Kingswood Country: episode guide

Ted Bullpitt Meets The Loan Arranger

Episode 5.01 (70)
Thu, Jun 14, 1984
Written by Gary Reilly & Tony Sattler
Directed by Kevin Burston

When Ted and Bob decide to start a small business together, they get more than a loan from the bank - they get involved in a bank robbery. To pay the rent after his girlfriend runs off with another man, Craig moves back home.

With: Colin McEwan as Bob, Graeme Blundell as Warren Florin, Kevin Golsby as Sgt. Kelly, Ray Meagher as Bank Manager

Better Dead Than Red

Episode 5.02 (71)
Thu, Jun 21, 1984

Wombat Crescent is thrown into uproar when Ted drops paint all over his treasured chair and then wins a free funeral.

With: Doug Scroope as Reg Pooley, Paul Chubb, Moya O'Sullivan

A Whole New Ball Game

Episode 5.03 (72)
Thu, Jun 28, 1984

When Ted takes over coaching a local basketball team, he amazes everyone by reaching the finals. However, he must revert to trickery when his star player breaks a leg.

With: Bill Young, Liddy Clark, David Ives

Birth Of A Salesman

Episode 5.04 (73)
Thu, Jul 05, 1984

Desperate for money, Ted agrees he'll do anything for Bob if he'll lend him five hundred dollars. Bob agrees however, he wants Ted to do some commercials for his car dealership - selling Datsuns.

With: Colin McEwan as Bob, Maggie Dence as Merle

Two And Two Is Nun

Episode 5.05 (74)
Thu, May 03, 1984

When Ted is retrenched, his arch enemy, Sister Maria, buries the hatchet and assists Ted to find a new career.

With: Tessa Mallos as Sister Maria

The Night They Raided Bruno's

Episode 5.06 (75)
Thu, May 10, 1984

Ted and Cousin Reg turn to crime when they try to convince Bruno to buy a burglar alarm.

With: Kev Golsby as Sgt Kelly, Doug Scroope as Reg Pooley

Caught In The Act

Episode 5.07 (76)
Thu, May 17, 1984

The gala charity opening of Merle's play is threatened when the star has an accident and Ted is forced to stand in.

With: Maggie Dence as Merle, Colin McEwan as Bob

Ted Bullpitt, The Human Eel

Episode 5.08 (77)
Thu, May 24, 1984
Written by Gary Reilly & Tony Sattler
Directed by Kevin Burston

When Ted tries to demonstrate his old amazing escaping act, He finds his skills are a bit rusty.

With: Julieanne Newbould as Wendy

Postman's Knock

Episode 5.09 (78)
Thu, May 31, 1984

The family is shocked when it seems that Rosa is not only having an affair with the postman but with Ted as well.

With: Henri Szeps as Eric

First Lady Of Fashion

Episode 5.10 (79)
Thu, Jun 07, 1984

Confusion hits the Bullpitt household when it seems that the Prime Minister's wife wants Merle to design her clothes.

With: Maggie Dence as Merle, Colin McEwan as Bob