Produced by Storm Productions Pty Ltd

Executive Producer: Debbie Lee
Creators/Producers: Esben Storm, Adam Bowen
Writers: Adam Bowen, Esben Storm, Kris Mrksa, Lina Kastoumis, Anh Do, Zoe Ghani
Director: Esben Storm

Aired: June – Aug 2007 (SBS)

They came from worlds apart to live together to find love on Wog Street. Miki Mavros, a 26-year-old Greek, alternative arty type, is on a serious losing streak and has to retreat back home to Wog Street. There she meets Doctor Joe, a 25 year old Maori with a straight girlfriend and a yuppie dream. Miki and Joe are living proof that opposites attract. Will Miki answer the call of the road or will she be able to commit to the love she gradually discovers in the old neighbourhood?
Zoe VentouraMiki Mavros
Raji JamesJoe Mangeshkar
George KapiniarisTakis Mavros
Maria MercedesDora Mavros
Anh DoHoa Tran
Natasha CunninghamTatiana Baranoff
Nicole ChamounLayla Salim
Stephen LopezOsama Salim
Kat StewartJan Pollock
Damien FotiouNico Angelidis
Alex MengletZoran Baranoff
HaiHa LeLien Tran
Firass DiraniAmen Salim
Marisa SabljakTaghred Salim
Osamah SamiSharif Soumani
Romi TrowerJackie Schneider
Nadja KostichMartina Baranoff
Gabrielle ChanSuong Tran
Wahibe MoussaNadia Salim

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