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Just Returned

Episode 2.01
Wed, August 05, 2009
1.053 million viewers (11th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances O'Brien, devout Catholic and panic disorder sufferer, is back at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre. But being Head Librarian of this outer suburban library is harder than ever — especially when her right to the throne is being threatened by her Muslim colleague Nada — touted as the N.B.L (Next Big Librarian).

Frances can't seem to get anybody's attention. Ky is in love, Dawn is broken hearted and Matthew is exploring his sexuality. Neil, the convicted thief, is back — a free citizen and proudly wielding a Middleton library card. Father Harris is on sabbatical — Frances is at sea.

Life at home isn't any better. Terry is masturbating more frequently and their daughters are wilder than ever. Frances tries valiantly to ignore her responsibilities as a mother — in fact, not even think about motherhood, which is a little difficult when Christine is seven months pregnant and again working as the Children's Librarian.

Single and dreading being a parent, Christine still manages to make pregnancy glamorous and Frances is constantly reminded of her own deeply unattractive pregnancies — and how they bore her wayward daughters. It all leaves Frances breathing harder into her paper bag than ever as she wrestles with being a mother, a lover and a librarian.

Starring: Robyn Butler as Frances O'Brien, Roz Hammond as Christine Grimwood, Heidi Arena as Dawn, Stephan Ballantyne as Matthew, Keith Brockett as Ky, Bob Franklin as Neil, Kim Gyngell as Father Harris, Wayne Hope as Terry O'Brien, Nicole Nabout as Nada

And: Arthur Angel as Nikko, Tammy McCarthy as Sister Ruth, Victoria Eagger as Frances' Mother, Rebekah Stone as Lauren, Shivantha Wijesinha as Amrit, Alison Bice as Elizabeth, Josh Lawson as Lachie, Stephen Curry as Lifecoach, Steven Stagg as Maxi Taxi Peter, Terry Yeboah as Ziggy

With: Jean Bachoura, John Browning, Paul Canlan, Idelson Mabjaia, Bruno Molino, Nee Petrovic, Mark Robinson, Susan Strafford, Ben Terrell, Nuraini Muhamad

This Little Piggy

Episode 2.02
Wed, August 12, 2009
1.028 million viewers (13th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

With the official library opening only a week away, Frances — newly reinstated as head librarian — feverishly regains control of her domain, ordering the staff to help stack the books, unpack the boxes and remove a pig's head which is firmly lodged in the returns chute.

Christine refuses to help as she is being assessed for her Re-Accreditation. When Frances finds out the assessor is Adrian Green, a big wig from the Library Association, she panics and futilely tries to stop him coming.

Christine's pregnancy continues to remind Frances of her own maternal irritations, as she fends off prank calls from her expelled daughter at home.

Meanwhile Dawn pines for her lost love in Barbados and Matthew takes advantage of her broken heart.

And: Vince Colosimo as Adrian Green, Wahibe Moussa as Bazeema, Ramez Tabit as Amir, Terry Yeboah as Ziggy

With: Jean Bachoura, Bronwyn Gardiner, Georgia Mills, Emily Hope, Mark Taylor Snr, Campbell Winks, Brodie Robinson

Cut to the Quick

Episode 2.03
Wed, August 19, 2009
843,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

The day of the new library's official opening arrives and Frances anxiously rehearses her speech, determined to use the occasion to re-stamp her authority.

Although she thinks Nada's decision to get the Minister for Ethnic Affairs to open the library was inappropriate, Frances is nevertheless over the moon at the prospect of sitting alongside her. Unfortunately the Minister is not remotely interested in Frances or what she has to say, preferring to mingle with Nada and other guests at the Culture Pod.

Frances' jealousy is compounded when Terry discovers Christine is pregnant at the opening and lavishes attention on her. Christine is preoccupied with her own troubles; Nikko is legally demanding to be present at the birth and Neil is trying to persuade her that he could be the father of the baby. While secretly, Dawn and Matthew engage in a clandestine steamy relationship.

And: Arthur Angel as Nikko, Peta Brady as Marzena Stovic, Victoria Eagger as Frances' Mother, Marty Sheargold as Paolo, Emily Hope as Bernadette

With: Nick Batterham, Troy Cartwright, Tommy Dassalo, Hunter Smith

Romeos and Juliets

Episode 2.04
Wed, August 26, 2009
877,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances is tired and even more irritable than usual. She's not sleeping, drinking too much and not able to concentrate at work. She doesn't even seem to notice that Nada can't get anyone to use the Culture Pod. She appeals to Terry to come home, but he's still reeling after his public haircut and being left with a bob.

Christine sits for her final part of Re-Accreditation with Adrian Green, but when she is notified that Nikko is legally permitted to attend the birth, she can think of little else.

Dawn is apprehensive about Matthew exploring their open relationship.

Adrian tells Frances about Christine's successful Re-Accreditation. In professional camaraderie they break open a bottle of riesling, which ends in an appalling moment of embarrassment for Frances.

And: Vince Colosimo as Adrian Green, Marty Sheargold as Paolo, Greg Fleet as Christine's Dad, Lesley Baker as Christine's Nan, Molly Daniels as Bridget

With: Bern Bartlau, Arishia Bordbar, Mark Butler, Troy Green, Tanya Ho, Rob Wardrop, Linda Matthews, Marcus Milne, Christine Moffat, George Velenik, Shanrah Wakefield, Peni Waqairatu


Episode 2.05
Wed, September 02, 2009
827,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

To her absolute shock and horror, Christine goes into labour a month early. The caesarean delivery she has booked is rendered useless; the labour ward is full so Christine is designated to the birth centre and into the capable hands of the experienced midwife, Jan. Not wanting to be left alone, Christine begs Frances to stay with her.

Frances is reminded of her own dreadful experiences of childbirth and, partly out of sympathy, partly because there's no-one to go home to, she agrees to stay.

Christine struggles through the labour with Frances cajoling, rubbing and encouraging. Christine gets a bit of help from the gas... and so does Frances.

And: Noni Hazlehurst as Jan the Midwife, Denise Scott as Nurse, Fiona Harris as Midwife, Steve Stagg as Maxi Taxi Peter, Luke Scully as Waiter, Cecelia Ramsdale as Ward Clerk

My Rock

Episode 2.06
Wed, September 09, 2009
936,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances' day doesn't start well, with an interview at Bernadette's new school ending badly when Frances is blamed for Bernadette's behavioural problems.

It's also the day of the National Library Awards and Frances still can't believe that Nada is nominated for Librarian of the Year. Frances is only too happy to take her frustration out on a couple of noisy Muslim kids in the library.

Christine arrives for a visit with her new son and tells the staff how fantastic Frances was at the birth.

When the naughty Muslim boys successfully seek revenge against Frances, Frances is left with the opportunity to annihilate Nada's chance for her award.

And: Hamish Blake as Jake Jackson, Vince Colosimo as Adrian Green, Tony Martin as Gene, Francis Greenslade as MC, Fiona Harris as Midwife, Andrea Powell as Paramedic, Steven Stagg as Maxi Taxi Peter, Felicity Ward as School Teacher, Fletcher Ballantyne as Baby Nikko

With: Asha Acouthm Aysa Cogur, Molly Daniels, Casian DezFouli, Hannah Gadsby, Jasper Garner-Gore, Ben Grogan, Travis Hewat, Emily Hope, Jye McMahon, Nrenda Palmer, Rupa Poria, Hunter Smith, Henned Zifa