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Episode 1.01

Wed, October 31, 2007
1.292 million viewers (5th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances O'Brien is the highly-strung Head Librarian of the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre, and is completely insensitive to the needs of her eclectic group of employees and the public in general.

Immersed in planning for Book Week, her focus is diverted when her ex-best friend and nemesis, Christine Grimwood, applies for the Children's Librarian's position. While completely unsuitable, Christine desperately needs a responsible job before fronting court on drug trafficking charges. Frances refuses but soon finds herself forced to hire Christine.

Starring: Robyn Butler as Frances O'Brien, Roz Hammond as Christine Grimwood, Heidi Arena as Dawn, Stephan Ballantyne as Matthew, Keith Brockett as Ky, Bob Franklin as Neil, Kim Gyngell as Father Harris, Wayne Hope as Terry O'Brien, Josh Lawson as Lachie, Nicole Nabout as Nada

And: Stephen Curry as Life Coach, Grant Piro as Piero, Arthur Angel as Nikko, Nicole Leona as Sharon

With: Lewis Hosie, Fady Granam, Janet Foye, Roula Kfoury, Felicity Bender, Sam Mobilio, Trevor Cockayne, Bill Passick, Derek Freeman, Janet Paul, Fay Yigit

Episode 1.02

November 07, 2007
1.084 million viewers (11th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Jacinta McSweeney from the Premier's department inspects Middleton Interactive Learning Centre as a possible venue for the launch of the Premier's Book Week. Frances is flushed with excitement at the thought of the spotlight being on the library and more importantly, herself. However, Jacinta is more interested in Christine, the Children's Librarian. This regurgitates unpleasant past memories for Frances where Christine was always the popular one. Christine avoids filling out a police check as she knows her criminal past will be revealed and she'll be sacked. Neil asks Christine out on a date and Nada once again encounters Frances's intolerance of her Muslim students.

And: Kate Kendall as Jacinta McSweeney, Andrew S. Gilbert as Sergeant Barnes, Grant Piro as Piero, Arissa Rossak as Barbie, Victoria Eagger as Frances' Mum

With: DF Foster, Rodney Mills, Fay Yigit, Diane Frey, Elissa Nelson, Kate Hulls, Madeline Featherby, Ernie Gray

Episode 1.03

November 14, 2007
1.006 million viewers (17th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances is on a diet in preparation for Book Week and as a result is even more stressed and anxious than usual. Christine's slimy lawyer, Piero, puts pressure on her to get Frances to testify in her favour if there is any chance of an acquittal. Christine knows Frances will refuse and must find a way to win her over. Christine realises how important Book Week and the Premier's visit is to Frances and takes advantage of her vulnerability by offering some beauty tips. Frances relaxes and for a moment, enjoys Christine's company, a distant memory of their school days. The pleasantness doesn't last long. When Christine inadvertently.

And: Kate Kendall as Jacinta McSweeney, Greg Stone as Premier Carter, Grant Piro as Piero, Danny katz as Pilates Instructor, Jennifer Jarman as Neil's Mum, Arissa Rossak as Barbie, Sally-Anne Upton as Sister Gregory, Tahir Bilgic as Turkish Man

With: Molly Daniels, Brett O'Mara, Marie Stewart, Henned Zifa, Dawn Klinberg, Aysu Cogur, Charlotte Todd

Episode 1.04

November 21, 2007
1.040 million viewers (13th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

It's two weeks until Book Week and panic sets in as Frances discovers a spate of pornographically vandalised books. Christine is preoccupied and neglects her School Holiday Boredom Busters program. Frances isn't happy. Christine is distraught at the prospect she could go to jail and not see Nikko for ten years. Father Harris is sympathetic to her plight and arranges a conjugal visit for Christine and Nikko. Frances is aghast that Father Harris would do this. Terry visits Frances at the library. While she struggles to have a conversation with her husband, she dwells on the circumstances, which ultimately resulted in her loveless marriage.

And: Monica Maughan as Irma, Grant Pro as Piero, Arthur Angel as Nikko

With: Mandy Keltie, Pippa Keltie, Claudia Squire, Eleanor Wilson, Miyuki Watanabe, Ricky Sneddon, Aldo Lentini, Aysu Cogur, Alexander Stock, Lachlan Stock

Episode 1.05

November 28, 2007
0.988 million viewers (12th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Frances catches Christine having phone sex with Nikko. She is furious but strangely aroused. Christine makes photocopies of her breasts to send to Nikko but the copies end up in the hands of the staff. Frances is overly disturbed by what she interprets as the staff's preoccupation with sex when in fact, Frances is struggling with her own sexual repression. Christine is paired up with Lachie at Dawn's workshop: The art of meeting people. Frances is incensed by Christine's flirting. She tries to tear her away from Lachie but ends up in an embarrassing encounter which leaves the entire room gobsmacked. Frances confesses to Father Harris who is astounded by her actions and is unsure of her penance.

And: Arisa Rossack as Barbie, Arthur Angel as Nikko, Jennifer Jarman as Neil's Mum, Sally-Anne Upton as Sister Gregory, Rob Alec as Young Guy, Patrick Kelleher as Photographer

With: Jeff Drummond, Shannyn Gelbart, Ilana Gelbart, Eric Mengel, Lysander Stevenson, Noel Ballantyne, Josie Noviello, Kristy Fischer, Ricky Sneddon, Trevor Bauer

Episode 1.06

December 05, 2007
1.001 million viewers (10th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

There's great excitement in the library because it's Book Week and the Premier is visiting. However, Christine isn't celebrating. It's the week of her court case and Frances still refuses to testify. The investigation into Dawn's accident continues, making Frances very uneasy. The Premier commends Frances for her community service much to the disbelief of the staff. Heady with self-adulation, she decides to help Christine.

And: Stephen Curry as Life Coach, Greg Stone as Premier Carter, Andrew S Gilbert as Sgt Barnes, Sally-Anne Upton as Sr Gregory, Carol Pattullo as Workcover Rep., Patrick Kelleher as Photographer, Grant Piro as Piero, Arisa Rossack as Barbie, Nicole Leona as Sharon, Brooke Edwards as Caterpillar, Nicholas Bell as Barrister, Anne Phelan as Big Bertha, Kate Kendall as Jacinta McSweeney

With: Shannyn Gelbart, Ilana Gelbart, Donna D'arcy, Anne Cordiner

Note: the end song is a cover of Allan Caswell's "On The Inside", the famous closing theme for the TV series "Prisoner", performed by The Living End. Anne Phelan, who appears at the end of this episode, starred in that series. Series averaged 1.068 million viewers per episode.