Milner, Joel Norman, Ryan Sathre, Simon Trude, Nathan Yung

Episode 2.04 (14)

Dr Rudi shows how to avoid sharing your good wine when you go to a dinner party and how to make your daughter unattractive to the opposite sex.

Todd shows how to impress your film-snob friends with your old TV, how to best whiten your stained teeth and how to avoid your dog's lawn landmines in the dark.

Sigourney redefines "built in storage", shows how to discover your decorating mistakes before inviting your friends over, tells you how to remember the names and personal details of the people you meet, and demonstrates her own form of martial arts to keep married woman safe.

Penne reveals the marketing potential of suicidal youth, offers a tip for safe hitchhicking.

With: Rodney Burrell, Sue Collie, Justin Martin, Jacqueline Morris, Brett Nichols, Oliviero Papi, Belinda Sculley, Kylie Watson

Episode 2.05 (15)

Todd shows all the 9-to5ers a great way to catch up on some zee-time during work-time, and gives a valuable tip on how to save thousands of dollars on your next house.

Sigourney shows all the modern women how to deal with the devastating dilema of getting a bad haircut, profits on the price of womens clothing, and offers a tip for choosing the perfect suburb.

Penne lets all the sisters in on the best way to deal with a pain-in-the-ass big brother, and advises public transit-using drug dealers on how to get their dope to the deal.

Dr Rudi introduces heterosexual men to a great way to work out without uncomfortable objectification, and reveals how to boost your self esteem and win any argument with a debating Weapon of Mass Destruction.

With: Loani Arman, Winston Cooper, Jimmy Costas, Mark Duffy, Andrea Kouskoulas, Sigrid Langford-Scherf, Lee Lucas, Tysan Mullane, David Shane, Corinne Squires, Max the Dog

Episode 2.06 (16)

Sigourney reveals how to cover up your genetic heritage with the help of modern technology, explains how a brush with death can help liven up a stale relationship, and reveals her solution to the dangers of anonymous sex.

Todd has a top tip for how to deal with a neighbour's barking dog, shows you how to keep your million dollar view, and helps you protect your kids from your dangerous four wheel drive.

Dr Rudi shows gay Catholics how to beat the system and receive communion and advises a viewer on how to get a woman into bed by keeping quiet.

Penne shows how to exploit online paedophiles for profit and fun and helps Dr Rudi answer a viewer's letter asking for help in dealing with a stalker.

With: Jordana Beatty, Jason Chan, Richard Collins, Zoe Dimakis, Jordan Ghraiche, Toi Iti, George Mangos, Keira McEntee, Simon Peppercorn, Jane Priest, Ty Smith, Helen Tonkin, Fiona Towssend, Michelle Van Der Water

Episode 2.07 (17)

Todd offers a colourful tip on creating an apartment-friendly workshop, reveals the best ways to keep your home fire-safe, and shows men how to get their ladies interested in watching hardcore pornography.

Penne illustrates how to stay cool and avoid the nanny state's seatbelt laws, shows how not to be bored while spending time with the 'olds', and reveals how to get out of doing jury duty for the Man.

Sigourney teaches the simplest way to assess a prospective lovers' performance potential, and shows how to use some sure-fire shopping science to colour-coordinate your latest purchase.

Dr Rudi shows how to maintain your child's attention while disciplining them, offers some preventative techniques for dealing with domestic violence, and in an unrelated segment, gives the lesser attractive young ladies some fabulous make-over tips.

With: Peter barron, Lynne Collins, Laurence Coy, Alex Goykovic, Murray Harman, Mollie King, May Lloyd, Mauren Neill, Bridie Pike, Paul Wilson

Episode 2.08 (18)

Todd heads out to the backyard to give some top tips on how to eat fresh and fast from your very own veggie patch, shows how to create the illusion that your humble bachelor pad is actually a multiroom palace, and shows you how to incorporate reality tv into your real life.

Penne tops up your knife knowledge with a frisk-free way to carry an awesome blade, gives a lesson on thinking globally while acting locally, shows you how to keep points on your drivers license and how to keep your neighbour from calling the cops on your noisy party.

Dr Rudi teaches a memory trick that will make you the envy of an elephant and shows how to seperate your investment property from the masses.

Sigourney shows ladies the perfect place to hide their solo pleasure pal, demonstrates how to do your own cosmetic tests, provides a simple solution for uncomfortable shoes and, with help from Todd, tries to help a viewer reunite with her foster parents.

With: Maurie Barlin, Alistair Barns, Chelsea Bonner, Jason Burrows, Andrew Carlton, Shardyn Fahey-Leigh, Jason Ghama, Kendal Jones, Lorraine Manus, Keira McEntee, Georgina McLean, Steve Nation, Ben O'Reilly, Rebekah O'Sullivan, Isidore Ramanaden, Tara Yates

Episode 2.09 (19)

Dr Rudi shows parents a natural way to tame their toddlers' tantrums and reveals a terrific technique for a pain-free tattoo, and answers viewer letters with Sigourney.

Todd has a top tip on how to bring some simple thoroughfare safety to your home, provides the key to binge drinking without remorse, gears up the blokes with a great way to meet the ladies, and shows how to answer the call of nature in the comfort of your cozy bed.

Sigourney illustrates how to get guests to use coasters, and shows women a wonderful revenge idea for when they find themselves jilted, and provides some insightful reflections.

Penne demonstrates how to let the lecherous lads at the local know that 'no' means 'piss off' and reveals a trick for how to do no work at the office.

With: Stefan Bartley, Rachel Aveling, Marcel Bracks, Brayden Calleja, ashton Cartwright, Cinzia Coassin, Tony Cohen, Adam Drummond, Reuben Ettikai, Luke Hammond, Ursula Knowles, Gabriella Maselli, Marianne O'Connell, Amy Pagano, Jasmine Russell, Mark Slocum, Andrew Sweeten, Ben Turner, Jennifer Whatson

Episode 2.10 (20)

Todd builds a home massage device, shows artists how to get the recognition they deserve while they're still alive, and returns to the kitchen to show viewers how to prepare a deliciously different delicacy from Japan.

Dr Rudi marries 1950s psychology with 21st century technology to help a hapless partygoer, offers some valuable advice for married men whose wives are concerned about their diet, and presents parents with a practical procedure to improve your child's posture — permanently.

Penne gives young single mums the drum on how to use their new baby to get ahead in the workforce, helps babysitters pass those long hours in silence, offers a tip on how to reduce kids' homework, and reveals how to pick up the latest in street wear for free.

Sigourney provides a tip on how to get your children to relate to refugees, solves cigar-breathe, and reveals how ladies looking for Mr Rights need look no further than their father.

With: Stewart Armstrong, Rudi Baker, Charlie Bevan, Lamberto Bianchi, Zachary Braden, Greg Bull, James Camden, Eileen Camilleri, Keren Cobban, Travis Cotton, John Feeney, Damon Gameau, Stacey Giaprakas, Phillip James, Jack the Juggler, Lisa Mendes, Jade Parsons, Petria Paynter, Nathan Pollard, Ken Porter, Terance Puna, Josh Szeps