Kingswood Country: episode guide

Snow Way To Treat A Lady

Episode 6.01 (80)
Thu, Jul 12, 1984
Written by Gary Reilly & Tony Sattler
Directed by Kevin Burston

Ted, Rosa, Merle and Bob face death in the snow country when Bob's plans for a secret weekend away with his secretary go astray.

With: Ross Hohnen as Ross the Ranger, Barbara Jane Cole as Sharon

Note: Maggie Dence and Colin McEwan are now in the opening credits. Series "6" in this guide should probably be included in the series 5 guide judging by the airdates.

Red Faced Brigade

Episode 6.02 (81)
Thu, Jul 19, 1984

An international political crisis rocks Wombat Crescent when Ted and Bruno are kidnapped and held to ransom by a group of terrorists who mistake Ted for the visiting King of Krasnia.

With: Terry Bader, Diane Smith, Kevin Golsby as Sgt. Kelly

Double Trouble

Episode 6.03 (82)
Thu, Jul 26, 1984

The normal chaos of the Bullpitt household is doubled when Ted's cousin Nola dies and leaves a request for him to look after her twin sons, Radcliff and Heathcliff.

With: Bill Young as Radcliff, Gil Tucker as Heathcliff

Old Soldiers Never Die, They Keep Turning Up

Episode 6.04 (83)
Thu, Aug 02, 1984

Ted and Bob's plans to get rich selling radar absorbing paint are threatened when the inventor turns out to be one of Ted's old enemies.

With: Colin McEwan as Bob, Maggie Dence as Merle, Max Meldrum

Stamp Out Poverty

Episode 6.05 (84)
Thu, Aug 09, 1984

Feelings run high in Wombat Crescent when Bruno buys a seemingly worthless old stamp album from Ted and finds it contains a stamp worth $45,000.


The Mild Bunch

Episode 6.06 (85)
Thu, Aug 16, 1984

When Ted's television set is stolen, he decides to form a citizen's vigilante group to patrol and protect the neighbourhood, under his command of course.

With: Kevin Golsby as Sgt. Kelly, Peter Whitford, Cecil Parkee

Snow White And The Seven Jockeys

Episode 6.07 (86)
Thu, Aug 23, 1984

After Bob persuades Ted to run a video movie hire business from his house, Ted ends up in strife with the police when the movies turn out to be blue.

With: Colin McEwan as Bob, Maggie Dence as Merle, Tessa Mallos as Sister Maria, Kevin Golsby as Sgt. Kelly

There's No Business Like Snow Business

Episode 6.08 (87)
Thu, Aug 30, 1984

Ted's life changes radically when he gets fed up with his job at the putty factory and applies to become a member of the Australian Expedition to the Antarctic.

With: Doug Scroope, Roger Newcombe

Sail Of The Century

Episode 6.09 (88)
Thu, Sep 06, 1984

Fed up with his life,Ted decides to chuck in everything and buy a yacht and sail around the world. The only problem he faces is trying to sell his house.

With: Noeline Brown, Tom Oliver

The Butler Dunnit!

Episode 6.10 (89)
Thu, Sep 13, 1984
Written by Gary Reilly & Tony Sattler
Directed by Kevin Burston

Determined to sell his car business, Bob tries to impress a prospective buyer with a posh dinner party starring Ted as his butler and Greta as his maid.

With: Ray Meagher as Keith Mitchell